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  1. Hey

    Hey Jon, hope you're enjoying your time on the server feel free to ask if you need anything
  2. Sick update packed with content and QoL probs one of the best thus far
  3. Hey

    Welcome to Onyx Jon Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions you may have. See you in game
  4. Hey guys The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Castle Wars event tomorrow, on July 5th at 5:00 PM server time. This is the perfect time to stack tickets in order to imbue your rings or save up for the cosmetics that the shop offers We have also listened to some remarks stating that previous team PvP events were unfair due to gear/premade teams, and as such, there will be certain rules to be followed in order to ensure that games are fair for everyone. Rules : - Everyone will be entering the Guthix portal (no premade teams); - The gear/inventory will be the same for everyone (pics below); - No summoning familiar allowed; - All other Onyx rules apply. Not observing these rules may get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. Inventory setup : Gear setup : You can of course remove items in the gear/inventory if you wish to, but not add any, the exception being vengeance runes if you don't want to barrage. Rewards : After the first game has started, we will be doing a minimum of 2 more games with the same teams. (best of 3 at least, more games if you guys are interested) As such, a staff member will keep a log of people on both teams and they will be invited to join their previous team (saradomin/zamorak) after each game. Winning team (most games won) : Limited cosmetic Halos depending on the team of the god they are representing, 75 extra cwars tickets to imbue rings. Losing team : 50 extra cwars tickets to boost your ability to imbue rings. We might add more rewards after some consideration. Also, keep in mind the ticket rewards for winning team (12) and losing team (3) that you will of course get, aswell as a chance to receive a vanguard set piece! No signup is required for this event, we would however appreciate if you guys could come 5/10 minutes earlier to gear up/check inventories/etc. See you there
  5. DCLAWS - 29/06 - 08:14 PM - 5 pts DPLATE - 29/06 - 08:34 PM - 3 pts DCLAWS #2 - 29/06 - 08:52 PM - 5 pts ETERNAL CRYSTAL - 30/06 - 07:07 AM - 5 pts PEGASIAN CRYSTAL - 30/06 - 08:12 AM - 5 pts HEAVY BALLISTA - 30/06 - 11:53 AM - 2 pts KRAKEN TENTACLE - 30/06 - 02:45 PM - 5 pts TRIDENT - 30/06 - 02:47 PM - 4 pts LIGHT BALLISTA - 30/06 - 03:27 PM - 2 pts POLYPORE STICK - 30/06 - 04:18 PM - 4 pts TANZANITE FANG - 30/06 - 06:35 PM - 4 pts UNCUT ONYX - 30/06 - 07:03 PM - 3 pts TANZANITE FANG #2 - 30/06 - 07:09 PM - 4 pts PEGASIAN CRYSTAL #2 - 01/07 - 10:31 AM - 5 pts DWH - 01/07 - 11:32 AM - 8 pts HEAVY BALLISTA #2 - 01/07 - 04:49 PM - 2 pts TOTAL (correct me if I'm wrong) = 66 points
  6. Sawmill Minigame Guide Hey guys With the recent addition of lumberjack set as a potential reward from the Sawmill Minigame that came out on June 14th, here's my guide on how to get it. Please note that this also became a completionist cape requirement. Requirement : 80 Woodcutting 1. How to get there Use the Blue portal > Minigames teleports > Sawmill From there, go east through the two doors. 2. Starting off First of all, you have to get a job from the job board found north of the Overseer (on the wall). I recommend choosing a large job for the most xp and chances at getting the lumberjack set pieces. 3. Completing your job The next thing you gotta do is gather planks from the stack north of the job board (use take many to fill your inventory). Then, go northeast to the conveyor belt hopper and load all your logs. Collect the logs now turned into planks at the receiving end of the conveyor belt. Finally, click on the workbench to make the planks required to complete your job. For a large job, you need : - 45 straight cuts (45 planks); - 20 diagonal cuts (10 planks - you get 2 per plank); - 30 tooth and groove cuts (30 planks); - 15 curve cut (15 planks). That translates to 100 planks. You may also track your progress in the interface in the top left corner. 4. Finishing your job Once you have completed your job, simply right click on the Overseer to claim your rewards. Hope you enjoy the guide and good luck on lumberjack set
  7. Dope event even though someone (won't name him) tried to ruin it, the fights were very fair and the rewards sweet
