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  1. June 23th, 2019 Hey guys It is my pleasure to present to you today's update patch notes. This update is a relatively small one and features the addition of drop overlays and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life content. Hope you enjoy ! Drop overlay This new option (under settings) will allow you to see drops listed as shown in the pic below ! Quality of life Reduced task sizes for Wilderness slayer. Added a command to modify in game prices manually. Catalyst shield now increases slash/stab/crush attack accuracy by +15. It is now the best shield alternative for all styles including melee. Removed quest reqs for flasks making. Added a command to double minigame points - expect it on our events ! Bug fixes Lowered Deranged Archeologist mage defense and increased its melee defense. Fixed a skull tricking issue. Other Lowered afk zone gp by half. Lowered Deranged Archeologist mage defense and increased its melee defense. Removed afk zone ingame advertisements. Glacors now require lvl 56 slayer. We hope you guys enjoy the update Feel free to leave feedback down below and see ya ingame!
  2. Hey guys With the recent release of Onyx II we will be hosting a Discord refer a friend contest that will be lasting for 1 month until July 15th 12:00 PM EST. From then on, we will be awarding the first 3 players with the most invites to our Discord server as follows : 1st place : Diamond donator rank 2nd place : Ruby donator rank 3rd place : Emerald donator rank So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends !
  3. June 15th, 2019 Hey guys I hope yall doing alright. It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for Saturday's update. It features some interesting new features and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life updates, enjoy ! Ultimate God Wars sets & Almighty Godsword New upgraded sets for Bandos / Armadyl / Subjugation are now available. You may choose to take the risk of upgrading your current GWD set pieces for a chance (25%) of acquiring the upgraded version, you can find our upgrade chest in the bank at home. Down below is a preview of all three sets. These will have better stats than their regular counterparts, standing right in between them and Nex gear. The Almighty Godsword is also available to players that fuse all current Godswords with an almighty hilt (obtained from blood shop). The new upgraded sets have a 1.5% damage boost per piece equipped. Legendary Lightning Rapier Added a new best in slot one handed weapon which has a faster attack speed than other variants. Be sure to check our web store to get your hands on it! Mystery boxes rework & Deal of the day We added a roulette like interface when opening boxes aswell as a quick open button. All boxes are now stackable and they are now also available from the vote shop. Added a preview loot window to all boxes. Improved all boxes rewards by removing most of the unwanted items from them. Added a Millionaire's box that will reward you with a random cash amount. Added a Deal of the day system accessible at ::deals that will offer you items daily at discounted rates ! Bug fixes Fixed a Guard's defence level (crossbow guard). Items will no longer be sent in their noted variant in your bank (Dominion Tower, raids, etc...). Imbued rings can now be unimbued. Fixed prices in our donation guide store (barrows / bandos, etc.) that were bugged due to removal of lucky items. Fixed an issue with ban / unban. Fixed the enable / disable auto loot button on Infinity necklace. Fixed rank icons in web store. The Vengeance spell no longer disrupts a player's walk animation unless they're already in a PvP area when they cast it. Stacked spin tickets / double spin tickets now work as intended. Quality of life Items kept on death are now based on Grand Exchange value. Grand Exchange prices will now update more often and more accurately based on a larger number of transactions. Wolpertingers now require 97 slayer to be assigned as a task / killed. Wishing well has now be made way more accessible with its price now being 100K per minute as opposed to 500K previously. The xp boost however has been brought down from 25% to 15%. Reworked game mode selection interface. You may now change a lot of graphic options in our settings (such as x10 hits, item looks, etc...) which previously required commands to do so. Added a 1% bonus xp boost when being part of a Clan Chat - what are you waiting for? Join one / create one today ! Pest Control points are now affected by donator ranks (10% extra per rank). Stealing Creation points are now affected by donator ranks (10% extra per rank). Added dragon diamond / ruby / dragon stone bolts to Gear guide. Donator shards / ranks can now be traded no matter the game mode by simply using them on the other player. Changed the Demonic gorilla teleport to be inside the Demonic gorilla cave. Increased the chance of receiving an item from Chambers of Xeric's chest at Theatre of Blood. Increased the chance of upgrading Toxic blowpipe to its Infernal variant by 20%. The ::donated command will now display the amount donated rather than spam donations 1 by 1. Added a feature to hide the attack option. Increased the amount of food available at Onyx Guide. Improved crabs starter zones. Improved combat orb position. Improved task tab. Opening skill advance guide option in skills tab now sends you to our Skilling guides section on forums. Changed boss / skill of the day to update every 24 hours as opposed to 12 hours previously. An announcement will also display in chat when that happens. Added a ::help command that will open a ticket for our Staff team Improved ::players command Added a few item examines to some of the new items Other Removed xp weekends due to wishing