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  1. Doctor Robert

  2. Doctor Robert

    v2 gg
  3. Theos baaaaaaabbyyyyy

  4. Doctor Robert

    we have hd a few homes, all before edge were random places that were cool but ppl wanted edge to enahnce pking , i wouldnt be against the idea of another new random placed home but yh
  5. Doctor Robert

    old timer ? u new as fook welcome back young man
  6. Doctor Robert

    today i will be undertaking my bigggest challegne yet, i wil mke an acount and max it withouth setting a banbk pin , as some of u mitghrt know without a bank pin u can not move ingame other than following people and clicking on npcs, so my challegen is to max with only usng ths means of transport, and also risking all my wealth becoz if i get hakced thers no 2nd wall to not get me items off me .. interesting .. hopefully i can max within a week altho this will be one heck of a challegen ... this is harder than hc ironman coz i literally can not move . the rule of this acc is that i wont multiu log to get aounrd, only by the luck of players being wehere i need them to go from one place to another. gl giuys will be a good one
  7. Doctor Robert

    solid work my friend, really good video, hope you keep it up because it is entertaining and a good idea for a series. good luck with the series and becoming rich babey
  8. Doctor Robert


    nice try hans 2nd account
  9. Doctor Robert

    i think sending people to jail is a bit tough this has nothing to do with irl
  10. Doctor Robert

    nae support whats the point in making special exceptions for hc oyu know what you are getting into and ppl only gonna bot if u remove it .
  11. d892cea0e73366ec08d214056cf20649.png

    1. Zio



    2. Doctor Robert

      Doctor Robert

      lololol gotta get an official one, or fuck it this one is very gg anyways

  12. Doctor Robert

    bot agility
  13. Doctor Robert

    Dragonkk (Owner): gg coder Zio (Co-Owner / Administrator): goat, paramount to the server Omega (Global Moderator): epic should be admin Extremebtw (Global Moderator): legend very very good staff member Nick (Event Moderator): sensational, the perfect player and staff member Blackmarket (Server Support): absolutely needs to be mod, goes above and beyond to help, a very gg guy Tyler (Server Support): great staff member always on the ball Spilly (Server Support): does a good job as staff ,solid Monk Bird (Server Support): a great person and invaluable MbnJuan (Server Support): seem alright and doing good Vincent (Server Support): a lot of potential to be a great staff member of onxy, very gg fella
  14. Doctor Robert

    support this lad, a very cool and funny guy, knows a lot about the game and played for a long time

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