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    was talking in fc about mutagens and a few ppl agreed that they would like to see mutagens added back to zulrah cause i guess they were removed cause of no real use? i guess i don't really see why sense they've always only been for recolors. Would also like to maybe suggest that we be able to add the ma2 cape and assembler/horde ava's to max cape sense u can do that with infernal so doesn't make a lot of sense not to be able to with the bis mage and range capes.
  2. ShaggyB420

    ign shaggyb420
  3. ShaggyB420

    good shit my dude looks good ty for the guide
  4. ShaggyB420

    +1 has been one of the most helpful ppl in game to me personally, dude knows his shit and like toasted said his work speaks for itself his horde guide is on point~
  5. ShaggyB420

    +1 yes plz to both if anything just zahur!
  6. ShaggyB420

    versascee hit the nail on the head +1
  7. ShaggyB420

    id love to see this for sure!
  8. ShaggyB420

    so as long as hydra/ vorkath on osrs i dont think ive ever really seen ppl use the dragon bone neck and same on here. so was thinking maybe making a way to combine it to other amulets like soul/tort/anguish hell even maybe to just the inf neck itself! the use of restoring prayer points on bones buried could come in so handy in so many places, was thiniking possibly make it a slayer related thing like x amount of points unlocks the ability to combine or something.

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