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  1. Hey guys The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Castle Wars event on January 19th at 4:00 PM server time. This is the perfect time to stack tickets in order to imbue your rings or save up for the cosmetics that the shop offers We have also listened to some remarks stating that previous team PvP events were unfair due to gear/premade teams, and as such, there will be certain rules to be followed in order to ensure that games are fair for everyone. Rules : - We will be choosing 2 team captains that will choose their team's members 1 by 1. - The gear/inventory will be the same for everyone (pics below). - No summoning familiar allowed. - All other Onyx rules apply. Not observing these rules may get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. Gear/Inventory setup : Staff team will be checking everyone's inventory/gear before entering the portal - not observing the gear/inventory setups will get you disqualified from the event and its rewards. You can of course remove items in the gear/inventory if you wish to (like mystic if you don't want to mage), but not add any, the exception being vengeance runes if you don't want to barrage. You can choose any ring you like. Rewards : We will be doing a best of 3 games (or best of 5 if people want to) with the same teams each game. As such, a staff member will keep a log of people on both teams and they will be invited to join their previous team (saradomin/zamorak) after each game. Winning team : Cosmetic Halos of your choice (worth 300 tickets) and 75 cwars tickets. Losing team : 50 cwars tickets. Rewards may be subject to change depending on the amount of players participating. Also, keep in mind the ticket rewards for winning team (12) and losing team (3) that you will of course get, aswell as a chance to receive a vanguard set piece! No signup is required for this event, we would however appreciate if you guys could come 5/10 minutes earlier to gear up/check inventories/etc. See you there
  2. Welcome Haarek Glad to have you with us If you ever need any help feel free to reach out the Staff members online (check quest tab) or simply ask in the Onyx friends chat, there's always is a kind soul to answer to you. Be seeing you in game
  3. Hey there Welcome to Onyx hope you enjoy the server and feel free to ask anything - should you need help - in the Onyx friends chat or by pming staff members (can see who's online in the quest tab). Be seeing you ingame
  4. Thanks everyone for participating ! I've reviewed all your posts (only corrected lil mermaids) and you will find down below the rankings for this event : 1st place : Didgeridont with 87.5 points - Reward : Exclusive title + 1 god box + 1 premium box 2nd place : Lucius with 49.75 points - Reward : Exclusive title + 1 premium box 3rd place : Han with 42.5 points - Reward : Exclusive title + 1 mystery box All participants (must post drops in thread) : An exclusive cosmetic item
  5. Whatuneed's entry : Total 5 + 4 + 2.5 = 11.5 points
  6. Hey yall With the release of Hardcore Ironman mode some of us have perished already and this thread is here to pay respects to them. I will be removing the 34 total levels that suicided intentionally for the memes. F in the chat for : - Kebab - died on January 12th at 7:00 pm - 209 total level - Puppy - died on January 12th at 7:14 pm - 133 total level - Hardcoreporn - died on January 12th at 10:57 pm - 410 total level - Buff Tob - died on January 13th at 8:09 am - 397 total level - Sir Hardcore - died on January 13th at 4:21 pm - 397 total level - Xin - died on January 14th at 2:38 pm - 679 total level - Hard Sausage - died on January 15th at 2:40 pm - 208 total level - Yang - died on January 16th at 12:00 am - 1326 total level - Yin - died on January 16th at 12:35 am - 1469 total level - Buff Nex - died on January 16th at 1:44 pm - 684 total level - Cuddles - died on January 15th at 11:47 pm - 358 total level - Nipslip - died on January 16th at 12:09 am - 177 total level - Dubby12 - died on January 16th at 12:12 am - 438 total level - Reformed Kys - died on January 16th at 2:23 pm - 942 total level - Minnie Mouse - died on January 17th at 7:38 am - 1122 total level F List will be updated daily if possible.
