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  1. Robzor

    Perfect man for the job. Abbo has been a huge help to me since starting the server and has a great knowledge and understanding of Onyx. He is a long standing member of the community and always on hand if you need him. Good luck my man - you hugely deserve this!
  2. Robzor

    Robzor gl guys
  3. Robzor

    Ty again Monk - Robzor Gl all
  4. Robzor

    A great clan to be part of with super helpful clannies Azure (Glybera) is the dung king too
  5. Robzor

    This is a life saver for irons. Currently stocking up supplies for her lord at next BXP
  6. Some big goals there man but looking promising! Keep grinding and you’ll smash through the first goals in no time.
  7. Robzor

    Great start man and being a HCIM I am excited for that series.
  8. Robzor

    Robzor ✌🏻
  9. Has always been a huge help to me since i started last month. Also convinced me as a HCIM to buy the Looters ammy ASAP which was the best thing i did. Good luck man - definitely deserved as you are super helpful.
  10. Robzor

    IGN: Robzor Gl all.

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