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  1. Lol we've had issues with you since decades ago @2 sp3c k0, chill down man. Just be mature and follow the rules
  2. Otter

    Orgasm Graphics

    The Joker Darth Vader Experiment Zero For all my previous work click for my DeviantArt profile
  3. Otter


    Welcome boi, enjoy your stay
  4. Otter

    Son of Jor- El

    For the son of Krypton DeviantArt
  5. Otter

    New random event

    Definitely has my support
  6. Otter


    Welcome to the community sir
  7. Otter

    Hello ~

    Welcome to the community.
  8. Nice content!, improve this thread tho, i find it very uncomfortable reading it compared to the previous ones but its all about the good content, good work alex
  9. Otter

    Dumbshit's GFX Shop

    Nice content, goodluck. I like c4d art
  10. Did i ask your opinion? I just said so, and ur not the one to tell me not to If you feel offended, thats your problem Try to stay on topic instead of bashing on someone you dont know
  11. Otter

    Trio Showcase

    Trying to create the ultimate lightning, colormixes and contrasts in these manipulated siggy projects Click here for my DeviantArt profile Shadow of the Colossus Space Ranger Draco Malfoy

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