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  1. February 21, 2021 Hello everyone I hope you have all been well. Onyx is excited to announce that our Last Man Standing tournaments are finally complete and ready to be battle-tested! LMS is a PvP Battle-Royale Tournament in which players will face off in a series of 1v1 battles to determine who the last man standing will be. Once the notification to begin LMS is announced, players will be able to join via the portal at ::home A minimum of 4 is required to start, with the maximum allowed being 23. Once the first three players are in the waiting area a timer of five minutes will countdown until the match begins. All players will have equal advantages in terms of combat stats, prayers, magic, and agility level for the duration of the game. Infinite run energy and prayer will be enabled for Last Man Standing! The rules of the contest are simple: the LMS wins! Once the five minute timer runs down all players inside the waiting room will be teleported and scattered across the arena . Our system will take the total number of players and divide them fairly across four different regions of the map. All fights will be single way combat. Defeating your opponent will restock your supplies and you will keep any items found in chests for future battles. Killing your opponent will also award you with a bloody key which may be used on a chest to receive more powerful equipment. After killing a player, you will be granted 15 seconds of immunity and have your food/potion supply restocked. All players will have the same stats, gear, and prayers available to them. Although resources are limited, keep in mind you may replenish them by getting kills! Using Bloody Key obtained from killing a player will give you one item out of the two tables. Bloodier Keys will unlock stronger items... Similar to how players are scattered across four regions evenly, so are chests. Upon killing a player, you will receive a bloody key as well as a supply replenish. If there are 5 or less players alive in the battle, a Bloodier Key will be acquired instead. *Note: It is recommended to have the location of the nearest chest in mind and to take advantage of the immunity timer to loot a chest and prepare for the next fight. Casual Mode/Practice Players may begin a match so long as four players are present at the waiting room. Highscores are not affected, the intentions of this mode is to allow players to practice. No entry fee is required to join. High Stakes/Ranked Players may initiate a high stakes battle which will be directly affecting the High Scores. Blood money will be given as a reward based upon a combination of kills and placement. An entry fee of 10M is required to join. *This is a safe minigame and HCIM status will not be lost upon death. With that being said, I beckon to question; Do you have what it takes to be the... LAST MAN STANDING Additionally, we decided to add a mini-boss which players may kill on a low cool down. Climb up the skeletal steps and see what horrors lie ahead... The Skeletal Horror will be a solo fight in which players may challenge it once every four hours which will award players with Mimic Chests, Medium XP Lamps, Clue scrolls and a rare chance at Dragonstone Armor. As the winter season slowly creeps to a close, Callus's power in turn starts to fade.. The final stand timer was changed from 2 minutes to 4 minutes. Icicles have now been disabled in the final phase. Braziers HP have been halved and will now be 40k instead of 80k. Braziers can no longer be attacked while lit. Braziers will no longer turn and face an attacking player. Callus's maximum damage taken is now 700 The extinguish attack may now be evaded at a chance depending on your firemaking level. 80+ = 15%, 90+ = 30% chance of evading. Base attack damage is now capped at 250 damage. The ranged special attack will now deal 33% max hp damage to the player instead of 50%. The ranged normal attack max hit is now capped at 220 damage. The arena clear attack will now deal a maximum of 600 damage. I would like to take a moment to thank our community as a whole for all the feedback received while launching CoX. We have and will continue to work diligently to continue to improve our system as we keep other ambitious projects up to hit the mark. For the next few weeks we will be primarily focusing on some QoL updates suggested by our community as well as other potential content updates. Seeya Ingame!
  2. Onyx Giveaways Week #30 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #29 has come to a close. Congrats to @Not John, @Bigzy and @Matezon winning last weeks giveaway. For this week we will be giving out One Mystery Crate to Three Random Winners, simply comment your ingame name below for a chance to win. See the post below for additional information and gl to all!
  3. Monk Bird

    Congrats to @Not John, @Bigzy and @Matez on winning this weeks giveaway!
  4. Monk Bird

