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  1. Count me in
  2. Thanks guys around 18 people showed up was a fun one
  3. Hey everyone The Onyx Staff team will be hosting an event that you guys get to choose on this Tuesday (August 14th) at 4 pm server time. The event/suggestion with the most votes will be the one we host. Also depending on what event comes first (if it is a quick one) we may choose the second one aswell. If there are any suggestions you want to add to the list feel free to post them here and I'll add them to the poll. Be seeing you all
  4. First place : DKK boss (8 votes) Second place : Castle Wars and Raids (6 votes each) Since we already have a DKK event planned for tomorrow we will do Castle Wars today then raids if we can get at least a team going.
  5. Hey Color hope you enjoy your time on Onyx and if you ever need anything feel free to pm me or any staff online or leaving your questions in the "Onyx" friends chat. See you in game
  6. Yup would be dope last time we had a mass we had 2 gloves in 30 or so kills
  7. Hey everyone The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Nex mass event tomorrow at 6 pm server time (you can check it in quest tab) with lootshare on to ensure everyone gets a chance at a drop. You will need a frozen key to reach Nex chamber that you may create by combining the 4 key pieces dropped by minions of every section of GWD (saradomin/armadyl/zamorak/bandos). No gear is mandatory and as such everyone is welcome to join. I'll post below the inv setup/gear I use which can both of course be downgraded : If need be I'll also be on voice chat to explain the strategy behind killing Nex. Hope to see you all there
  8. Very nice guide
  9. First Cerb drop? Was a few days ago
  10. Hey Was a fun event we had three teams participating : 1st place : Team Twats (Gift and Skraa) 2nd place : Team Noobs (Extream K0 and Oneway2tank) 3rd place : Team Cunts (Peppe and Friendship) Good job everyone
  11. Great update the early ToB bosses are really nice to practice on Also Skoll boots ftw!!
  12. Had gloves for a while too like 3/4 days in so idk And first Vorkath drop?
  13. Sick Thanks for making that thread and to add to that list I think Rawrgasm got the first draconic visage and I got (possibly?) the first wild boss drop at Ven.
  14. Nice gfx man can tell you've put a lot of work into it keep it up
  15. Hey guys The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Last Man Standing event tomorrow, on July 19th at 5:00 PM server time. We have also listened to some remarks stating that previous team PvP events were unfair due to gear/premade teams, and as such, there will be certain rules to be followed in order to ensure that the event is fair for everyone. Rules : - Teaming will not be tolerated. - The gear/inventory will be the same for everyone (pics below). - All other Onyx rules apply. Not observing these rules may get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. Gear / Inventory setup : 1. Any Spec Weapon is allowed aside from Korasi, PvP weapons, or anything that stuns the opponents. 2. Auras are strictly forbidden, even if cosmetic only. 3. You are allowed to bring an additional Dragon Defender if you please. 4. You are allowed to sub out the climbing boots for dragon boots, and the ring for any of the dag rings. 5. You are allowed to bring any non-imbued god cape for mage bonus, or an avas of any kind. 6. You are not allowed to have more than 2 brews, and are limited to using Rocktails, no Anglers. 7. No summoning familiars. Rewards : First place: 5m cash and 10-15k blood money per round won. We will also be doing multiple rounds (3+ at least) so come show everyone your pvp skills! See you all there
  16. Hey guys Since many of you have requested a guide / showcase of the pets available on Onyx we're proud to present to you our guide/showcase. It will be divided in 4 sections as follows : Skilling pets (completed) PVM pets Slayer pets (completed) Pet boxes exclusives Other pets First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Onyx Staff team for letting me use an account that has all the pets in game, because I am very far from that myself (shoutout to Nick for opening all the boxes you're a G). Secondly, I'd like to precise that all the pets obtained were indeed from pet boxes, even the most coveted ones like Nex and such. Lastly, all pets except the ones in the 4th section (Pet boxes exclusives) can indeed be obtained in game. 1 - Skilling pets 2 - PVM pets 3 - Slayer pets 4 - Pet boxes exclusives 5 - Other pets
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