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  1. I do like the idea. It's a cool addition and provides new ways of training Mining.
  2. While Onyx is going great, I've come up with suggestions to further polish the game. These are just low-priority and should only be done when there's no content left to add. Think of those as QoL. Areas: Stronghold of Player Safety, where players can fight cockroaches and also acquire the loot from the chest for gloves. Skilling: Make the amulets start off unstrung and sheep should work. Skilling urns that can be made with Crafting skill, and gives XP on filling. Barehanded catching of butterflies and implings! Functionality to the farming patches on Zeah. Can simply replace the nonfunctional patches with the functional ones. Tool Leprechaun for storing tools and even buckets of compost. Items: Allow Mask of Dragith Nurn pieces to be combined, for those who wants a good cosmetic. Add functionality to gem bags and coal bags. Have the coal bag hold up to 81 coal. Add functionality to Dungeoneering scrolls. Nifty perks such as chance of recovering seed on full harvest. Implementation of Runespan shop to let you purchase stuff. The ability to purchase runic staves. Heck, the greater runic staff could have +15% magic damage. Implementation of splitbark shop in Wizards tower to acquire splitbark armour, which is designed to be on the defensive side where mystic robes are offensive. Activities: Penguin Hide n Seek! Others (Low Priority): Allow doors to be properly closed. Correct the stairs. Sometimes you get trapped. If there's anything small or low-priority you think should be added to the list, feedback is welcome!
  3. Something I've noticed is how many of the OSRS content are missing textures so they look and feel rather like plastic. This is rather low-priority so it doesn't have to be done. Locations: Zeah (Also the home location! It also used existing objects, dunno why they don't have textures. Maybe different IDs?) Western Tirannwn (It got graphically degraded around Port Tyras) Corsair Cove and Myths Guild Fossil Island Lithrken Lab NPCs: Piles NPCs at Myths Guild Kourend Guards Boss Pets Monsters & Bosses: Lava Dragon Brutal Blue, Red, and Black Dragon Adamant & Rune Dragon Crazy Archaeologist, Deranged Archaeologist, and Chaos Fanatic Vet'ion, Venantis, and Callisto Items Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic, and Redwood Shields (Simply apply wooden texture to those shields) Dragonhide Shields Obsidian Armour (Or add the 2012 models for players using new item looks) Ancestral Robes You can also see some of the objects here: https://imgur.com/a/iYPFwFS Heck, OSHD, before it shut down, even textured the OSRS content: https://i.redd.it/0mxkknh59jn01.png
  4. I'd absolutely love the idea of this one. An interface that can be used to track achievements, and even earn achievement points to unlock tasks gear.
  5. One of the pre-EoC content, this had been my favourite method to train Smithing due to it being fast and enjoyable XP. It also has rewards that even let you upgrade cannons to hold more ammo, and even the ability to auto-restock cannonballs. I'd think it would be a great addition to Onyx and make it even more complete.
  6. While Onyx is a nice RSPS, there has been a list of bugs. Of course, only one I encountered is game-breaking but it would be nice to have those bugs fixed. Major bugs Gates and doors don't work properly. While they can be opened, they can't be closed. Also gate splits into two. Mousing over the opened door will show "Open Door" on tooltip instead of "Close Door" You can't chop down trees with iron hatchet if you don't have bronze hatchet in toolbelt. Using the axe on tree results in "Nothing interesting happens". Turns out the bug happened at 1 Woodcutting. Sometimes when travelling in Runespan, you'll get stuck in a void and you'll have to teleport out. The nodes spawn in wrong place in Runespan, being unsiphonable, and they may cluster together. You can find high-level nodes in bottom floor too. If you make air runes in Dungeoneering, you might end up making a lot at higher runecrafting levels, much more than you've expected. Because of that, I made tens of thousands of air runes from just 100 essences at 36 Runecrafting. This results in 770 air runes every 10 essence used. The fishing spots at Karamja don't work, resulting in "Nothing interesting happens". If you use superheat on iron ore with coal in your inventory, it makes steel bars without consuming coal. Minor bugs If you make some items with stackable resources in Dungeoneering while having full inventory, the produced items aren't dropped, effectively destroyed. Red-eye doesn't have a proper examine, being "It's a Red-eye" instead of "I wonder why they call it a Red-eye. Its eyes don't look very red! (Tier 2)" Defensive casting is inverted. When selected, it's actually off and doesn't give defense exp. If unselected, it does give defense exp. If you click on the flashing skill icons, they sometimes won't stop flashing and you have to re-log. Skoblins in Lumbridge Catacombs have only 1 HP and don't drop anything. Port Tyras has objects with no textures. They look like as if they're made of plastic. Trees, rocks, crates and the dock have no textures. Many objects in Zeah have no textures as well. Mask parts don't seem to be dropped at Lumbridge Catacombs. Shilo village blacksmith door cannot be opened at all, would be better off removing that door. Chickens still burn on range at 45 cooking and raw rat meat can't be cooked on range. Bear meat and yak meat still cannot be cooked. Typos Iron spit is spelled incorrectly as split in smithing interface. If you try to craft logs without tools, chisel is spelled incorrectly as "chisle". When burning a food, it reads "Oops, you accidently burnt the <food>" and it should spell "accidentally". When being offered the choice between fighting and fancy boots for the first time, the fighting boots have a typo "teh". Skill Guide Missing Entries Anglerfish and dark crabs don't appear in Fishing and Cooking. Lovakite doesn't appear in Smithing. Zenyte jewellery doesn't appear in Crafting. OSRS equipment and dragon crossbows don't appear in list of respective combat skill unlocks. Redwood trees/logs don't appear in Woodcutting and Firemaking. I've put some screenshots as well. https://imgur.com/a/LfBcF
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