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  1. i´ll take that box IGN: Sinaloa hope to see you in-game guys ❤️
  2. Cool! im pretty sure all the community thank giveaways are back!! IGN: Sinaloa (samantha) hope to see you ingame ❤️
  3. Welcome to Onyx RSPS Hello adventurer, i will guide your journey through Onyx, first lets begin with the basics: FIRST LOG IN TO THE SERVER: Onyx Home ( ::home) Onyx Shops (::shops) Teleporting to skilling areas: Now that you know how to start playing Onyx, we all hope you can have great moments here, if you have any questions you can DM me or a staff member. again, Welcome to Onyx RSPS See you in-game🏄‍♂️
  4. This is awesome! glad to have you here full time Alex, people will thank that, Cheers on this update! 😄 see you ingame guys ❤️

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