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  1. Alpha

    Ayy nice update can't wait to try that new boss
  2. Alpha

    Nice vid rip no visage tho
  3. Alpha

    Thanks for the kind words guys Hope yall enjoy your capes !
  4. July 25th, 2019 Hey guys It is my pleasure to present to you today's update patch notes. It features a brand new mini game, a new client, and a bunch of QoL / bug fixes. Hope you enjoy ! Horde minigame & New Elite completionist cape Coming with today's update, we bring you our unique one of a kind Horde Minigame, which is by no means an easy challenge. You'll have to face waves of bosses each of them being harder than the previous one. Should you be successful in completing the 40 challenging waves, you will receive a new best in slot accumulator with a +5 ranged strength bonus / +12 ranged accuracy (100% chance) and get a chance (10%) of receiving our brand new pet Zio with a 10% drop rate boost! Good luck in the ring, folks, You'll need it. The new Elite Completionist Cape will require full completion of the Horde Minigame aswell as other requirements listed in ;;compcape. Its stats will feature those of regular/trimmed version with the addition of the new accumulator from the Horde minigame making it best in slot. With each wave, a rocktail will spawn on the ground as well as an overload. Note that each of these monsters drop items in the minigame, so you could make some money while you face a challenge. * Credit to @Nick for planning and creating the idea for this Minigame! * New Onyx client Our new client features an installer which will be smoother overall for all of you guys and fix some of the crashes issues some of you experienced. On that note, be sure to update your java 64 bits version to run it as smoothly as possible. Quality of life Added teleport command shortcuts : ::corp - Teles to Corporeal Beast ::tob - Teles to Theatre of Blood ::cox - Teles to Chambers of Xeric ::tds - Teles to Tormented demons ::hydra - Teles to Alchemical Hydra ::cerb - Teles to Cerberus ::kraken - Teles to Kraken ::dks - Teles to Dagannoth Kings entrance ::qbd - Teles to Queen Black Dragon entrance ::prev - Teles you to your previous teleport Removed Jad / Har Aken / Zuk from Boss of the day table. Increased the amount of lava dragons spawns. Increased the amount of aura tokens you receive from selling auras to Xuan (from 10% to 20% of buy value) Removed requirements for Family Crest gloves (cooking/gold/chaos). Added a ::odz command for onyx + donators that teleports you to the Onyx portal in VIP zone. Added PK tablets for 300 blood money a piece at Mandrith store. Removed foot bone drops. Removed Partyhat gambling as a requirement for Completionist cape. Added pile of rocks (limestone). Bug fixes Fixed an issue with Hardcore Ironmen not being able to enter their partner's house. Other Added a 5% xp boost whilst wearing any Partyhat and a 10% one when wearing a Black partyhat. Added Hosidius house new npc spawns and updated maps. Added latest osrs cache maps. We hope you guys enjoy the update Feel free to leave feedback down below and see ya ingame!
  5. Alpha

    Neat graphics
  6. Alpha

    No you are free to do that? But you said that you never vouched my thread on Discord but I just proved you did. That's my point. Have a good day
  7. Alpha

    Was just pointing out incoherences in the #market channel but I guess since you're not Summer that fixes the issue right?
  8. Alpha

    That is your opinion and you are entitled to it no false accusations were spread you did vouch my thread and I have the screenshot to prove for it? I merely questioned the validity of your vouches if you edit them afterwards that is all. Besides, having done 3 kiln capes for you, if my service really was as bad as you say it is chances are you'd probably only have done it once at most
  9. Alpha

    Says a lot about your "vouches" then if you change your mind about this half a year after it
  10. Alpha

    Why edit it?
  11. Alpha

    Depends on the amount of pieces you got equipped it's a linear 1.5% damage per piece. "Please note that in addition to better stats overall, Ultimate pieces also give you 1.5% bonus damage per piece equipped !" So having all pieces equipped can get ya up to 9% bonus damage.
  12. Alpha

    Sure thing that I can do Also added the full set stats preview.
  13. Hey guys Due to common request it is my pleasure to present to you my stat comparison guide on the regular and ultimate versions of God Wars gear. Please note that in addition to better stats overall, Ultimate pieces also give you 1.5% bonus damage per piece equipped so up to 9% bonus damage with all 6 pieces equipped ! Hope you find it somewhat useful Armadyl set Regular set Ultimate set Individual pieces stats (click on spoiler) Bandos set Regular set Ultimate set Individual pieces stats (click on spoiler) Subjugation set Regular set Ultimate set Individual pieces stats (click on spoiler) There it is ! Be sure to leave feedback / comments if you like the guide / would like something changed. Ty for reading and see yall ingame

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