    Potato869 - paid Mr Cedico - paid Magistern Robzor - paid Bigwangwang - paid Nosp - paid Modernknight - paid Lolwut123 - paid Krakentuf - paid Shalina - paid
  5. Monk Bird

    Twisted bows are now powerful against Skeletal mystics within Chambers of Xeric. Vanguards attack distance has been lowered. Vanguards magic and ranged attacks have been rewritten to reflect OSRS. Vanguards will no longer aggress targets greater than 8 tiles away from their current walk rotation position. Twisted bows are now powerful against Great Olm during his final stand. Great Olm's flame walls can now be doused (just left-click douse with water spell runes / humidify) Muttadiles attack distance is now fixed for their melee attacks. Solo players & friends chats will only be able to hold 1 rank at a time on Chambers scoreboard. Players who were teleported by vasa's teleport attack will no longer be affected by trample damage. Untradeable item dropping issue has been patched - in future untradeable items will disappear after 60 seconds. Tekton can now be attacked on his way back to the anvil. Skoll can no longer be a boss task. Typo fixed on imbued heart activation. Skeletal mystic magic defence has been increased. Skeletal mystic agression distance has been reduced. Stunning crabs within chambers of xeric will now reset the stun timer each time they are smashed. Follow dancing mechanics have been tweaked.
  6. Monk Bird

    January 18, 2021 Fixes - Increased the magic defece level of Lizardman Shamans - Fixed a typo with the Imbued Heart - Tekton may now be attacked when walking towards the anvil - Lowered the aggression radius of Mystics - Decreased the cooldown of smashing crabs and increased frequency at which they may be smashed - Fixed a bug in which the Tekton door would be unpassable if returning to the room after defeating the boss - Made it so logging off would leave you inside the same tile and not teleport you outside - Reduced the amount of times Tekton walks back to the anvil - Stackable items stored inside the storage chest will now consume only one slot - Vanguards now wait to walk until the current attack is completed - Fixed an issue which casued Vanguards and Vasa to not drop items upon death - Increased the speed on the olm combat orbs - Fixed a bug in which Olm would register attacks towards a player that was recently killed - Fixed a delay issue with Olm Crystal Mark attack - Olm ceiling crystals will now begin at the start of the head phase and not phase 3 - Moved the party points interface overlay down as to not coincide with the targets hp bar - Fixed big Mutadile fire ball attack to hit multiple people while inside the water - Mutadiles are no longer to be attacked while outside the tendrils - Fixed the offensive ranged stats of mutadiles to be more accurate - Praying melee against scavs will now reduce all damage taken to 0 - Changed seed drops to uncommon instead of always - Reduced tekons defence by 15% - Tekton will now prioritize aggro on the person closest to the anvil - Using a regular hammer,Statius Warhammer, or any of the Custom Hammer Weapons on crabs will now be able to stun it while selecting the "smash" option - Fixed points given by Ice Demons - Increased all seed yields gained from raking - Added a few seeds to the scav drop table - Fixed a bug which did not allow players to equip their Comp Cape - Removed screen shaking from olm during phase 3 while the hands are alive, this will only occur during the final phase - Fixed the quantities required for creating/upgrading the storage chest - Removed a debug from olm which displayed when restoring hp (this was done for beta testing and now removed) - Increased the stun duration on crabs - Decreased Mystics range defence by 10% and increased damage taken by 5% if the attacking player is wearing a Salve Amulet - Decreased the hp of crystals during the Vasa fight - Fixed the damage dealt by the falling crystals during the Olm fight - Made the raid interface collapse after leaving or finishing a raid - Fixed the olm spike attack to deal damage - Fixed the olm crystal bombs to blow up and deal damage correctly - Fixed healing pools spawned from olm - Fixed a bug which allowed you to attack olm from outside the door - Fixed points gained from olm to be more accurate - Attacking the head with melee has now been disabled - Fixed a scaling issue with Ice demons HP - Fixed a visual bug which displayed the incorect HP of Ice Demon - Fixed a bug which would award multiple kc for osrs mode - Dieing while on Onyx Mode will no longer bring you to the start of the raid - Fixed hp scaling for both of olms hands - Increased the frequency of secondaries obtained while killing Scavs - Revamped Olm scaling when raiding with 5+ players to be more accurate - Fixed a bug where exp could be gained from agility obstacles - Fixed a bug where drops would only reward one item sometimes - Added new admin commands to make chambers mass events much more fun when attempting to raid with a large group!
  7. Onyx Giveaways Week #29 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #28 has came to a close. Congrats to @UwU, @liamphil and @Mr_Cedico on winning the last week. For this week: We will be giving out 2k Donator Shards to Three Random Winners , simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
  8. Monk Bird

