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    IN GAME NAME - Boywonder97 In regards to Oscar, man, I played back before the reset and never really planned on returning. Upon returning, out of his own kindness he must've noticed I was "new" and offered some tips. As a returning player and an avid private server player, I've learned that there's real and fake advice, surely I could tell his was not fake advice. It was like I was dealing with a teacher in high school, he didn't just want me to know the knowledge, but he asked me to demonstrate that I understood it and provided me HONEST feedback. It's hard to find honest people and when you do, (in my opinion) I feel they should be apart of the leadership team because that's what keeps players logging in and contributing. I just recently blasted him with a million questions on what to donate for and what are some smart moves, rather than saying "Just do what you feel" he gave me the pointers I was hoping for based on his experience and knowledge of the ever evolving game. Truly a leader the world of Onyx deserves and once again (in my opinion) NEEDS.

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