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  1. Pvm M4st4

    Hey Team!

    Nice to meet you Brad, in the army huh? Thank you for your service even tho i'm not American See you in-game dude!
  2. That's good to know, thanks for the heads up.
  3. Pvm M4st4


    Glad to see you introduce yourself on forums too, see you in-game Nik =)
  4. This particular event would occur once a month to spice up the world of Onyx while also raising the incentive for players to engage in combat with eachother. There are many ways to introduce an event like this with different outcomes but the main idea is that the whole world as we know it becomes a wilderness where players can attack eachother. Q: how will it work? A countdown clock will start 10 hours pre-purge similar to the "system update" timer. Once the timer hits its last hour sirens can be heard roaring around the map (if sound is enabled) while the ground turns dark and bloody. When the event is undergoing you will log in at home which is a safe area with a message on your screen warning you that a Purge is undergoing which means if you step outside this safe area you will risk getting killed by other players. NOTE: You will not be able to use command teleports such as ::home while engaged in combat, you will have to rely on teleport tabs, spells and different types of jewelry in order to travel across the map. However if you havent been engaged in combat for 10 seconds you may use your usual ::teleport commands. Here is an idea of areas around the map that would be safe. The purge would be active for a total of 12/24 hours. Q: How will this appeal to the average player? With great risks comes great rewards. Therefore all monsters will have a greatly increased drop rate along with a guaranteed chance of dropping players a 2x rare drop such as the following picture: Overall information and suggestions: If you manage to kill someone you will get a chance of earning yourself a statue and increased amounts of bloodmoney while a world message will appear letting players know that "player1 killed player2" - caught farming kills will result in punishments from the staff team. For every player you slay a purge key will be dropped, this key can be used on a chest in order to get your hands on some high tier loot if lucky enough. However the chest will be located in a dangerous area and you will automatically get teleportblocked when claiming your prize. - - * Every player will be skulled when logged in during the purge. * Protect one item will be active at all times without draining your prayer. * Entering boss instanced areas such as zulrah will not work if you were to get teleportblocked by another player. * The more wealth you carry the higher the odds are of you recieving a rare drop within a range of 1-10m of risked wealth - not counting your protected item. Any type of feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated, just make sure to keep it realistic and consider the coding aspect of it. I realize that alot of these things may have to be tweaked if this were to be implemented but i'd love to see an event that truly is unique not only for our specific server but for the whole rsps scene.
  5. Don't see why we can't have this quality of life update, especially to ease the mind for our king and saviour peppe himself. ps: also the king of dying #cf
  6. Issue with this is that some players (like me) usually only get to vote once every 24h instead of 12h as it should be since voting is bugged for those with a space in their in-game name along with the amount of times some of our current voting sites seems to be offline.
  7. How many participants did you get?
  8. It's been a long time coming with this one, glad to see timers finally being implemented.
  9. Great to see ideas pop up, we need more of those around here. As Robert mentioned i don't like the idea of having a ::bank command due to it being too op in several ways and would ruin the sense of "realness" in the game. Same goes for donator capes simply because we already have the regular donator zone ::dz along with the new diamond+ donator zone ::ddz. Not a fan of the spellbook swapping command either since it would need so many restrictions in order to make it balanced and avoid people abusing it when engaged in combat, within certain areas/minigames such as god wars, wildy, fight caves, inferno and so much more. i like the rest tho. Note that i'm not in any way trying to bash your ideas, i'm simply giving you my personal thoughts on how i feel about them Keep it coming!
  10. Well damn, if only this was a thing for the other previous modes. Nice to see grinders getting some cred. Stay at it my fellow extremes.
  11. Don't see why we can't have this, support.
  12. Good quality of life content but deffo not a fan of the new god mboxes

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