well being much more accessible (100K per min - 6M per hour) this should even things out. Also see 3. below Corrupt PvP gear no longer announces when dropped by Galvek. Added a command to modify the server bonus xp multiplier - we will host many bonus xp events so keep your eye out for it in our #events channel on Discord Added upgrade gems to our web store. These guarantee that every item you use with it will be a successful upgrade. Torva plate body now has +5 strength bonus similar to Vanguard plate body. Creating an Infinity necklace now requires a fury as well. Cosmetic Changes Added particles to Catalyst shield. Improved Infinity necklace visual aspect. Renamed ultimate slayer helmet to eternal slayer helmet and modified its visual aspect. Pandora chest Our new $100 contest will be running starting today until someone wins it! More details here. We hope you guys enjoy the update Feel free to leave feedback down below and see ya ingame! Information about Onyx Relaunch available at: gyazo.com:b6abd3cfcea844478a3baf134056a6fa.webloc
  4. June 14th, 2019 Hey guys Following our relaunch this Saturday, June 15th at 10 AM EST, it is my pleasure to announce to you guys that we will be hosting a maxing contest for all game modes ! There will be 1 contest per game mode so 4 total (Normal / Expert / Ironman / Hardcore Ironman). The first players to max (99 all skills & 120 dungeoneering) will receive the following : $100 store credit an exclusive in game title That being said I wish you all good luck and get grinding ! See you ingame
  5. June 11th, 2019 Hey guys It is my pleasure to announce that our new $100 Pandora's chest contest will be running starting today until a winner is chosen! The reward for this contest is: 1. Up to $50 Paypal currency, swappable for in-game store credit. 2. An additional $50 in-game store credit. Both these rewards will be given to the winner of the Pandora's contest. The contest is pretty straightforward: Collect key fragments from Skilling or PvMing and assemble them once you stack 100 to create a Pandora's key. From there go to Edgeville and use it on the chest located near the Grand Exchange clerk and hope that your key is the correct one! Please note: Any bugs or methods of obtaining keys while fully afk are to be reported to a staff member. Failure to report and abuse the said bug will result in a ban. Everyone deserves a fair chance to win. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. Congrats guys 1st place : 1 God mystery box + 1 premium mystery box awarded to Lostsoul616 with 17 points 2nd place : 1 premium mystery box + 1 mystery box awarded to Madoc with 7 points
  7. Hey yall This coming weekend we will be hosting a Solo PvM Extravaganza event that will be running from Saturday 1st of June at 00:00 AM EST until Sunday 2nd at 12:00 PM EST. As a result the global drop rate will also be boosted by 10% for the whole duration of the event ! You do not need to sign up for this event to be eligible for its rewards. However, you must observe the rules listed below. Rules : You must take a screenshot with quest tab open when receiving a drop in order for me to check the time stamp and verify that all drops are legit. Also, please add the day that you got the drop at (either Saturday or Sunday example below) to make things easier for me. After event is over (and only then, please don't reply every time you get a drop for my sanity's sake ) you will have to post these same screenshots as a reply in this thread and announce how many points you have. I will of course be checking that your points count is correct. If you get a drop whilst loot sharing with someone else, the full points will go to the person receiving the drop. The first drop of a listed item gives you 100% of the points (list down below), the second one will give you half and 3+ drops of the same item will not grant you any. For example - if I went to Zulrah and got 2 magic fangs and 1 tanzanite fang, my first magic fang would be worth 5 points whilst my second would be 2.5 points and my tanzanite fang 5 points for a grand total of 12.5 points. This mechanic ensures that you have to switch bosses in order to get full points. All Onyx rules apply. Bandos Godwars Armadyl Godwars Zamorak Godwars Saradomin Godwars King Black Dragon Tormented demons Corporeal Beast Nex Zulrah Cerberus Lizard shamans Demonic gorillas Kraken (boss only) Nomad Corrupted Wolpertinger Dagannoth Kings Glacors Giant Mole Jadinkos Queen Black Dragon Vorkath Ganodermics Abyssal demons Dark beasts Ice strykewyrms Abyssal sire Wildy wyrm Revenants Callisto Venenatis Vet'ion Galvek World boss Theatre of Blood Rewards : 1st place : 1 God mystery box + 1 premium mystery box 2nd place : 1 premium mystery box + 1 mystery box 3rd place : 1 mystery box All participants (must post drops in thread) : An exclusive cosmetic item GL & HF - May Rngesus be on your side
  8. Support would make pking/pvming much more enjoyable