  8. June 14th 2018 Hey everyone On this fine day of the beginning of the World Cup, we are releasing our patch notes #55 as follows: 1- Added granite gear/weapons to gear guide shop. 2- Reduced the amount of online tokens required to purchase lucky whip / staff of light / dark bow from 150 to 50 tokens. 3- Added skirts to gear guide (gotta please all parties ). 4- Added dragon gear to gear guide shop. 5- Added spirit shield to gear guide shop. 6- Added magical secateurs to skilling guide shop. 7- Made fishing set pieces twice as common. 8- Added manta ray/dark crabs (3K each) and anglers/rocktails (5K each) to Onyx guide shop. 9- Added leather shields/coifs to gear guide. 10- Added noted potions in Onyx guide shop. 11- Added life reducing potions to Onyx guide shop. 12- Added silverlight/darklight/normal excalibur to pure shop. 13- Changed easy and medium clue scrolls rares to be much more common (7x better rate). 14- Changed hard and elite clues rare drop rate (2x better rate). 15- Added Korasi NPC to ::shops. 16- Added Lady of the Lake (Excalibur) to ::shops. 17- Star sprites (shooting stars D&D) now accept up to 300 dusts. 18- Increased Galvek blood money drop from 1K to 3K per kill. 19- Added proselyte armor to pure shop. 20- Added fremmenik shop at ::shops. 21- Fixed Rune pouch. 22- Made Rune pouch also available from rune crafting (1/100 drop rate). 23- Added Crystal saw to skilling shop. 24- Added Lumberjack set to sawmill. 25- Added Lumberjack set to completionist cape requirements. 26- Added Ardougne cloak 4 to Skotizo drop table. 27- Added Tokkul-Zo ring to gear guide shop. 28- Added Dagon'hai robes and Elite Black armor sets to tormented demons drop table. 29- Reduced the cost of blister wood weapons from 300 vyre corpses to 100. 30- Castle wars now has a small chance of dropping a Vanguard set piece (1/200 chance). 31- Fight pits and stealing creation now have a small chance of dropping Trickster set piece (1/200 chance). 32- Pest control (veteran boat) now has a small chance of dropping Battle-Mage armor set piece (1/200 chance). We hope you enjoy your time on Onyx and feel free to leave your feedback here Good luck on the Lumberjack set ! Unlock these armors by playing Fight pits / Stealing creation / Pest control / Castle wars!
  9. My pleasure 10/10 reaction time to end got me my fastest floor yet solo
  10. Hey peeps, As some of you may know, I'm pretty passionate about the dungeoneering skill. I used to sell floors on the live game in the pre eoc days, which is very similar to what we have on Onyx, and would therefore like to offer my services to the community. I've sold close to 1.000 floors on the live game (made around 6b off it) and accumulated around 40m tokens doing so. I currently charge 10M cash per floor or 1 mystery box donation to my extreme's name (extreme) for 2 large floors. I can of course work out deals if you buy in bulk. I also have a refund policy : - if the floor time exceeds 20 minutes I will refund 100% of your money. If you wish to have faster floors I can ask a few friends that also do speed floors but will charge more accordingly to what time you'd like to have the floor completed in. I also have 2 trusted sellers in the names of Gatestone 2/Hexhunter and Ronan v2/Yea Pizza. These two also have a lot of experience regarding dungeoneering and I will sell and have sold countless floors with them. The average floor time you can expect from my services if I am soloing is around 15/16 minutes for a large floor, it may vary depending on floor layout. For duo this drops down to 12/13 minutes and trio you can expect times under 10 minutes. I can also sell bind hunts (hunting for a certain piece of gear/weapon) and prices will vary depending on which item you wish to obtain. As for my time on Onyx, I have done quite a few floors on the 3 accounts I own: N G R : 27.2M tokens and chaotic set (worth 16M tokens) W G R : 35.2M tokens and chaotic set (worth 16M tokens) Ngr : 7.7M tokens Total : 102.1M tokens as of August 21st 2018 FAQ: - A chaotic weapon costs 2 millions tokens which translates to around 30-35 large floors from level 1 (assuming around 600K base xp/60K tokens per floor) ; - Tokens don't benefit from ANY xp boost. They are based off ending screen xp (1/10th of that, rounded down); - Chaotics weapons are 100% when bought and cost 20 million gp or 200K tokens to fully repair; - I can fully solo a dungeon with a party of 3 members, which means you can hard afk for the whole floor. However, if the party exceeds that number, your assistance is required for levers room; - The random shit I type in public chat when dunging is key door locations / gates. You're politely asked not to use public chat when leeching as I may lose track on some of them. Wall of leeches: Down below are some of my fellow #leechsquad members (I may have forgotten some, if that's the case feel free to tell me) : To 200m dung : Ifuckdogs To 120 dung: Styles Nick Kcin (Nick's alt) Sam (99-120 in 36 hours! Including Breaks!) -- <3 you N G R! Roan Hector V2 See Corper Soldier To 1 chaotic (104 to 110 dung depending on boosts / rank) Xyno Binary K1ngmota The Rawrgasm To 99 dung: Cameron Frums Truambition Valneara Thank You Honorable mentions: Lorenzo2208 Hc Titan Thanks for taking the time to read my thread
