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    Are you referring to my having to "Approve" new messages?
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    100% Agree and was going to do this. Firin' up the Gyazo Premium soon!
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    Thank you. Get the word out. THREAD 2657
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    Herblore Training Gathering Herbs The Potions
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    Before I destroy this with an image, lemme tuck it away here for editing purposes.
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    Hello, and Welcome to Thread Purgatory! (Home of Threads that will exist, just not yet!) The BAD News: If you are reading this, odds are that you clicked on a Bossing Guide that does not exist yet! This thread is to give you an update on that front. If you would like to see my progress, click the Spoiler. The GOOD News: The good news is that we have a GREAT Support Staff who can assist you in the meanwhile. These are very knowledgeable players and can point you in the right direction regarding all things PvM. I assure you that I am working on our forums and that, in time, all of these threads will be GREEN. A decent estimation is by October's end. THANK YOU! ~ Soulgazer
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    Combat Stats Guide Forum Moderator: This guide is meant as a placeholder for skills without a guide. Specificially: Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, and Hitpoints. Combat Stats are usually progressed one of two ways on Onyx: AFK Route: Combat dummies. These are found at ::home (2), ::dz (5), or ::ddz (2). Slayer Route: Fantastic for newcomers trying to skill and train combat simultaneously. This is my recommendation. References: Gear Guide: This guide shows gear stats and is helpful for decision-making. This thread will be updated at a later time. Thank You
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  14. Technical Difficulties w/ text limit. Visit this link (Google Docs) - in the meantime: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ohIsh4XKWYo-7DvJDgCfvHuw08nzDs9LkUrW7lWqjFE/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Hello Oscar, Here are my thoughts on your bid: First and foremost -- I'm unsure of whether Onyx decision-makers see that they need a Discord Manager. However, I can envision a scenario in which you would relieve Monk/Zio of extra work. This is good. I'm assuming that you would be my counterpart on Discord to organize and relay information. In that case, I believe that you and I would collaborate on certain things to help the player base. "I have co-owned Discord Servers with over 180 active members." -- I think this is a good qualification. You've been a very helpful player to many others. It is surprising how quickly this thread was filled with support. Additionally, I can't recall a time when you've mouthed off to others. I envy you on this front. I'm very much a fan of your impeccable grammar in the OP. Suggests that you are detail-oriented and won't fuck around. One last thing, which I was impatient about and got burned for. Applications like this could be responded to in ~7-14 days or so. I've alerted Staff Chat that you have applied, here. But Zio & company are kickin ass major ass right now. Lots of high impact, high quality updates & plans right now, so don't take it personally if this application decision takes a minute. If he takes 2 weeks, it's because we have some AWESOME shit coming. So, I suppose, you win either way. TLDR: If you are denied the position, I think it would only be because the brass don't see a use for the role. Be patient & Best wishes.
  16. Howdy Dragon. Welcome to Onyx. Which bosses are you the most interested in? We have many, so would like to narrow it down. Your stats should be adequate to do any of them.
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    gimme Forum Mod (ign "Soulgazer")

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