  9. May 19th, 2019 Hey guys I hope yall doing alright. It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It features some interesting new features and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life updates, enjoy ! New slayer shop This new slayer shop will allow you to purchase a range of items from all combat styles with your hard earned slayer points. Down below you'll find a little preview. Get grinding ! New slayer helmet The Ultimate Slayer Helmet can be made by purchasing a slayer enchantment scroll from the slayer shop for 8.000 slayer points. Down below you'll find a little preview and its stats. New upgraded Toxic blowpipe : Infernal blowpipe This new blowpipe upgrade has a 15% chance of being made upon using a full Toxic blowpipe on the upgrade chest located in the Edgeville bank. It has +80 range accuracy / +70 range strength as opposed to +60 range accuracy / +60 range strength for the normal toxic blowpipe. It also doesn't use/require Zulrah scales. Endgame gear buffs Buffed stats of Torva/Pernix/Virtus armors. They now are best in slots for their corresponding combat style Buffed Justiciar armor overall by giving it half the Nex armor life point boost as we felt it was underused previously. PvP changes Reduced melee and range defense by 1/3rd in PvP areas. Removed the 1 tick delay on spec / gear / prayer switching as it is the case on OSRS. Buffed the price of PvP weapons from 2 to 3 million blood money. Added looters necklace to the blood money shop for 1 million blood money. Game mode updates Removed dungeoneering mode. Removed slayer mode. Quality of life Clue scrolls will now reward you with gold depending on the tier completed. Easy will give you 200K / medium 300K / hard 400K / elite 500K cash. Fixed slayer tasks size. They now scale to slayer master properly. Added a teleport to Kuradal's dungeon. Boosted kingly implings dragon arrows loot. Turned all (d) items into their regular counterpart. This should make it easier to buy/sell these items on the ge. Added salve amulet effect on to the Infinity necklace. Crafting the infinity necklace now only requires torture / anguish / soul amulet + 1 looters necklace as opposed to 3 previously. Increased the amount of spins from mystery boxes and made them stackable. Bug fixes Fixed a glitch with Alchemical Hydra fire phase. Black Santa hat is now tradable. Nex gloves and boots are now tradable. Wines of Zamorak from Kril Tsutsaroth are now dropped noted. Other Added Madoc's requested pet for April Top Donator rank ! Congrats on the only genie pet in game Thanks for the continued support, we hope you all enjoy this update And as always, feel free to leave feedback and see you ingame !
  10. Hey there Due to common request you'll find down below the loot from 5.000 Corrupted caskets (dropped by Wolpertingers in Dark Cavern). Notable loots include 2 corrupted curses (used to make empowered sanguinesti staff) / 3 holy elixirs / 1 uncut onyx. I also got 1.335M cash from these essentially making the boxes 267K cash per on average. I may open 5K more and try to get the Cataclyst sigil if you guys wanna see that tell me below ! Also if someone feels like price checking all of this here's our price guide.
  11. May 6th, 2019 Hey guys I hope yall doing alright. It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It features some interesting new features and a couple of bug fixes / quality of life updates, enjoy ! Herblore/Summoning secondaries shop Due to common feedback regarding some supplies being hard to obtain, we have listened to your concerns and released a skill supplies shop that will also serve as a money sink as they aren't quite cheap. We have purposely avoided most high level ones that will still remain obtainable via bossing/skilling. This shop can be found at ;;shops. Coop slayer / boss tasks Traning slayer with a friend will now earn both of you 25% more experience per kill aswell as a coin reward upon completion of the task. What are you waiting for? Get slaying ! AFK Zone This new zone will reward AFK players with an amount of cash that will scale with your drop rate %. The base gp/hour you can expect is 200k. This means that with a 1.5x drop rate multiplier you will receive 150K cash/hour and can be as much as 600k/hour.! However you will not gain any experience from this activity. You may reach this area with the ;;afk command. Once there, simply click on the trees (pic below). Added AFK animations when players are afk for more than 15 minutes. Your character will now sit in a chair when doing so. These chairs will vary depending on your donator rank. Staff members will also see their private chat turned off should they trigger the AFK system. Wilderness updates Being skulled will now give you 10% extra drop rate whilst in the Wilderness. High risk / high reward ! To skull yourself simply use the ;;skull command. Added teleports to Chaos elemental, Vet'ion, Callisto and Venenatis. Quality of life Removed a lot of the useless drops (curved bones/long bones/perfect dragon scales and so on) from the drop tables of all npcs. Boss killcount / fastest kill timer will no longer be filtered in your chat regardless of your filter options. Kuradal can now assign hydra tasks. Added "Immortal hardcore" title for maxed hardcore ironmen. On that note, congratulations to Hc Sex on being the first to achieve maxed total in that mode Buffed the rare / very rare items drop rate chance for Corrupted caskets by 3-4x. The ;;updates command will now also redirect you to the "Updates" section on our forums. Added Onyx guide to ;;shops. Added a deposit box at Puro Puro. Increased the amount of implings at Puro Puro. Added an option to enable/disable the auto loot function of looters/infinity necklaces. Readded and improved the tutorial cutscene. Bug fixes Fixed an issue with Galvek / Onyx boss timers not functioning properly. Added whip vine special attack. The magic dart spell (level 50 magic - regular spell book) will now function properly. Switched client title due to Discord detection. Vet'ion will now drop regular cannonballs. Fixed a bug with a null from ninja implings. Corrected Empowered Sanguinesti Staff stats. Fixed a typo in a clue scroll. Fixed fight caves Had healers randomly walking around. Fixed an issue when creating a female account. Added the Tyrannical ring I stats to the Infinity ring (+8 crush). Fixed an issue when switching to polypore staff / trident from rapid switch attack style. This will now put you in "accurate" mode and therefore not grant Defence xp anymore. Thanks for the continued support, we hope you all enjoy this update And as always, feel free to leave feedback and see you ingame !
