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  1. We hope you are all doing well! Over the course of the past month and a half we have been working on system sided client and server work. Along with developing a vast amount of content that we hope to release following this Christmas Event! Today we bring you our annual Christmas Event in celebration of the Holiday, along with BXP weekends! Featuring a completely new Evil Santa boss, dropping new unique items, mini drop parties, BXP and more! This update offers activities to do while we await next updates release. Check out the patch notes down below! Evil Santa has risen in the Icy Realm with a vengeance -- after hearing of the death of the Evil Snowman from yesteryear. Rounding up all the players of Onyx, Evil Santa challenges any player or group to face his wrath. Appearing every 4 hours to accompany all time zones. Featuring multiple phases, Evil Santa offers a battle against imps, flames, and falling bombs. Watch your step! The boss will roll for a chance to drop the new Christmas items, along with an explosion of presents. These presents will send players on a loot hunt on the south side of the map, within the maze. The Infernal Santa's Set has been introduced as a slightly upgraded variant of the Evil Santa's Set from last year. To make this set, players will have to obtain a Infernal Dye, dropped by the Evil Santa Boss or by Christmas Mystery Boxes. Use them along with any of the Evil Santa Christmas items to upgrade them. The Infernal Santa Armor has the same stats as the Evil Santa Set, with an additional HP and DPS bonus. This increase in previous gear is similar to its Halloween counterparts -- Grim Reaper's Set. The Infernal Santa's Socking offers improved attack and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Socking. Along with a Statius Warhammer reduced cost special attack. The Infernal Santa's Reindeer offers improved range attack and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Reindeer. Offering double shot bolts with a dragon hunter crossbow dmg ability. Note: The second bolt is 50% capped. (This is worse than our MK. II in terms of DPS). The Infernal Santa's Gift offers improved magic accuracy and strength bonuses compared to the Evil Santa's Gift. Slightly lowered the Evil Santa's Warhammer Crush accuracy and minor strength to fit more into game meta. Therefore, the Warhammer should NOT be better than Templar any longer. Added a dmg cap to the second bolt of the Reindeer, to be more suited with our other double shot weapons. No further item adjustments will occur with Holiday items. We wanted them to fit the game without being meta because of their limited quantities. We hate making changes, but the past years work was unacceptable. The only other adjustment needed is the Eggbringer from Easter. From now on, all Holiday items will be recycled and rethemed, keeping these statistics so long as they are not game breaking. Similar to last year, we are reintroducing the limited time Christmas Mystery Box with some additional reward possibilities. They are also rethemed to better fit the holiday. The first roll grants the player an amount of GP or Blood Money. The second roll grants the player a piece of PvM Gear: Meaning: GWD Gear, Enhanced Super Mystery box loot, with a rare possibility of obtaining Evil Santa's Weaponry. The 3rd roll grants the player a Christmas cosmetic with a chance of rewarding: Party Hats, Evil Santa pieces, or an Infernal Cracker! These boxes now have a rare chance of rolling the new Infernal Santa's Items without the need of any pre-requisite items. In celebration of the holidays and the grind, the management team has decided to host two back to back, BXP Weekends! Bonus XP will be offered from December 19th till the 21st, as well as December 25th to the 27th. Grind on Fam! Best of Luck and have a great holiday! Have a Merry Christmas! Big updates are underway, stay tuned!
  2. hello my man, hope you are well, do i get anything for my 3 years anniversary on here next week ;)

  3. Hey Ion, From what I can tell you are a very supportive and active player. I tend to wait for community feedback regarding applications along with seeing the need given our team size: player ratio. Unfortunately there's not much feedback regarding this application, and recently repromoted someone who was staff with me for a year. You are a great candidate however and I would like to inform you about the event organizer role we are opening, it allows players to have permissions to host and organize events. Good way to gather up the community. I would recommend to continue to be as stand out as you have been along with helping players. Perhaps revisit the support position in the near future or reach out to me and perhaps you can be an event organizer Ps: I think you have some good ideas for our discord, I would like to use some of them, perhaps we can speak this week? For now I will be denying this application, feel free to reapply in due time however, and perhaps we can find a fit for you as a side role? Thanks, Zio
  4. Spoke to you directly, of course you got the position. Thank you for the application, and all the help.
  5. Zio

