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  1. A New Era on Onyx Friends, Iron-friends, Countrymen, lend me your ears: Zio, King of Kings, hath commissioned his monks to renovate Onyx's capital city and trading center, Edgeville. A devout believer in the divine Simplex beyond, Zio hath zealously built a great metropolis in his image. Henceforth, denizens of other server-states shall gaze upon Great Edgeville with envy. The King Six New Zones The Edgeville you know is gone. It has been replaced with collection of Zones/Houses. These are: Slayer, Thieving, Altar, Skilling, Shops, and the Information Kiosk ('Info Zone'). The Kiosk is meant to assist players on their journey, being a one-stop-shop for Q&A. We intend on taking feedback and improving Great Edgeville in coming updates to best suit the community. Tutorial: Reimagined We have scrapped the old Tutorial, bringing it in line with some of the more recent content additions to Onyx. Hopefully, players will have a better understanding of the game upon completion. The skip button remains; although with Zuk narrating, only a fool would anger the obsidian God, no? Teleportation interface Upgrade Chest interface Drop Table interface Disclaimer: These new commands are for Diamond+ Donators and can only be used Near a Bank! For those vassals who have given to their good King, a new ease of living is brought to you! PRAYER SWAPPING commands, live in game: ::pray swaps between the two prayer types, curses and standard prayers. ::regular swaps from curses to standard prayers. ::curses swaps from standard prayers to curses. MAGIC SWAPPING commands, live in game: ::spellbook swaps spellbook types in this looping order: Standard → Ancients → Lunars → (back to Standard) ::modern swaps to the Standard spellbook, specifically. ::lunar swaps to the Lunar spellbook, specifically. ::ancient swaps to the Ancients spellbook, specifically. Superior Slayer Monsters Taxonomists around Onyx rejoice! Stronger breeds of slayer monsters have come! These will be automatically unlocked for players above 70 Slayer. The encounter rate is 1/50, meaning that a task of 100 monsters would net roughly two Superior Slayer monsters. Superior Slayer Monsters have a centralized drop table (see image directly below). Superior Slayer Drops This is the Superior Slayer Monster drop table. Know that the higher the slayer requirement of the task, the stronger the weight when rolling rarer drops. Therefore, cheeky slayers are not recommended to farm Turadel for the best drops! As seen above, it is plentiful for Ironmen looking to slay and later skill. The Imbued Heart The Imbued Heart will boost a player's Magic level by 11 — in line with an Overload dosage. This makes the Imbued Heart an excellent alternative to standard overloading in many situations. Zahur should now work flawlessly. The world-renowned herbalist does the following things: Cleaning herbs, Make unfinished potions, and Fill Flasks/Decant.

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