  12. April 29th, 2019 Hey guys I hope yall doing alright. It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It features a ton of new stuff including a new Boss, a new best in slot spirit shield, a new donator rank and a bunch of Quality of life updates. Hope you enjoy! New boss : Corrupted Wolpertinger (Corrupted Cavern) This new boss will definitely be a challenge worth your time as it will drop a decent amount of supplies/cash and the brand new Cataclyst sigil and Sanguinesti staff upgrade. So get grinding ! You may be assigned this boss when asking for a new boss task. If you're lucky enough you may also receive the Lil Wolpertinger pet from him. This new pet buffs all coin drops by 10%. This boss and his minions drop a Corrupted Casket which gives loads of skilling supplies and valuable items. You can access this boss by traveling to the Corrupted Cavern! New spirit shield : Cataclyst spirit shield This shield, apart from its dope looks will also be the best in slot spirit shield as it combines the effects/stats of all of them. In order to craft this exclusive shield, you will need to combine Cataclyst sigil (dropped by Big Chungus) on all the other spirit shields (both donated and non donated versions work). Upgraded Sanguinesti Staff The Sanguinesti Staff may now be upgraded by adding a corrupted curse to it, which can be obtained by opening corrupted caskets dropped by the wolpertingers. This upgraded version has a +30% magic damage multiplier (instead of 0% for the regular version) making it one of the best magic weapon in game since it also retains its healing ability. New donator rank : Zenyte Our new and highest donator rank will most certainly reward our highest donator with the most exclusive perks. Its drop rate bonus multiplier will be 100% (20% more than Onyx) and the xp rate will be 60% (10% more than Onyx). We will of course add lot more perks as we go. This rank can be purchased for $1000 or obtained automatically with a total of $5.000 donated. New referral rewards : Beginner Mystery boxes Since we felt that there was little incentive with our current system to refer your friends, we have added a new reward when doing so. Simply tell your friends to enter ;;ref "your name" to claim these ! Quality of life Theatre of Blood bosses' hitpoints will now scale to the amount of players entering the raid. This should make it much easier to get a raid going as the previous system didn't favour smaller teams as much. Added a warning prompting you to check your "Items kept on death tab" when entering the Wilderness to see which items you're risking. Added a timer to Galvek / World Boss spawns in quest tab. Buffed Torva helm strength bonus to +5 to match Serpentine helmet (up from +3). Adding herbs to vials message can now be filtered. Added a lot of teleport commands ingame. These will use the full exact names from the teleport interface, such as ::barrows to teleport to barrows. Therefore, certain shortcuts such as ::corp will not work for the time being. With the addition of scaling raids, the damage of the big red ball attack from Sotetseg will also scale down to the party size, therefore making this boss easier overall on smaller parties ! Fallen Hardcore ironmen who partnered before dying are now able to trade their hardcore ironman partner. Added drop rates back to NPC examine interface. NPC examine interface no longer closes during combat. Bug fixes Fixed a typo with a clue scroll. Shadow barrage now disorients Abyssal Sire 100% of the time. Ironmen are now able to group with each other (previously only hardcore ironmen could). Other Added a bank chest next to Theatre of Blood entrance. Added a purple sled to vote shop for 2.500 tokens. The infinity ring can now be crafted ingame ! Making the full ring requires the following rings : All DKS rings imbued (Berserker, Warrior, Seers and Archers) + all wildy rings imbued (Treasonous, Tyrannical, Ring of the gods), Ring of vigour (500k dung tokens), Granite ring I (Grotesque Guardians), Brimstone ring I (Alchemical Hydra), Ring of wealth I (Mandrith PvP shop). We will also be running a sale on our store for various items, including the new ones ! Be sure to check it out at ;;store ! Thanks for the continued support, we hope you enjoy this update Feel free to leave feedback here and see you ingame !