  11. Thanks alot man enjoy the rapier !
  12. One of the best (if not the best) event I've attended, was super fun and the last waves (11+) definately were a challenge!
  13. Thanks for the kind words, enjoy your CLS
  14. Thanks dude, hopefully ironmen will be able to group dung someday.
  15. Great guide, well written and very thorough 10/10 will buy again.
  16. Ask Zodiac @Zodiacorox
  17. Great event, thanks Corper
  18. Neat guide, good job
  19. Great suggestion, I'd also love a Dungeoneering leaderboards which would be a nice addition imo, but that could mean a lot of work
  20. Username(s): n g r / w g r About me IRL: My name's Albert, and I live in France (GMT+1), meaning English isn't my mother tongue but I like to think I can speak it somewhat fluently. I like to chill around and meet new people and lend a hand whenever I can. I think of myself as relatively straightforward and friendly. However, while I think one may laugh and joke about pretty much everything, I stand against toxic and/or abusive people and try to confront them whenever I can. I'm pretty open to discussion and like debating about important issues when need be. About my RS background: I've played RS on and off for about 12 years now. I've quit a few times, the longest stretch being when EoC dropped live. I maxed in both rs2 (completionist cape pre eoc) and also maxed out in OSRS last year, even though I never enjoyed it as much as pre eoc (2011 was the best imo), because of the lack of dungeoneering, of certain bosses (nex, qbd), etc... Furthermore, after maxing out in OSRS, I slowly began to lose interest in the game as a whole and tried to find alternatives with private servers. About my experience on the server: I was pretty dumbfounded when I found this server in December. A few minutes after logging in I knew this was possibly the best server I've ever played since it offered so many features and a unique balance between osrs and pre eoc content. I've been enjoying it so much that I haven't been back on OSRS ever since and haven't renewed my membership. As of now, I have 33 days and 17 hours of play time on my hero main (n g r) and 29 days 5 hours on my legendary alt (w g r). Both are maxed and 200m xp dungeoneering xp which I really enjoy doing. I've met a ton of people on the server that I became friends with (85 people in my friend's list as of now, would be too long to list them all ) and hope to meet even more. Furthermore, I strongly believe this server has a lot of room to grow because it is very unique (osrs + pre eoc) and gets thorough updates weekly. What I think I can bring to the server: Throughout all these years I think I've acquired quite a lof of knowledge which translates pretty nicely here since it mixes osrs and pre eoc that I've both played. Therefore I could help newcomers out with various questions and skills like dungeoneering that I have good knowledge of. I also like pvm/pk and can help people out by taking them out bossing, teaching them strategies, etc... Former Staff experience: None in private servers. However I was an admin in my former dungeoneering clan circa 2010-2011 (3 binds only - for those who may have known it) and charged with testing new recruits and assigning them ranks based on their experience. Other skills: I can speak French (mother tongue) and Spanish a bit which may not be of any use here but who knows I also have a masters degree in accounting meaning I can count to around 100 PS: I've also thought about name changing and I am ready to do so, since I am conscious that it may hurt some people and therefore be unfit for a staff applicant. However, l'd like to clarify that I've never intended to hurt anyone and also would like to underline that I've never been muted/banned on this server for anything of the sort (and anything in general). Thank you for taking the time to read my application and see you in game
  21. Thanks for all the kind words guys, especially Sam for reviewing (and accepting) my application so quickly. Ill do by best to improve people's experience on the server
  22. Yeah, new design looks very slick and more user-friendly overall with the new sections imo. Good job
  23. Event was dopee tyvm Nick and Sam
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