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  1. Dashie

    i support. he seems good guy for the job
  2. Only thing about extreme is I think it should be lowest drop rate. Cuz you know.. extreme. But that's just me.
  3. Dashie

    those are good points. i just personally feel they still do not quite call for 10x the price. i feel that a little rebalancing could be done. (taking into account the points you made aswell.)
  4. Dashie

    no, that is true.i was not making the point from an ironmans perspective, but that of the general playerbase.
  5. Dashie

    all true. i dont know what made you bring up ironmen as i know and accept the challenge i chose happily. the only point im trying to make here is once someone has hit 120 dung i feel they should have what they need from dung besides maybe doing extra floors for recharging purposes. the point about the cost wasnt supposed to be my main point i just thought id add it wile i was making a post. though i admit most of the post did end up consisting of it
  6. Dashie

    side note i do have 120 dung and have spent most of my tokens already on the 3 chaotics i own.
  7. Dashie

    Chaotics degrade far faster then they should. In pre eoc a chaotic was meant to last 10 hours of combat time. After timing and testing with my own chaotics on here they degrade in about 5 hours of combat. Also wile im on the subject chaotics are i little over priced on here, now i know the response to this is going to be "we get 10x the tokens so its 10x the price" but the thing about that is that means it takes just as long to get chaotics on here as it does in real runescape. A big problem with that is (besides the obvious of this being a rsps and it shouldnt be the exact same as rs) that in rs if you hit 120 dung you have earned enough tokens to buy 52 chaotics. On here reaching 120 dung gets you almost 4 chaotics. (if you voted every 12 hrs, maybe 5 chaotics otherwise). Thats barley half a chaotic set. I believe someone who has reached 120 dung has at least earned a chaotic set from it. If not more due to the fact that they will need tokens to maintain their chaotics. In conclusion my suggestion is this: Double the lifespan of chaotcs, and drop the cost of obtaining chaotic by whatever amount you think is fair. thank you for your time i hope this is considered.
  8. Dashie

    100% support great idea man
  9. i love this server on top of everything
  10. Dashie

    the only feelsbadman here is the fact that i embarrassed myself on the forums otherwise prot mage always worked nice for me due to the fact that corps mage can hit 600s normally 450s with prot mage. also the fact that i have never seen a corp done on osrs with prot melee on, i have searched and every vid i see they are using prot mage. but i will definitely look into using prot melee on this server.
  11. Dashie

    after reviewing a few pre eoc corp vids can confirm that yak was forced in and eaten. how it was done instead is they allow yak to die and pick up the brews the yak dropped as needed.
  12. Dashie

    i play around the same and did corp nonstop in my pvm clan. was always told prot melee didnt work because prot mage is the smart thing to do. after all these years and not exaggerating thousands of corp kills across a few diffrent 100% legit corp servers and pre eoc i never knew prot melee actually did anything. i swear i remember reading on the osrs wiki that it doesnt help but looking at it now it says nothing. anyway i know the yak trick shouldnt work it takes the challenge of only a inv out.

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