  13. April 13th, 2019 Hey guys Hope everyone's doing alright It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It includes a new ring, Extreme mode updates, PvM and Quality of life updates. Hope you enjoy! New ring : Infinity ring This new ring combines the stats of all imbued versions of DKS rings/wildy rings/ring of suffering. It is not craftable yet but get grinding on these rings to be ready for next update Extreme mode update Extreme mode players can now trade with other players ! Will make the whole grinding/trading much easier on that mode overall PvM updates Increased the drop rate from Theatre of Blood reward chest. Quality of life updates Stealing creation tools now give 3x more bonus xp than they previously did for extreme/ironman mode. Switched Dwarf cannon to use highest attack bonus instead of just range accuracy. Added noted jugs of water at Donator zone survival expert store. Added noted battle staves to the Varrock Staff store. Added noted uncut diamonds to Callisto drop table (they were unnoted previously) Added amulet of accuracy to the NPC in Wizard Tower. Bug fixes Fixed a glitch at Nomad when both the player and him died at the same time. Herb boxes from Dominion Tower can now be opened. Fixed a bug when creation looters soul amulet. Fixed picture herbs from Pest Control. Game filter no longer filters important stuff. "The creature infests you with its toxic message" from Polypore dungeon creatures can now be filtered. Fixed Zamorak Godsword special attack. It now only uses 50% spec and received a damage buff as it did in OSRS. Fixed typos in the teleport interface. Fixed ring of life effect - it will now teleport you to Falador Castle should your health reach 10%. Fixed a bugged clue. Other Added a new "Helper" role for new Staff applicants. This new role will have less permissions than Support ranks. Improved Support and Moderators commands. Added wings of wealth and infinity jewelry to mystery boxes. A new combat dummy pet will be awarded to our Top Donator for the past month aka Broskii. Enjoy it man Stay tuned for our Easter event coming up next week ! And as always, have a good time on Onyx
  14. April 8th to April 14th Hey guys Down below you'll find our scheduled events for this week, as found on our discord in the #events channel. Monday 22nd April : Player chosen event hosted by Omega at 4 PM EST Tuesday 23rd April : Stealing Creation event hosted by Extremebtw at 4 PM EST Wednesday 24th April : Armadyl Mass hosted by Broskii at 3 AM EST and Pest Control hosted by Iron Auzi at 7 PM EST Thursday 25th April : Bandos Mass hosted by Monk Bird at 4 PM EST Friday 26th April : Corp Mass hosted by Blackmarket at 4 PM EST Saturday 27th April : Theatre of Blood mass hosted by Omega at 4 PM EST Sunday 28th April : Armadyl mass hosted by Blackmarket at 3 PM EST Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave feedback here and/or on discord/ingame.
  15. 2v2 NH PvP Tournament Hey guys The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a 2v2 Melee PvP event on Sunday, April 7th at 4:00 pm server time in the White portal at Clan wars (::funpk). Rules : - The gear/inventory will be the same for everyone (pics below). - Staff has final word. - All other Onyx rules apply. Not observing these rules may get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. Gear / Inventory setup: I will be checking gear / inventory before each fight. https://imgur.com/ym61Rdj https://imgur.com/r3oZszH 1. Auras are strictly forbidden, even if cosmetic only. 2. No summoning familiars. Rewards : First place: 40k Blood Money each Second place: 30k Blood Money each Third place : 20k Blood money each Fourth place : 10K Blood money each Rewards may be subject to change depending on the amount of players attending the event. See you all there
  16. April 8th to April 14th Hey guys Down below you'll find our scheduled events for this week, as found on our discord in the #events channel. Monday 8th April : Player chosen event hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST and Player chosen event hosted by Monk Bird at 6 pm EST Tuesday 9th April : Stealing Creation hosted by Monk Bird at 2 pm EST and Dungeoneering floors hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Wednesday 10th April : Player chosen event hosted by Monk Bird at 3 pm EST and Kill Zio event at 5 pm EST Thursday 11th April : Pest Control hosted by Monk Bird at 3 pm EST and Arma Mass hosted by Monk Bird at 5 pm EST Friday 12th April : Corp Mass hosted by Doobie11 at 4pm EST and Player chosen event hosted by Monk Bird at 6 pm EST Saturday 13th April : Nex Mass hosted by Alpha at 2 pm EST and 2v2 PvP tournament (or 1v1 if less than 3 teams) hosted by Alpha at 4pm EST Sunday 14th April : Zamorak mass hosted by Doobie 11 at 2 pm EST Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave feedback here and/or on discord/ingame.
