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  1. Hey everyone, I hope all has been well. As of today I will officially stepping down from the onyx staff team. Over the past year and a half I have both enjoyed being a staff member and player on Onyx and have had the privilege to see it grow into the amazing server that it is today. This is by no means a "goodbye" whatsoever, as most of you will continue to see me online and I intend to continue the grind on here as a part of the community. That being said, I will be more than happy to help out players in the near future and perhaps host some player led events of my own at my convenience. I am confident that the current staff team is both competent and motivated enough to continue assisting players on a regular basis and I expect us to see substantial growth in the upcoming weeks. Best wishes, and seeya ingame! -Monk Bird
  2. This is actually pretty well done. I appreciate the work you put into this and offer you a +1
  3. Hello onyx, and welcome to raid school 101 where I, Professor Bird, will be instructing players on how to do raids with the help of a few experienced raiders! Ok cringe aside; Let's do more raids. I have spoken to a few about your thoughts on raiding and understand that some people may feel overwhelmed that there are six individual bosses that have fully working mechanics similar to the live game and don't want to "hold anyone back" or "get in the way" I want you all to know that no one will be toxic to you for making mistakes as you learn, I made a munch myself and learned to do raids 2 from this server. Have I died on every boss? Multiple times but you do get more experience and we can teach you through our discord voice chat or type in game. Gear setups and inventory explained in more detail when you attend. I hope see new faces there, as we will be hosting this on Friday, March 8 6pm EST (server time) Seeya there! -Monk Bird
  4. How much do you charge for bank organization services? Mine is a mess!
  5. This is one of the best updates I have seen yet, great work! I'm sure the community will appreciate all of this greatly
  6. Hello everyone, ready to farm up some nice SC tools and get some sweet gainz? I sure as hell am! Stealing creation is a simple minigame that divides teams of two that compete to aquire as much points as possible. Rules are simple: The higher your skills are (ex: mining, fishing, etc.) the more points you can acquire in the time limit which transfers directly to a currency used to buy tools. Whether or not you win or lose, you still walk away with tons of points. I will only ask two things from you: 1. DO NOT AFK. you will be sent home and disqualified from the event for doing so. It's not fair to your team 2. NO PKING WILL BE ALLOWED. You will be sent home and disqualified from the event for doing so. The purpose of this is to farm up some tools. See you in game! -Monk Bird
  7. Hello Alice, glad you are enjoying the server so far. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask us. Seeya in game!
  8. Hello everyone, let's kick off the first of Feburary with a PvP Tournament! This will be hosted at White Portal and the rules are simple. This will be conducted with all three attack styles being allowed, however items that are acceptable to use are limited to the following: Melee: barrows armor, whip, dragon weapons, d defender Range: Black dhide, rune crossbow Mage: Mystics, Ahrims, ancient staff, all spellbooks Misc items: fire cape, ava's, glory, any ring, spirit shield, god capes Spec weapons: dds, granite maul, dragon mace Supplies: Anything found in white portal. Aka Rocktails and overloads are provided. Rewards will mainly consist of blood money but will be announced depending on the number of participants. We will be strarting at 6pm server time Essentially the objective of this competition is to have a PvP tournament that entails low budget but effective gear. If anyone has any suggestions for changes please feel free to comment below or let me know ingame!
  9. The Onyx Staff Team will be hosting a Bandos boss mass on January 25th at 6:00 pm server time. There will be a ::event tele set in the room so you don't have to bother getting killcount. Be sure to bring the best melee gear you have and stack some defense.
  10. I remember you bud, I recently also came back. Welcome back!
  11. I am actually surprised this has not been added. +1 without a doubt.
  12. Hej

    Welcome to the server, always glad to see new faces popping up in the community. If you have any comments/questions/suggestions please feel free to let us know what's on your mind as we are always open to feedback. Seeya ingame!
  13. Minigame Event: Pest Control Introduction: The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a pest control event to help those who are interested in receiving an elite void set, xp, quick money, and a chance to receive a piece of battlemage (one of the best magic gear ingame). We will be using the veteran boat, which will require you to have 100 CB, good gear is not required, it should be fun and quick . Location and Time: 4 PM, October 11 Eastern Server Time. Be ready at pest control, next to veteran boat. Rewards: 120K GP Per Game, a chance to receive Battle-Mage gear, Pest Control Points which can be used to purchase gear, void knight gear, and supplies. Hope to see you all there!
  14. Time and Date has been changed.
  15. Hello to all my barrows loving brothers (and sisters) of Onyx! The Onyx Staff Team will be hosting a BARROWS ONLY Tournament based 1v1 competition on October 1, 5:00 PM! (server time) THE RULES ARE SIMPLE The Arena This tournament will be held in the white portal area and ALL items will be safe upon death. GEAR You must be wearing at all time barrows armor including: Helm, Body, Legs, and weapon. Any other equipment such as necklaces, rings, capes, gloves, is allowed. Forbidden: Spectral shields of any sort, ALL auras. The ONLY exception: You are allowed to bring a dds as a spec weapon but NOTHING ELSE. Bringing other switches that involve other barrows items ARE ALLOWED INVENTORY You will only be limited to items found in white portal which include overload flasks, and rocktails as food. This will ensure a faster start of this event and ensure that players have a bit more of an equal fighting chance. MAGIC Any and all spells are allowed PRAYER Any and all prayers are allowed FUN Almost guaranteed, amirite? Show sportsmanship-like conduct and do not flame anyone during this event or you will be removed without a warning. REWARDS 2.5K Blood Money 1st Round Eliminations 5k Blood Money 2nd Round Eliminations 3rd Place: 10k Blood Money 2nd Place: 15k Blood Money 1st Place: A Lucky (non degradable) Barrows Set OF YOUR CHOICE and 20k BM! I wish the best of luck to all contestants and pray that you all have fun during this event. Seeya ingame lads! -Monk
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