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    currently the two ways to check drops is either to examine them or searchitem, searchitem feels pretty useless because it doesn't tell you chance of drop for the said item. plus sometimes the examine doesn't work (abyssal sire until last phase). I think it needs to be revamped or a new command like ::checkdrops (Name of monster) and it'll show the information of Examine. it's a simple and easy way to find out what mobs drop
  2. Glory Dayz

    Support the first one! second one, there is a make all option already
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  4. Glory Dayz

    Everyone has a task they'd rather do than some crappy one. Should add 5 slots for better roll chances for the task you want to do. favor task: cost 200 points task blocking should 10 slots/ pay slayer points to unlock more slots. Boss skips: once per day(3 times if don) is pretty harsh, you should be able to skip boss tasks 50-100 points. otherwise you might end up stuck on onyx task or something you'd rather not deal with. Slayer rare drop rate increase (5%): it can be a slayer perk unlock at like 10k-15k points.
  5. Glory Dayz

    So I've been thinking about QBD for a while. I have yet to see anyone use the royal crossbow, maybe due to the fact that there's toxic/infernal blowpipe for range wep. I think an upgrade choice on Royal crossbow (85 range) should be there. QBD is harder than zulrah so it only makes sense. Maybe for the upgrade you would need an infernal blowpipe to sacrifice to upgrade it? Cause it's basically a better version of karil's crossbow since you can use regular bolts. hopefully it'll give some more activity to QBD
  6. Glory Dayz

    Tired of those duplicate drops? Wanna get some Upgrade frags for that sweet sweet upgrade?! DISMANTLE OPTION ON UPGRADE CHEST! This will help Regular and ironman accounts so much it's unbelievable. To balance out that fact you can either make the upgrade gem cost more frags or if people choose the "Dismantle" option to give at least half the frags it normally would. I'm pretty sure there's people out there trying to fail the upgrade on purpose, this also provides a way to get rid of items overflowing in due to boxes and stuff too ;). Just an idea
  7. Glory Dayz

    Prayers: Torment (range) and Augury (Mage) for Curse book. Scrolls could be unlocked through Horde/Tob/Cox(when it comes out). y'know end game content. Slayer: Colored Slayer Helms: Cause they look cool and I think they'd be a fine addition Untradeables: Add an NPC because honestly no one wants to risk an infernal cape,mage cape imbued, defenders etc in wild. Unless you add like a keepsake scroll or a permanent keepsake imbue can have a spot in blood money shop or literally a gold sink. Fero/Dominion gloves: I think they should have no Defense req, just the attack level/str/range/mage lvl, make it more open to everyone includin pures (might be a tad op but its a suggestion) Ornament Kits for gear: Alternative looks are cool Blade of Saledor: Yes we have rapier, Llr, templar mace, but blade is pretty awesome and we do need a slash one hand option

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