  17. We do host our giveaways on Discord for now as that allows us to reach more players. Check out the #giveaways channel
  18. Hey guys I'll be hosting today's event at 4 pm EST but with a little twist - you will have to vote on this thread to decide what the event is ! The event with the most votes will win Closing the poll at 3:55 pm.
  19. Was turned to a 1v1 tournament First place: Mogoly - 40k Blood Money each Second place: Gift - 30k Blood Money each Third place : Naga - 20k Blood money each Fourth place : DWH - 10K Blood money each
  20. April 1st to April 7th Hey guys Down below you'll find our scheduled events for this week, as found on our discord in the #events channel. Monday 1st April : Dungeoneering floors hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Tuesday 2nd April : PvM Horde hosted by Extremebtw at 5 pm EST Wednesday 3rd April : Bandos Mass hosted by Monk Bird at 4 pm EST Thursday 4th April : Last Man Standing hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Friday 5th April : Saradomin GWD mass hosted by Doobie11 at 4 pm EST and Stealing Creation hosted by Monk Bird at 5 pm EST Saturday 6th April : Boss Bonanza hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Sunday 7th April : Arma GWD mass hosted by Doobie11 at 2pm est and 2v2 PvP tournament hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave feedback here and/or on discord/ingame.
  21. March 30th 2019 Hey guys Hope everyone's doing alright It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It includes Nomad as a repeatable boss with its own drop table, new necklaces that can hold the stats of some of the best amulets in-game along with the looter's necklace ability, the Stronghold of Safety and more. Let's get into the update notes! New repeatable boss : Nomad Some of you may already have fought Nomad in the Nomad's Requiem quest or in Dominion Tower. Well, he is coming to the live game as a repeatable boss, featuring his own unique drop table. With the addition of Nomad as a repeatable boss, we are also releasing 5 brand new necklaces, more details below. We are also added a Nomad pet as a very rare drop on that table. Should you be lucky enough to get it, you will get a 4% bonus to your drop rate increase whilst it's following you. We will also be holding a contest in the form of a race to see who receives the pet first. Winner will be awarded a looter's necklace! Furthermore, we have also added the Wings of Wealth (10% bonus drop rate aura) to his drop table, now making it obtainable in game. Finally, it also drops imbue scrolls for your rings! No longer needed to wait for a Castle Wars game to fill up in order to enchant them. To celebrate Nomad boss release we are hosting a little contest : the first person to get a Nomad pet drop from him will get a free looters necklace ! So get grinding and may rngesus be with you. New Necklaces Looters Necklace of Anguish can be made by combining a Looter's Necklace with a Necklace of Anguish. (looters effect + anguish stats) Looters Amulet of Torture can be made by combining a Looter's Necklace with an Amulet of Torture. (looters effect + torture stats) Looters Soul Necklace can be made by combining a Looter's Necklace with a Soul Necklace. (looters effect + occult stats with 15% magic damage instead of 10) Soul Amulet can be made by combining an Arcane Stream Necklace with a Soul Stone (Arcane stream stats with 15% magic damage instead of 10) - Nomad Drops the Soul Stone as one of his unique drops. Infinity Necklace can be made by combining Looter's Anguish + Torture + Soul Necklaces. It's stats are insane as it combines all 3 necklaces into one with the looters necklace effect (stats below). However, it will be a grind to obtain, so best of luck! Requirements: 1x Anguish, Torture, Soul Necklace, and 3x Looter's Necklaces. Check out the bottom of these patch notes for the stats of each Necklace! New Dungeon : Stronghold of Player Safety This new dungeon should prove helpful to our newest players as it features some cockroach soldiers that have a decent drop table (runes/cash mostly) and the easiest source in-game for easy and medium clue scrolls. Cockroach soldiers task has also been added to the lower level slayer masters. As part of this update, we also added "Safety gloves" to the game. Donator store updates Lowered occult necklace price to $7. Quality of life updates Renamed "Constitution" skill to "Hitpoints". Improved special attack orb positioning. Added more Ent spawns in the Wilderness. They can be found southwest of the eastern green dragons. Updated extreme mode icon to appear in front of the player's name instead of after it. Added a level 1 Turael slayer master at ;;slayer. Increased the amount of blood money that you receive from player killing. Added new announcements that are displayed above your chat box making it harder (almost impossible really) to miss them You can disable/enable them with the ::switchnotifications command. Toolbelt is now full by default for all modes, including ironman / hardcore ironman. Trees now respawn much faster in vip zone. Buffed PvP weapons damage multiplier on Wilderness monsters namely Craw's bow and Thammaron's sceptre. You may now unlock a music upon winning a trivia question. Added 125 laws and 125 cosmics in inventory on start of a dungeon as a ruby + donator feature. Bug fixes Fixed a bug with the rope swing in Wilderness agility course. Fixed a glitch with familiars not being multi in some instances. Fixed a typo at Alchemical Hydra. Fixed a bug with overgrown cat. Fixed a typo in the teleports interface. Fixed an issue with skills guide. Disabled dwarf cannon at Godwars Dungeon Changed dwarf cannon formula to use player range accuracy instead. Soul Necklace: Looter's Soul Necklace: Looter's Necklace of Anguish: Looter's Amulet of Torture: Infinity Necklace: Nomads Drop Table: https://gyazo.com/f318e2c547582484524a8bbb61117a47 I hope you all enjoyed this update, get grinding, there’s new items to obtain! See you all In-Game!
