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    Hi All, My name is Tissue, I live in Australia, I found this server in my Start up list, I completely forgot I downloaded this server, been playing since 19th Nov 2020 (AEST). So far I really like it, I'm in no means used to newer graphics, I am used to playing 317 based servers, so please give me time to ask questions and figure out these newer graphics. I played RS from 2003 - approx. 2010-11. I've been playing RSPS' from 2005-06 - present. I love the grind; I love skilling; I hate PvP; I don't mind PvM; I'm not a fan of Bossing or Raids as I've never really been shown how to properly do them, if anyone is willing to help me out I welcome it. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game. Tissue

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Onyx strives to bring the best service and experience any RSPS can offer! Here at Onyx we offer triangle based equality, balanced combat, high-quality updates, a supportive staff team that will cater to your every need. We're driven by the suggestions of our valued player base. We want YOU to decide what we need to add next.

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