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  1. Soulgazer

    Hey Pringles, Some thoughts, off the top: Your application has definitely been seen by Management. It'll be Zio's call on everything. I am unsure of what our needs are at the moment (I don't play Onyx so much anymore) but maybe I can chime in. Loving to help people is a HUGE plus. Playing for four weeks only is a HUGE minus. In my opinion, you have to know the game all the way inside-and-out to be a Support Team member. This is because you will get to field every question under the sun and provide feedback on game development, ethical things, etc. TLDR: (Just my opinion, doesn't reflect Zio's) It's a bit ambitious to be ready for Staff in four weeks. Try again in another four to six. I do hope that you'll continue to be a positive member in the community. And I'm proud that we have young entrepreneurs like yourself on Onyx. ~Derek
  2. Soulgazer

    Reach out to Monk, he does the rankings. Thanks!
  3. Soulgazer

    Hey bossman, Until forums update, I think it would be wise to post this rare find on #Marketplace on our Discord. Never hurts to have it posted on both platforms, but #Marketplace is more active currently. Thanks, ~Derek
  4. Soulgazer

    1st Event 2nd Event 3rd Event Date Time Event Host Time Event Host Time Event Host Mon, Sep 21 4 AM EST Bandos Mass Shn 3 PM EST Zamorak Mass Ext Stoner 9 PM EST Nightmare Mass Madoc Tue, Sep 22 4 AM EST Nex Mass Shn 3 PM EST Armadyl Mass Ext Stoner Wed, Sep 23 3 PM EST Bandos Mass Ext Stoner 9 PM EST Corp Mass Madoc 5 PM EST Boss Bonanza Monk Bird Thu, Sep 24 3 PM EST Pest Control Ext Stoner Fri, Sep 25 12 PM EST Stealing Creations Monk Bird Sat, Sep 26 TBA Flower Poker Tournament Monk Bird Sun, Sep 27 3 PM EST Nightmare Mass Ext Stoner
  5. Callus the Frostbourne Simplex, the vengeful God that He is, has enjoyed Callus' daily eradication of the local populace. He does pity the would-be mages of Onyx, rushing to Callus for fortune and glory — only to freeze solid. In a rare gesture of kindness, He has made his champion more suitable for the common man. Callus' drops will be more rewarding in quality and frequency. Callus' minions will summon less frequently, as seen in the left snip-it. Callus' lair will extinguish light sources less frequently, as seen in the right snip-it. MVP designation now scales by party size. Note: 3 is the Maximum MVP's awarded in a Callus instance. Soulgazer Comment: Solo's, Duo's, and 4-Man teams: 50%+ of participating players get MVP. Introducing the Mimic Boss! Introducing The Mimic, a favorite diversion among OSRS players. The boss mechanics will work exactly like OSRS, but with another way to access it. You have a chance to face The Mimic by completing hard and elite clues, a higher chance for the latter. Mimic will be available twice a day via voting (use ::vote command). Said a different way, once every 12 hours. The Mimic will reward players with Vote Tickets and GP always, a WIDE array of skilling supplies, and maybe even a pet! The drop table is below. Click on the image to enlarge it. Mimic Drop Table Donation Boxes & Crates (available from Shop on the Homepage) This chart reflects the now-live status of Boxes/Crates across Onyx. Millionaire's/Super/God Boxes have NOT been changed. Pet Mystery Boxes have been removed. The Mystery Crate gets 3 total rolls, with enhancements for Super Box/God Box rolls. Prifddinas Agility Course We have added a new agility course in in the elven city of Prifddinas (use ::prifddinas to access). This course is meant as an alternative to the Wilderness course. This course will now award Crystal Shards. Slayer Caskets We are adding Slayer Caskets, which will be a random drop received by Slayer monsters during tasks. There will be four variants, depending on tier of the slayer task. In general, the higher combat level of the Slayer monster, the higher the tier casket will be a possible reward. We intend on the drop rate of these caskets to be ~1/70. Other Slayer Changes Turadel Reassignment: If you do not wish to finish your slayer task, you can reset BOTH your task and your streak at Turadel. WARNING: Doing this loses your streak! And you must then complete this task. Moved boss slayer to its own NPC. Boss slayer tasks will now reward slayer points at a better rate. Players can gamble their Fire Cape and Infernal Cape for a chance at the respective pets. Skipping a task now works more accurately.
  6. Soulgazer

  7. Soulgazer

    IGN: Soulgazer (I'll use the winnings for a Forums Guide contest)
  8. Soulgazer

    Oh boy the margins got warped lol ... I'll work on it
  9. Soulgazer

  10. Soulgazer

    Are you referring to my having to "Approve" new messages?
  11. Soulgazer

    100% Agree and was going to do this. Firin' up the Gyazo Premium soon!

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