  22. March 18th to March 24th Hey guys Down below you'll find our scheduled events for this week, as found on our discord in the #events channel. Monday 25th March : Stealing Creation hosted by Extremebtw at 5 pm EST Tuesday 26th March : Pest Control hosted by Han at 7 pm EST Wednesday 27th March : Bandos mass hosted by Monk Bird at 4 pm ESTT Thursday 28th March : Dungeoneering floors hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Friday 29th March : 3v3 PvP hosted by Blackmarket at 4 pm EST - thread here Saturday 30th March : Theatre of Blood hosted by Michelle at 4 pm EST Sunday 31st March : Boss Bonanza hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave feedback here and/or on discord/ingame.
  23. Hey guys Due to common request you'll find down below a guide on how to acquire an Arclight . First and foremost, let me provide you with some useful info about this weapon : "Arclight is an enhanced variant of Darklight requiring level 75 Attack to wield that is extremely effective against demon type monsters. In addition to an enhanced passive effect, Arclight features modest improvements in attack bonus and speed over the original sword. Arclight provides a 70% increase in accuracy and damage when used against demonic creatures, meaning it is more effective than an abyssal tentacle against these targets. Arclight retains Darklight's special attack, Weaken, which uses 50% of the player's special attack energy and lowers the opponent's Strength, Attack, and Defence levels by 5% (10% for demons). Weaken's effect is only applied if it is a successful hit. Use of the special attack does not detract from Arclight's charges. Special attack's accuracy roll is dependent on combat style type bonuses (stab or slash) which then rolls against a predefined stab defence roll. Weaken will stack additively upon successful hits, unlike dragon warhammer. Two successful special attacks thus reduce an opponent's Strength, Attack and Defence by 10%, or 20% if it is a demon." (source OSRS Wiki) Also - the one on Onyx doesn't ever degrade unlike the OSRS variant which only holds 1.000 charges. For further info on all the monsters that the Arclight works on, check out the list of demons found here. Please note that it also works on Tormented demons which do not appear on that list. First of all you need to buy a Darklight from the Pure guide at ;;shops. It is the first item in the top left corner. Once that is done, you need to acquire 3 Ancient shards . These can be obtained by killing monsters in the Catacombs or Skotizo (I would however not recommend Skotizo without an Arclight because you cannot 1 hit the pillars). If you'd rather just get the shards as quickly as possible, I'd recommend barraging / chinning dust devils, which this guide will focus on. To get to them, teleport to catacombs using ;;tp > Dungeons and Bosses > Catacombs of Kourend (1st option) From there, investigate the statue to enter the Catacombs. Head southeast to the Dust devils spawns and barrage/chin them. You can also place a cannon down there to make it even faster. When you finally get the 3 Ancient shards, head back to the altar in the center and use your Darklight on the altar. Congratulations ! You are now the proud owner of an Arclight ! Hope this little guide helped you out !