    Congrats to @UwU, @liamphil and @Mr_Cedicoon winning this weeks giveaway!
  9. Monk Bird

    December Winners: 1. Potato869 - paid 2. Genetics - paid 3. Lolwut123 - paid 4. Letsgetit - paid 5. Bigwangwang - paid 6. Ext Stoner - paid 7. Voyags - 8. Krakentuf - paid 9. Blackfrost - paid 10. S E B I - paid
  10. Monk Bird

    November Winners: 1. Potato869 - paid 2. Letsgetit - paid 3. Krakentuf - paid 4. Genetics - paid 5. Bigwangwang - paid 6. Uwu - paid 7. Huxt - paid 8. Shn - paid 9. Epstein - 10. Fe_mortem - paid
  11. Onyx Giveaways Week #28 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #27 has came to a close. Congrats to @want, @Butt, and @Fe Mortem on winning the last week. For this week: We will be giving out One Mystery Crate to Three Random Winners , simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
  12. Monk Bird

    Congrats to @want, @Butt and @Fe Mortem on winning this weeks giveaway!
  13. Onyx Giveaways Week #27 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that week #26 has came to a close. Congrats to @Matez, @Covid19 and @magisternon winning the last week. For this week: We will be giving out One Super Mystery Box and One Millionaire's Box to Three Random Winners , simply comment your ingame name below for a chance at the entry and be sure to check out the specified post. Have a great day everyone, Seeya ingame
  14. Monk Bird

    Congrats to @Matez, @Covid19 and @magistern on winning this weeks giveaway!
  15. Hello everyone, our team hopes that you have all been well during these strange times. Halloween has ended and we would like to launch a small update with bugfixes and QoL in mind. This update is short and sweet — as a far, far greater project is taking shape. Management is aware that our adventurers thirst for battle. It is coming. Know that the next update is unprecedented on Onyx RSPS. New content, new mechanics, new bragging rights — need we say more? — are under construction. Our work will combine everything that we have learned into one colossal release. We thank you for your patience during crunch. As Halloween comes to a close, so does the legacy Onyx Boss map. King Zio commissioned this arena be built to his own design. As such, players will teleport to a grand new fiery arena with ::onyxboss. Great Edgeville (::home) has been reverted to its original theme. Removed Halloween Boss. It will rise again in 2021. Damage for the Hallowed Fang special attack is now capped at 80. Fixed most cases of taking damage while teleporting away*. Please continue to report bugs as you see them. Imbued Heart has been adjusted to properly display. Please continue to report bugs as you see them. Examining a drop table will no longer be closed if in combat (drops interface is persistent). Fixed previous teleports (::prev) not working with commands. Added ::qbd, ::kbd, ::tob as teleport commands. Added Callus items to legacy drop announcement system Drops from Superior Slayer Monsters will now be collected by the Looter's Amulet. Night Beasts are now targetable (attack-able) in Kuradel's Dungeon. Falconry teleport on the teleport interface has now been fixed. Congrats to Luckyy on 'Lucky's Balloon Boi' pet! Congrats to Bigzy on 'Flowers' pet!

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