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  1. Garrett

    Can we get the 3 farming teleports moved to the first three teleports on the skilling teleports in the ::teleport/blue portal menu. I feel like this would be beneficial to many people as these are likely the most used skilling teleports.
  2. Garrett

    I think some kind of aura recharge token would be a really cool item to have. In my opinion I think it could be a good thing to add to the blood money shop, just to get more people out and about risking their gear(also able to donate for them if you don't want to go to the wilderness). It doesn't have to be that way, I just thought it might be a good idea. Anyways, right now if you die you are basically screwed for the time it takes to recharge that aura. Even if it was an npc that you just use the aura on and pay maybe 5m gold to recharge it instantly. I agree that it is a good penalty for dying considering there really is no other penalty for dying outside of wilderness, but it would be really really nice to have some way to at least pay to recharge it without waiting an hour or two hours or however long it is for that aura to recharge. Alongside this suggestion, I would also like to suggest that when you bank all equipped items, could we make it so that it does not bank the aura slot if it is active (that is how it works in real Runescape(I don't know if it is only when active but it doesn't bank it)) because as of right now if you have an active aura equipped and you click the button to bank all equipment it banks your aura and therefore depletes the aura and you have to wait the cool down time to use it again. It may be a pain for some people to have to manually remove the aura from the slot, but for most people I feel like it would help with not accidentally banking an aura or just banking equipment to go do something else for a little bit and losing that aura time that they could have taken advantage of. Thank you.
  3. Garrett

    honestly, I feel like that is insane, in my opinion I would rather see calquat's nerfed and not have a useless seed in the game. I'm not even saying make it overpowered af, it just sucks what we have a seed that the only use for it is to leave it in your bank because its cool that you have 352 spirit tree seeds.
  4. Garrett

    I don't think it's very high priority, but being able to plant spirit tree seeds would be nice. Even if we can't actually teleport to them, it would be a good way to train farming. Either that or just make it so we can't get them anywhere all together.
  5. If it is possible to put the bushes on the minimap so we can see kinda where the areas are on our map, that would be flippin awesome tbh.
  6. Garrett

    lol I login every day and I'm on discord every day, I just didn't have time to play a lot. Anyways thanks for the feedback.
  7. Garrett

    Name: Garrett Username: Thank you (E Thank You) Age: 20 Timezone: CST Language: English Where are you from? Texas, USA How long have you been a part of Onyx? Late 2017 early 2018 How many hours do you spend online daily? 4-5 now, I used to not be able to play very much because I lived with my parents and they were very strict about playing on the computer. I moved out on Monday, July 23, 2018 and now I am online at 5pm cst almost every day and I play every weekend. Are you active on both our forums and in-game? I am active on forums and discord almost all day and I am active in-game from 5pm cst to about 10pm cst as well as on and off before that time when I am not busy at work Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I want to be a part of this staff team because I love this server an I want to see it go far. How would you describe your strengths? I have played runescape since I was in 4th grade, I know almost everything about this game, I have a very very good memory and I remember most everything about things I have a true passion for. How would you describe your weaknesses? I drink alcohol almost every day after work. That is my only weakness and I could definitely work on it if I had a reason to do so. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess? I have a very strong passion for this game (runescape in general as well as this server). My mind is also a steel trap, I don't know everything, but anything that I have had experience with I remember, like everything. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? As I said before, I have a real passion for this server, I love the community we have here, and I want to make a difference. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) I have never really applied for a leadership role in any server, but I am a supervisor at my job, I run 2 crews of valve repair on train cars. I get audited by the federal government every 6 months, this week was my second audit that I passed. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: I will bring a professional attitude. I will also help with events and keeping new players attracted to our server. I will go above and beyond to help keep this server afloat(both socially and financially). I will do anything that I can to help anyone and everyone including staff to better themselves and others. I will be a happy person and I will work on myself cursing or being disrespectful to anyone. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted? I hope to bring this server up and keep people on track and not let anyone be disrespectful to others. I also hope to attract new players and keep those new players here.
  8. Garrett

    Before I say anything that I am thinking, I want to point out that this is a low priority suggestion, but it would be nice. I have noticed that quite a few people think that a mole nose is a quest item that it is "completely useless" on a runescape private server. The mole nose is not a quest item, but in fact an item that is only received from mole after the completion of the elite falador achievements. It is supposed to give a higher tier of nest, for example skins and claws are supposed to give nests that give worse seeds than the nests from trees, and the nose is supposed to give the same nests that you get from trees. I am not asking to make it the same as runescape, because obviously this is not runescape, but if we could at least make it give any kind of nest, as that of other mole pieces, that would make one less "useless item".
  9. Garrett

    amazing event, I died like 2/3 of of the waves, but ngr carried us to wave 14
  10. Garrett

    Yes, we enter the wilderness at our own risk, but pk tabs just make it retarded to even go in the wilderness because anyone in the game can click a tab teleport directly to you and in most cases if you aren't pking as well you are just screwed. I get it that it's the wilderness and anyone can kill you, I'm not bitching about getting killed in the wilderness I am bitching about the fact that it's pointless to go in the wilderness considering anyone can just teleport to you with no limits to how many times they can do it. You go back in the wilderness, they teleport to you again. Of course someone using the pk tabs aren't going to want to get rid of them.
  11. Garrett

    I don't know how everyone else feels about this and I know its pretty good money to get them as drops in the wilderness, but I think they should either a be untradeable and much less common of a drop (you can still alch them for 18k for money) or b just be removed all together. You can't do anything in the wilderness because a wonderful man that only plays this game to click pk tabs all day, buys all the pk tabs and just kills everyone regardless of what you are trying to do.
  12. Garrett

    Use the best ranged gear you have, this is what I use(it really isn't that hard) Inventory is just food and prayer potions, use runite bolts when the hitpoints are lower than 1-2k because ruby bolts don't special attack very high and runite have higher accuracy. The way I kill wilderness wyrm is by the chaos altar, I teleport to edgeville and run north east until this spot in the "forest area" Investigate the mound on the ground and it will come out of the ground. Wilderness wyrm is a lot like jad, stand 3-4 squares away and it can only hit you with ranged or mage, the big fireball is a ranged hit. The small fireball is a magic hit. The mage hit is very sudden so make sure before every hit always pray protect from magic and if the fireball is big then switch to protect from missiles for a few seconds. Once the fireball has hit you switch back to protect from magic before the next fireball hits you because if the small fireball hits you and you don't already have protect from magic on then you will get hit for a 180+ (18+ for oldschool hitpoints) Good luck killing wilderness wyrm and thank you for reading my very first guide ever

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