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  1. Doctor Robert

    looooooooooool forget my vote i wanna change it to this
  2. Doctor Robert

  3. Doctor Robert

    na, so when you make a new account by default visitor messages are turned off, and you have to manually go into your own settings and turn them on im saying it would be cool and more inclusive for the community if by default visitor messages are enabled straight away. right now like 5% of us have it on and the rest probably dont even know that you can or how to turn them on
  4. Doctor Robert

    is EST server time?
  5. Doctor Robert

    to whom it may concern, my suggestion today is to enable visitor messages upon creating an account as opposed to having to turn them on manually this would increase forums activity and also mean i can make newfriends on the forums thank yiou kind regards, doctor robert
  6. Doctor Robert


    hey steady, nice to see you've joined the forums my man It's wonderful that you had such a great friendship, with the bond empowering you to inspire others; that is a foundation we all should aspire to have. Creating positive and meaningful interactions is an opportunity we all endeavour to fulfil. I desiderate the solace you overlook. You should not form a basis of conjecture. I have spoken to you a few times ingame and it is immediately evident that you are a good person, and I hope you understand that. We would all experience guilt regarding unanswered questions and what ifs in these situations, but it is so important to let go of the feeling of culpability. It is so hard to do but once you achieve that, you will be free of your negative thoughts concerning the past. To live life in regret, is to live a burdened life, and you do not deserve that. The best thing you can do is achieve what you've now set out to do, for with that you will realise that you are a good person. i am glad to see you on here, and look forward to getting to know you more, and i wish you all the best my man
  7. cool man hi how are you doing, how did you get 99 so soon
  8. Doctor Robert

    yeah man good app, youre a cool person from what ive seen, id rather see you in a global role supporting with ingame and forums too, i hope you get it. would be cool if you had played longer but its evident you are active which potentially negates the former point
  9. nice update and the format of the thread with the aesthetics is good, nicely done whoever created that
  10. Doctor Robert

    hope youre brewed up as you are about to get specced out
  11. Doctor Robert

    nice my man which one is you
  12. Doctor Robert

    my ingame name is v2
  13. Doctor Robert

  14. Doctor Robert

    v2 gg

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