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  1. Onyx Fletching Guide 2021 Contents Introducing The Fletching Skill Basic information Gathering Logs Bows Level requirements and experience rates of bows Darts Level requirements and experience rates of darts Arrows Level requirements and experience rates of arrows Bolts Level requirements and experience rates of bolts Fletching XP in Dungeoneering (best fletching XP ingame) Fletching Mastery After achieving level 99 Experience Table Introducing The Fletching Skill Fletching is the skill in which you create ranging supplies from such items as: bowstrings, unstrung bows, logs, shafts, feathers and so on. Fletching has the potential to make you some money while you're training and is considered to be one of the easiest and fastest skills to level up here on Onyx. Gathering Logs The best way to get the logs needed for this skill is Woodcutting, here is the list of the places you can get the needed los to archieve 99 Fletching ::WC (here you will find Regular trees, willow, oak, maple, yew, magic trees and redwood trees) ::TP > Other > Seers Village (here you will find regular trees, oak, maple, yew and magic trees (south of bank) ::Home (here you can find Magic Trees 10 squares from bank) Bows It's very simple to make a bow, all you need is a log and a bowstring. Simply left-click the log and this User interface should pop up: Now you must select what kind of bow you want to make (short bow, long bow crossbow, or arrow shafts if you're using plain wood). Once the short bow or long bow has been selected, your log will be fletched into an unstrung bow. Now use the bowstring with the unstrung bow and you will have a finalised bow. Here is a list with level requirements per bow (Shortbow-Magic Longbow): Darts Darts are fast, one-handed Ranged weapons. To make darts you need: dart tips (made in Smithing) and feathers. You easily make them by using the two items together. Fletching darts is arguably the most feasible option for zero time training, as it only requires two clicks to fletch a set of darts, doesn't interrupt movement, and offers high experience per action. Here is a list with level requirements per dart (Mithril-Dragon): Arrows To make arrows you need: 1 log (you can only use normal logs), a knife, feathers and arrow tips. Now, arrows are very easy to make, first you use the knife on the log (an interface will appear in the chat area, select the arrow shaft option), each log will make 15 shafts, next add the feathers to the arrow shafts, then you would have some headless arrow. Next you add the arrow tips to the headless arrows (you can make arrow tips in the Smithing skill). Here is a list with level requirements per arrow (Arrow Shaft, Headless Arrow, Rune Arrow, Dragon Arrow): Bolts To make bolts you need: unfeathered bolts and feathers. If you want to add tips you also need: bolt tips. Making bolts is easy, first you get the unfeathered bolt made from the Smithing skill and use it with the feather. You should have a normal bolt. Optional: Add the appropriate bolt tip to a bolt, you will now have a tipped bolt. Broad bolts can be fletched by using broad arrowheads and unfinished broad bolts together, which can both be bought from the Slayer Store at ::slayer. Fletching broad bolts is considered to be one of the best methods to train your Fletching level up to 99. Here is a list with level requirements per bolt (Broad Bolt, Adamant Bolt, Runite Bolt - and - Ruby Bolt, Diamond Bolt, Dragonstone Bolt, Onyx Bolt): Fletching in Dungeoneering Getting there: Use your ring of kingship, right click, teleport to Daemonheim Right click on Dungeoneering skill, Teleport Whats next?: Floor Settings: Floor 36+, Complexity 6, Party Size 5, Dungeon Size Med - Large, Guide Mode ON, Pre-Share OFF. Make $ for Fletching materials Chop Trees (trees regrow in DG) > Pick Spiritbloom > Mine rocks > Kill Monsters (and loot). TP home to sell. Repeat this until money is enough. How to Fletch in Dungeoneering Two items are combined for XP: Arrowheads and Headless Arrows If players are helping each other, one prepares Headless Arrows and the rest of the team acquires GP. (Doing Fletching in DG can be with teams or solo) Wich Arrows you have to make? Kratonium Arrows (T4) are BEST to Fletch because the XP is HIGH and the Time-to-Fletch is LOW. Tips and Advices A normal account could get 33 to 99 fletch in 30 minutes using this method. For an expert, maybe 60 minutes Try to get 200k GP at least to start doing Fletching in Dungeoneering (to buy supplies from Smuggler) Congratulations, you are now 99 Fletching! When you have reached level 99 in the Herblore skill, you can purchase the Fletching skill cape and hood for 99,000 coins from MAX, who is located in ::shops Experience table: You only fail when you stop trying... Mustang
