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  1. Much appreciated thanks for the trust with your 2 purchases
  2. Ty lads and @Wuezy I'm sorry I already got these
  3. Omega

    omega gl guys
  4. Omega

    gl lads ign : Omega
  5. Omega

    Agree would be neat to have that
  6. Omega

    ign Omega gl peeps
  7. Omega

    Ign : idk forgot
  8. Omega

    Hey guys As per my observations in the friends chat I think such a thread might be helpful as it will compile links to all useful guides in our forums. Be sure to leave comments if you would change anything to this guide ! Your feedback matters a lot to me. QFC = Quick Find Code - You may access the mentioned thread by using ;;thread + QFC / ;;topic + QFC ingame i.e. for the beginner guide (in getting started guides) you can either click on the provided link, or type ;;thread 2147 / ;;topic 2147 ingame to reach it. I- Getting started guides II- Money making guides III- Skilling guides IV- PVM / Minigame guides V- Miscellaneous guides I hope this thread somewhat helps you guys out ! Feel free to comment below for feedback, would be much appreciated whether positive or negative !
  9. Thats the spirit - hope its elite comp 😆
  10. Omega

    Thanks for relaunching a dung leech thread best of luck man!
  11. Omega

    Thanks guys for the support definitely makes this thread worth it I'll do my best to make it as complete and easy to read as I possibly can

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