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  1. Much appreciated thanks for the trust with your 2 purchases
  2. Ty lads and @Wuezy I'm sorry I already got these
  3. Omega

    omega gl guys
  4. Omega

    gl lads ign : Omega
  5. Omega

    Agree would be neat to have that
  6. Omega

    ign Omega gl peeps
  7. Omega

    Thanks chief
  8. Omega

    Ign : idk forgot
  9. Thats the spirit - hope its elite comp 😆
  10. Omega

    Thanks for relaunching a dung leech thread best of luck man!
  11. Omega

    Thanks guys for the support definitely makes this thread worth it I'll do my best to make it as complete and easy to read as I possibly can
  12. Omega

    Cheers man thats a useful guide to have thanks for the effort ! 😉 May I suggest to add in the "How to increase drop rate" section 2 things: - Claiming 3+ votes : 10% boost - Completing all tasks : 5% boost

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