  7. Added a few corrections thank you Brandonmight
  8. Hey there This is because the server uses the same mechanic as pre eoc aka high alch values to decide what item protects over an other. Could definitely raise them though for the items you listed, especially slayer helm/Craw's bow (probably other rev weps too)
  9. Added ty + added ::goldskin / ::pinkskin for Onyx donators and ::yak for sapphires
  10. Hey yall This coming weekend we will be hosting a Solo PvM Extravaganza event that will be running from Friday 11th at 12:00 PM EST until Sunday 13th at 12:00 PM EST. You do not need to sign up for this event to be eligible for its rewards. However, you must observe the rules listed below. Rules : You must take a screenshot with quest tab open when receiving a drop in order for me to check the time stamp and verify that all drops are legit. Also, please add the day that you got the drop at (either Saturday or Sunday example below) to make things easier for me. After event is over (and only then, please don't reply every time you get a drop for my sanity's sake ) you will have to post these same screenshots as a reply in this thread and announce how many points you have. I will of course be checking that your points count is correct. If you get a drop whilst loot sharing with someone else, the full points will go to the person receiving the drop. The first drop of a listed item gives you 100% of the points (list down below), the second one will give you half and 3+ drops of the same item will not grant you any. For example - if I went to Zulrah and got 2 magic fangs and 1 blowpipe, my magic fang #1 would be worth 5 points, the second one 2.5 points and my blowpipe 5 points for a total of 12.5 points. Getting another magic fang would not grant me any further points, therefore you may have to change bosses in order to keep racking points. All Onyx rules apply. Bandos Godwars Bandos pet - 10 points Bandos hilt - 7.5 points Bandos chestplate - 5 points Bandos tassets - 5 points Bandos helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2.5 points Armadyl Godwars Armadyl pet - 10 points Armadyl Hilt - 7.5 points Armadyl chestplate - 5 points Armadyl chainskirt - 5 points Armadyl helmet, gloves, boots, buckler - 2.5 points Zamorak Godwars Zamorak pet - 7.5 points Zamorak Hilt - 5 points Subjugation top - 4 points Subjugation legs - 4 points Zamorakian spear & staff of the dead - 3 points Subjugation helmet, gloves, boots, shield - 2 points Saradomin Godwars Saradomin pet - 10 points Saradomin Hilt - 7.5 points Armadyl crossbow - 5 points Saradomin whisper/murmur/hiss - 4 points Saradomin sword - 2 points King Black Dragon Pet - 20 points Draconic visage - 7 points Dragon pickaxe - 3 points Tormented demons Dragon claws - 5 points Dragon platebody - 3 points Corporeal Beast Pet - 30 points All sigils - 20 points Holy elixir - 10 points Nex Pet - 40 points Zaryte bow - 30 points Any platebody - 25 points Any platelegs - 22.5 points Any helmet - 20 points Any boots - 17.5 points Any gloves - 15 points Zulrah Pet - 20 points Tanzanite fang / magic fang / serp helm - 6 points Uncut onyx - 4 points Cerberus Pet - 15 points All crystals - 5 points Smouldering stone - 2.5 points Lizard shamans Dragon Warhammer - 8 points Demonic gorillas Zenyte - 6 points Heavy ballista - 5 points Light ballista - 4 points Kraken (boss only) Pet - 10 points Tentacle - 5 points Trident - 4 points Dagannoth Kings Pets - 10 points Rings - 4 points Dragon axes - 2 points Glacors Any boot - 5 points Giant Mole Pet - 10 points Torso - 5 points Fighter helmet - 3 points Other penance pieces - 2 points Jadinkos Whip vine - 7 points Queen Black Dragon Pet - 30 points Royal crossbow - 6 points Draconic visage - 5 points Dragon kiteshield - 4 points Vorkath Pet - 15 points Both visages - 7.5 points Dragon bone necklace - 5 points Ganodermics Polypore stick - 4 points Abyssal demons Abyssal whip - 2 points Abyssal dagger - 1 point Dark beasts Dark bow - 2 points Ice strykewyrms Staff of light - 3 points Abyssal sire Pet from unsired - 20 points Unsired - 10 points Wildy wyrm Vecna skull - 10 points Revenants Non corrupt weapon - 6 points Non corrupt armor piece - 4 points Revenant weapons - 2 points Amulet of avarice - 2 points Callisto Pet - 20 points Tyrannical ring - 10 points Dragon pickaxe - 5 