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  1. Doctor Robert

    grats to matez and magistern, name is v2
  2. Doctor Robert

    welcome my man gl on your acc
  3. Doctor Robert

    welcome to onyx my man
  4. I notice zio now has a new official title, congrats your royal highness #6 is very cool
  5. Doctor Robert

    Gg V2
  6. Doctor Robert

    I support Riggy. He's a nice guy and always friendly. Spoke to him a few times and he's really sincere. Would be a great addition to the team.
  7. Doctor Robert

    sir v2
  8. Doctor Robert

    All successful businesses follow suit when one of their competitors finds success in something. Like Fortnite with that battle royale, every shooter game introduced it. This is an excellent idea. A great USP and would be immensely fun. This would even appeal to people who haven't played RS for ages or even ever. If this could happen what a feat it would be.
  9. Doctor Robert

    v2 gl people
  10. hello my man, hope you are well, do i get anything for my 3 years anniversary on here next week ;)

  11. Doctor Robert

    i support this app, Bigzy is a cool and friendly guy and would be a good member to have in the staff team

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