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  1. Omega

    Ign : idk forgot
  2. Omega

    Hey guys As per my observations in the friends chat I think such a thread might be helpful as it will compile links to all useful guides in our forums. Be sure to leave comments if you would change anything to this guide ! Your feedback matters a lot to me. QFC = Quick Find Code - You may access the mentioned thread by using ;;thread + QFC / ;;topic + QFC ingame i.e. for the beginner guide (in getting started guides) you can either click on the provided link, or type ;;thread 2147 / ;;topic 2147 ingame to reach it. I- Getting started guides II- Money making guides III- Skilling guides IV- PVM / Minigame guides V- Miscellaneous guides I hope this thread somewhat helps you guys out ! Feel free to comment below for feedback, would be much appreciated whether positive or negative !
  3. Omega

    Thats the spirit - hope its elite comp 😆
  4. Omega

    Thanks chief enjoy your cape
  5. Omega

    Thanks for relaunching a dung leech thread best of luck man!
  6. Omega

    Thanks guys for the support definitely makes this thread worth it I'll do my best to make it as complete and easy to read as I possibly can
  7. Omega

    Cheers man thats a useful guide to have thanks for the effort ! 😉 May I suggest to add in the "How to increase drop rate" section 2 things: - Claiming 3+ votes : 10% boost - Completing all tasks : 5% boost
  8. Omega

    Thank you sir you're welcome Good luck on zenytes
  9. Hey chiefs, With this guide I aim to present to yall all the custom items and stats that Onyx currently has. I will try my best to keep it updated with new releases and also provide all rights to the staff team to do so should I be unavailable. Since as you may imagine this is a pretty big task that will also require help from admins to spawn and check stats of items I don't personally own, the complete thread may not see the days until a week/2 weeks time probably. Side note : I will only be listing here items that are available to every player. By this I mean that I won't be including unique custom items such as pets/titles/weapons, etc. that a person exclusively donated/been awarded. Also, since this guide aims to be a pretty large one, it is very likely I forget a few items. Therefore, if you do notice I have omitted a certain custom please hit me up on here/discord/ingame so that I may fix it and can add you in the credits of this guide Thanks! Credits: Shoutout to all you guys who helped making this guide, you rock Monk Bird - Helped me with items I did not have I- Melee weapons and armor II- Ranged weapons and armor III- Mage weapons and armor IV - Hybrid armor V- Jewellery VI- Auras VII - Pets VIII - Cosmetics IX - Miscellaneous I hope you enjoyed the guide and it somewhat helped you, feel free to give feedback below ! Peace
  10. Omega

    Thanks for the feedback gl on zenytes man
  11. Hey guys Due to some requests here is my solo Demonic gorillas guide ! Hope you enjoy I - Where to find them II - Gear/Inventory setups III - How to kill IV - Loot table Thanks for reading my guide, hope it helps you out. Feel free to suggest any changes you'd make to it Peace
  12. Omega

    Thank you sir enjoy your cape
  13. Omega

    Omega gg

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