  2. Onyx Herblore Guide 1-99 Contents: Introducing The Herblore Skill Further Information Herbs Potions 1-99 Zahur Herblore Mastery Experience Table Introducing The Herblore Skill Herblore is the ancient druidic skill that allows you to mix together potions of great strength to aid you in whatever you're doing, be it requiring that extra extent of skill to craft something, or a boost of fighting prowess to make you that much more dangerous on the battlefield. Whichever option, potions are a vital part in-game, and no adventurer should be without at least one or two in their bank at any time. Further Information The key items in the Herblore skill (as the name suggests) are herbs. These can be farmed or dropped by monsters (particularly Slayer creatures). When you find them, they will be 'grimy', so you must use your Herblore skill to clean them for use in a potion. In order to make potions, you will need 3 items: a vial of water, a primary ingredient (usually a type of herb), and a secondary ingredient. Use the clean herb with the vial, and then use the secondary ingredient with the unfinished potion. When all put together, they will create a potion with 3 doses. You can use one potion on another to share the doses (maximum of 4 doses) or use a 4 dose on an empty vial to get 2x 2 dose potions. Note that decanting potions does not require a Herblore level, not give experience. Herbs Herbs can be found throughout Onyx RSPS and will often be received in a grimy form. Gathering Herbs & Secondaries Potions The main use of the Herblore skill is to create potions that are useful for boosting stats and combat. To make these, you require only a vial filled with water, a clean herb, and a secondary ingredient. Down below shows all the available potions, the level requires, the experience given, and the ingredients required. 1-99 Level 3 - 26: Attack Potions Level 26 - 38: Energy Potions Level 38 - 45: Prayer Potions Level 45 - 55: Super Attack Potions Level 55 - 63: Super Strength Potions Level 63 - 66+: Super Restore Potions Level 66 - 69+: Super Defence Potions Level 69 - 72+: Anti-fire Potions Level 72 - 76+: Ranging Potions Level 76 - 81+: Magic Potions Level 81 - 85+: Saradomin Brews Level 85 - 88+: Super Antifire Potions Level 88 - 89+: Extreme Attack Potions Level 89 - 90+: Extreme Strength Potions Level 90 - 91+: Extreme Defence Potions Level 91 - 92+: Extreme Magic Potions Level 92 - 96+: Extreme Ranging Potions Level 96 - 99: Overloads Zahur Zahur is an NPC at Home/in Edgeville, found at ::cooking near bank chest Zahur will decant your potions for free. Players can either talk with her or use her right-click Decant option. She will decant all the potions in the player's inventory, noted or un-noted. Zahur also cleans your herbs, as well as make unfinished potions for you, but both of those comes with a cost. Having a herb cleaned will cost you 200 coins, and having an unfinished potion made for you will cost you 1000 coins. Same as decant potions, she will clean your herbs and make unfinished potions for noted or un-noted Congratulations, you are now 99 herblore! When you have reached level 99 in the Herblore skill, you can purchase the Herblore skill cape and hood for 99,000 coins from MAX, who is located in ::shops Experience Table If there is no struggle, there is no progress... MUSTANG
  3. Onyx Money Making Guide It is normal to see newcomers always asking in the chat "best way to make money here" or "how do i make money here?" well, if you are here, you will be never be that guy after you read this guide 😎 Welcome to an in depth money making guide (money as easy as eat a sandwich) ::SLAYER GREEN DRAGONS: ::THIEVING ::VOTE ::BARROWS ::Donate BOSSING: MERCHING: SQUEAL OF FORTUNE: The only goal you can't accomplish is the one you don't go after... MUSTANG
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