  24. Hey guys Due to common request you'll find down below a guide listing all the buffs from our PvM/skilling pets. Please note that the bonuses only apply when the pets are following you. Hope it helps you out! Skilling pets Heron 10% bonus Fishing experience Baby chinchompa 10% bonus Hunter experience Beaver 10% bonus Woodcutting experience Rift guardian 10% bonus Runecrafting experience Rock golem 10% bonus Mining experience Rocky 10% bonus Thieving experience Tangleroot 10% bonus Farming experience Phoenix eggling 10% bonus Firemaking experience PvM pets Venenatis spiderling +2% Drop rate Vet'ion Jr. +2% Drop rate Scorpia's offspring +2% Drop rate Callisto cub +2% Drop rate Corporeal Critter +3% Drop rate Nomad pet 4% Drop rate Galvek +3% Drop rate Onyx boss +5% Drop rate General Graardor Jr. +2 Strength Zilyana Jr. +3 Magic / +1 Prayer Kree Arra Jr. +3 Range / +1 Range Strength / +1 Prayer K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. +3 Stab / +3 Slash / +1 Prayer Kalphite Princess +1 to all Attack bonuses Baby Mole +1 Strength Pet Dagannoth Supreme +3 Range Pet Dagannoth Prime +3 Magic Pet Dagannoth Rex +3 Stab / +3 Slash / +3 Crush Nexterminator +3 to all Attack bonuses / +2 Melee strength / +1 Range strength / +1 Prayer Tz Rek Jad None Shrimpy +1 to all Defence bonuses Jal-nib-rek (Inferno) +1 to all Attack bonuses / +1 to all Defence bonuses Queen Black Dragonling +2 Range strength Prince Black Dragon Permanent Super Antifire Vorki 5% bonus Slayer xp Lil'Zik +2 Melee strength / +1 Range strength / +2 Prayer Pet Snakeling 5% bonus Slayer experience Hellpuppy 5% bonus Slayer experience Pet Kraken 5% bonus Slayer experience Hydra pet To be added Barrows pets To be added Wolpertinger pet Increases coin drops by 10%
  25. March 12th 2019 Hey guys Hope everyone's doing alright It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It brings a couple of new features / quality of life features and bug fixes! New activity : Aerial fishing This new fishing/hunter activity requires a minimum level of 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter. Players can hunt for various fish and salamanders with a Cormorant, much like Falconry where players hunt kebbits with a gyr falcon. This new activity features a handful of cosmetics such a fishing net and a brand new fishing set. Obtaining the full set is now a completionist cape requirement. New item : Wings of wealth These new wings, obtainable on our webstore in the form of an aura, will give you 10% extra drop rate when equipped (provided the aura also is activated - it has no cool down) and +5 prayer bonus. New item : Onyx Blood scythe This new weapon is an upgraded version from the Scythe of Vitur. It features a 30% boost to all accuracy stats and a +5 strength bonus. You may also obtain the blood gem from the Onyx boss (very rare chance). Donator store updates Added twisted buckler to the shields section on our store for $20. Lowered Avernic defender's price to $65. Lowered Arcane Spirit Shield's price to $50. Quality of life updates Changed the respawn tile so that finding gravestone is more obvious. Added a bonus agility xp multiplier on agile top and legs - 1% bonus experience for each of them, 3% if both are worn. Berserker necklace now buffs the Elder maul's stats - it was a pretty underused weapon not on par with the chaotic maul counterpart. Added ;;prices command that directs you to our price guide. Flowers can now be planted at home. Added coins / tokkul / Numulite collection to ring of wealth. Increased Squeal of Fortune cash rewards. Increased corrupt gear timer from 15 mins to 1 hour of wearing and non corrupt from 1 hour of combat to 3 hours of combat. Skotizo altars now spawn a bit slower. Should you donate/obtain a fire/kiln/inferno cape from our store you will be awarded 1 killcount for the corresponding mingiame. Please note that this effect will not stack (therefore still needing to kill 2 more for the trim completionist cape requirement). Improved spec orb to match latest osrs update. Added barbarian fishing teleport to ;;tp. Bug fixes Fixed Hydra dungeon issue. The slayer requirements for all monsters now work as intended. Fixed the amount of dragon thrownaxes and dragon knives dropped by hydras. Disabled the vip shop for ironmen. Moved ;;smithing to the Edgeville furnace (which now also has an anvil) and ;;wilds layer to the right place. Made interface drop rate easier to read and fixed drop rate for hardcore ironmen (from 120% to 125%) Removed the School Girl from the Axe Hut in Wilderness, don’t ask me how she got there. Fixed the VIP Portal, allowing you to now travel around the world of Onyx once again! Fixed the Godwars teleport commands. You may now use lamps to gain construction experience! Fixed Corporeal Beast - it should properly eat your summoning familiars. Yum! Added Hosidious house cooking benefit to work anywhere in Vip Zone (5% chance of successfully cooking a raw fish/meat). Fixed a couple of typos in the ;;tp interface. Fixed World Map water not to be green. Twisted buckler now appears in Grand Exchange. Fixed Blood Scythe wear position. Fixed annihilation attack speed. Fixed Saradomin priest attack animation. I hope you all enjoyed this update, get grinding, there’s new items to obtain! See you all In-Game!
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