points Venenatis Pet - 16 points Treasonous ring - 8 points Dragon pickaxe - 4 points Vet'ion Pet - 25 points Ring of the gods - 15 points Dragon pickaxe - 5 points Galvek Pet - 30 points Per kill - penalty for 2+ doesn't count (must get loot) - 5 points World boss Pet - 40 points Phats/Collector necklace - 20 points Per kill - penalty for 2+ doesn't count (must get the rare loot) - 10 points Theatre of Blood Pet - 50 points Scythe / rapier / staff - 40 points Avernic defender - 30 points Justiciar pieces - 20 points Rewards : 1st place : Exclusive title + 1 god box + 1 premium box 2nd place : Exclusive title + 1 premium box 3rd place : Exclusive title + 1 mystery box All participants (must post drops in thread) : An exclusive cosmetic item GL & HF - May Rngesus be on your side
  11. Hey y'all The Onyx Staff Team will be hosting a Zamorak boss mass event today at 4:30 pm server time. There will be a ::event tele set in the room so you don't have to bother getting killcount. Be sure to bring the best melee gear you got along with an Arclight if you have one (link for guide below). See you there
  12. Our drops this event : Bandos helmet - Shalina
  13. Bandos Mass Event The Onyx Staff Team will be hosting a Bandos mass event on January 3rd at 5:00pm server time for every mode to join and get a chance at lootsharing a rare drop. It is recommended to wear some melee gear and be able to use a protect from melee prayer for this event. Here is an example set up: Feel free to change the inventory and the gear with whatever suits you best, bring Cannon if you like for faster clears. The Rules for this event are simple and are as follows: Lootshare will be on at all times for everyone participating No Toxicity Hope to see you all there!
  14. January 1st, 2019 Hey guys ! First and foremost the Onyx Staff Team would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May your dreams and goals come true as you grind strong With that being said lets get in the patch notes : Dicing King / Dice Zone Changes: This NPC will take your bets and allow you to gamble safely whenever you please. I've heard he has big pockets though so try and clean him! He is located at ::dice. You may now duel at ::dice. Trivia minigame : 65 Trivia Questions relating to RS / Onyx have been added to the game and will give you sweet rewards. These are also a completionist requirements and require you to obtain as follows: (3x wins for regular comp / 10x for trimmed). Think you know Onyx inside and out? Test out your skill every hour and receive money, xp lamps, and more! New custom client : Our new client (aside from looking way nicer thanks to @central) will now load way quicker than the previous versions. This client will also allow you to zoom out further than previously, making it similar to OSRS. This also improve our client when it comes to stability issues and should result in overall less errors while loading up and playing Onyx. New Special Edition TBow : This Tbow will be available on our store for a limited time to celebrate New Years Features a silver and red color scheme, as we bring in the New Year! Other Updates: Added a new item "Collector's necklace" to World Boss drop table. This item will automatically bank all your drops provided it's equipped. Added a rock crab slayer task to lower level slay masters. Improved message colors such as drop annoucements. Added a bank chest outside of Bandos Godwars. Onyx donators now need 1 killcount for Godwars to prevent abusing doors/chests. Avernic defender can now be returned to dragon defender. Be warned you loss the hilt. Removed spirit shields from Squeal of Fortune. Fight Pits will no longer spam news feed if the same person wins two + games in a row. Removed God Boxes from our store temporarily as we rework their reward system, making it more juicy for the player. Bug fixes updates: Fixed ava attractor death value. Fixed the ::nex command as it would allow people with under 70 agility to kill Nex. Added a slayer level check when assigning boss tasks. Fixed chaos altar entrance at Abyss. Fixed demonic gorillas attack cycle. Hope you all enjoy Our next update will arrive in about a week or a bit more. Spoiler Alert: How hardcore of an ironman can you be? Feel free to leave some feedback below.
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