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  1. Hi All, My name is Tissue, I live in Australia, I found this server in my Start up list, I completely forgot I downloaded this server, been playing since 19th Nov 2020 (AEST). So far I really like it, I'm in no means used to newer graphics, I am used to playing 317 based servers, so please give me time to ask questions and figure out these newer graphics. I played RS from 2003 - approx. 2010-11. I've been playing RSPS' from 2005-06 - present. I love the grind; I love skilling; I hate PvP; I don't mind PvM; I'm not a fan of Bossing or Raids as I've never really been shown how to properly do them, if anyone is willing to help me out I welcome it. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game. Tissue

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