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  1. Monk Bird

    Please inform me if you ever offer bank cleaning/organization services! 😂 Jokes aside, digging the progression and I wish you the best of luck as you move forward and accomplish your goals!
  2. July 11, 2019 Hey everyone, what's up! With great pleasure, I present to you today's patch notes! Onyx+ VIP Zone Expansion The Dark Onyx Crystal in the middle has disappeared! Added a wildy altar that has a chance to save bones Added two zenyte stalls that may be stolen from at the same time as well as dwarf traders Added a herb, fruit tree, tree, and calquat patch Added desert phoenixes Added a personal runespan containing Death Esswraiths (lvl 65) Blood Essraiths (lvl 77) and Soul Esswraiths (lvl 90) Added green dragons that drop noted dragon bones Added bankable Rocktails Added Abyssal demon and Demonic gorilla section (that may be safespotted) Quality of Life Fixed drop overlays so that same items stack and show the number the same drop instead of repeated drops Bonus exp from the Well of Goodwill and voting will now apply to expert mode Added Heroes Guild, Myths Guild, and Legends Guild to ::tp as they all contain useful dungeons Improved the world boss map. The world boss is now aggressive Left clicking another persons pet will now select "walk here" instead of clicking on the pet itself Added a command to reset skills and turn you into expert mode (will update with the command in the near future) Overloads will now deal 75 damage per tick to Diamond Donators (375 total damage instead of 500), 50 to Onyx Donators (250 total damage), and 10 to Zenyte Donators (50 total damage) Zenyte Donators will now be able to use ::bank and ::ge (certain locations are restricted) Bug Fixes God capes will now vanish one minute after they are dropped from statutes Fixed typos in trivia Fixed typos with auras updated to OSRS cache data v180 Fixed Akrisaes barrows set Other Looters Necklace now has stats (+10 to all combat accuracy, +15 to all defenses, +8 melee strength, and +5 prayer) Added new comp cape requirements Added an elite completionist cape Added upgraded lightning rapier that attacks 50% faster and has +10 higher accuracy And lastly, congrats to Droprs for receiving his tbow pet for being the monthly top donator of June! Stay tuned for a new Unique PvM Horde minigame to be released next! Seeya ingame!
  3. Monk Bird

    I look forward to checking out your streams, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out man!
  4. Monk Bird

    @xzye I believe you should be receiving a message on discord once everything is ready for re-launch. Until then, Seeya ingame!
  5. Monk Bird

    I'm pretty hyped for this altogether and as someone who has: Onyx rank/Blood scythe/Inf jewlery/H'Ween Tbow/Full Justiicar/and only really missing nex items this is something that will bring the server back to it's maximum potential. Seeya ingame on Saturday!
  6. Monk Bird

    Hi everyone, I was thinking of ways to improve overall quality of life on onyx and I was thinking there could be a way to implement a preset npc. For any of you that are not familiar with what this is, it is essentially a one click on a tab you setup with a certain set of items. This could be useful for quicker gearing for things like Raids, Nex, any other bosses and even farm runs or certain skills. Please let me know what you think below, have a great day and seeya ingame!
  7. Monk Bird

    This is actually pretty well done. I appreciate the work you put into this and offer you a +1
  8. Monk Bird

    Hello onyx, and welcome to raid school 101 where I, Professor Bird, will be instructing players on how to do raids with the help of a few experienced raiders! Ok cringe aside; Let's do more raids. I have spoken to a few about your thoughts on raiding and understand that some people may feel overwhelmed that there are six individual bosses that have fully working mechanics similar to the live game and don't want to "hold anyone back" or "get in the way" I want you all to know that no one will be toxic to you for making mistakes as you learn, I made a munch myself and learned to do raids 2 from this server. Have I died on every boss? Multiple times but you do get more experience and we can teach you through our discord voice chat or type in game. Gear setups and inventory explained in more detail when you attend. I hope see new faces there, as we will be hosting this on Friday, March 8 6pm EST (server time) Seeya there! -Monk Bird
  9. Monk Bird

    How much do you charge for bank organization services? Mine is a mess!
  10. This is one of the best updates I have seen yet, great work! I'm sure the community will appreciate all of this greatly
  11. Hello everyone, ready to farm up some nice SC tools and get some sweet gainz? I sure as hell am! Stealing creation is a simple minigame that divides teams of two that compete to aquire as much points as possible. Rules are simple: The higher your skills are (ex: mining, fishing, etc.) the more points you can acquire in the time limit which transfers directly to a currency used to buy tools. Whether or not you win or lose, you still walk away with tons of points. I will only ask two things from you: 1. DO NOT AFK. you will be sent home and disqualified from the event for doing so. It's not fair to your team 2. NO PKING WILL BE ALLOWED. You will be sent home and disqualified from the event for doing so. The purpose of this is to farm up some tools. See you in game! -Monk Bird
  12. Monk Bird

    Hello Alice, glad you are enjoying the server so far. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask us. Seeya in game!
  13. Hello everyone, let's kick off the first of Feburary with a PvP Tournament! This will be hosted at White Portal and the rules are simple. This will be conducted with all three attack styles being allowed, however items that are acceptable to use are limited to the following: Melee: barrows armor, whip, dragon weapons, d defender Range: Black dhide, rune crossbow Mage: Mystics, Ahrims, ancient staff, all spellbooks Misc items: fire cape, ava's, glory, any ring, spirit shield, god capes Spec weapons: dds, granite maul, dragon mace Supplies: Anything found in white portal. Aka Rocktails and overloads are provided. Rewards will mainly consist of blood money but will be announced depending on the number of participants. We will be strarting at 6pm server time Essentially the objective of this competition is to have a PvP tournament that entails low budget but effective gear. If anyone has any suggestions for changes please feel free to comment below or let me know ingame!
  14. The Onyx Staff Team will be hosting a Bandos boss mass on January 25th at 6:00 pm server time. There will be a ::event tele set in the room so you don't have to bother getting killcount. Be sure to bring the best melee gear you have and stack some defense.

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