    SHN's Application

    Hey SHN, I am pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted by the Management Team. When you see this please shoot Monk or I a discord message. We will need to run you through a Staff Handbook in order to get you familiar with the way we do things. Congratulations! //ACCEPTED
  6. March 16th, 2020 Hello Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. The Onyx Staff team has underwent some changes recently in terms of the positions of some of our members and we would like to update you with the following: Promotions: 1. @Suicune Has been Promoted to Server Support! 2. @ext stoner was Promoted to Server Moderator Recently! 3. @Corper was Promoted to Server Support! Demotions: 1. @Eggy has resigned as Server Administrator and will focus on advertising Onyx. 2. @GitRektSkrubs has been demoted due to activity. 3. @Raj has resigned from Server Support. Staff Team Status: Open for Applications
  7. Onyx Bonus XP Event Weekend! Hello Everyone! After some thought, the Onyx management team is pleased to announce that we will be kicking off this Friday the 13th with a bonus XP weekend! Starting at 4 PM Friday, March 13th, bonus XP will be activated throughout the weekend until the Sunday's Midnight. Additionally, the staff team will be hosting a variety of event, listed here: Friday 13 March 2020 bandos mass hosted by Monk Bird at 3 PM EST and Pest Control hosted by Corper at 6 PM EST Saturday 14 March 2020 Arma Mass hosted by Corper at 5 PM EST Sunday 15 March 2020 Corp Mass hosted by Corper at 2 PM EST and sara mass hosted by Ext Stoner at 3 PM EST Monk and I will also be hosting a boss wave event that will feature increased drop rates throughout the weekend! Make sure to join in on these events, we hope to see you there! Stay grinding, and have a great weekend! In the meantime, here's a quick spoiler of our upcoming Nightmare Boss update - Onyx Management Team
  8. Not enough forums activity, you probably need to develop a stronger community image ingame too with better in-game knowledge. We spoke to you about a few weeks ago, we will stick to what we discussed. Thanks, Zio
  9. Hey Astor, I was really hoping for some community feedback revolving this application. Seeing how its been up for some time and there has not been feedback yet, I do not know how the community will feel towards a support position for you fully. I spoke to a few people about you and have heard more or less good things, some don't really know you though. As it stands, I'm gonna have to deny this application for now. I welcome you to post up another one in a month to see if you would be a good fit. Be well homie, - Zio
  10. Onyx Mystery Box Loot Drop Tables Hey Everyone, As many of you have asked due to curiosity, I have decided that it will be beneficial to have a thread on our forums dedicated to outlining the exact rewards you can receive from our various Mystery Boxes. Each of these Boxes can be purchased from our webstore, the in-game penguin donation shop, won from giveaways or events, or rewarded throughout the game. Each Box has it's own unique drop tables giving you a variety of item possibilities to choose from. Following is a list of our available Mystery Boxes along with their respective drop tables. Millionaire's Box ($4): This Mystery Box rewards the player with coins! A player can obtain anywhere from 8m-140m+! Super Mystery Box ($6): These Mystery Boxes reward the player with a wide range of item possibilities. From Coins and Dragon Items all the way to a Twisted Bow! Good Luck! Premium Mystery Box (N/A): These boxes are a possible reward from our Super Mystery Boxes, and other events. They have the same drop table as a Super Mystery Box but grants you a 50% bonus chance at getting an uncommon - rare+ drop! God Mystery Box ($10): These boxes are themed around the God Wars Dungeon and thus reward you with their respective items. The loot can be real juicy! Thanks for taking your time to view this thread. As time goes on we will be updating the possible loot as well as perhaps adding new boxes. We hope you found this thread useful, comment down below if we missed anything or if you would like us to make an addition or have a suggestion!
  11. For those looking for a Beginner's Money Making guide: Link to all of our other guides: https://onyxftw.com/forum/index.php?/forum/16-guides/ - Zio Onyx Co-Owner | Management Team
  12. Welcome to Onyx To read about Onyx as a server, scroll below the link. If you are looking for Money Making only, click the link: Introduction! Onyx Game Modes! Our Home ~ ::Home Our Shops ~ ::Shops Marketplace ~ ::Home Slayer ~ ::Slayer Conclusion Now that you are fairly familiar with the Home base on Onyx and starting out, we recommend that you look into our other guides. I will attach a starter guide to help you on your journey and highly recommend that you try out the ::guides command! We welcome you to Onyx and thank you for being part of our growing community. We look forward to progressing towards our goal at being the most advanced server of its time with you! If you have any questions please feel free to PM any staff member, they are ready to assist you at all times. Once again Welcome to Onyx, Enjoy your Stay, and See you Online!
  13. Awesome guide in the making as always Albert. If you need any help feel free to reach out to me or one of the Admins, you know we got you
  14. Weekly Onyx Giveaways Thread! Hello Everyone! It is with pleasure that we welcome you to our Official Weekly Onyx Giveaways thread! As a nice addition to welcome 2020, we have decided to host weekly giveaways on both our forums and our discord to reward our loyal playerbase. This forum thread will cover the weekly giveaways found on the forums, but like mentioned, we will also be hosting some on our giveaways section in our discord. If you are interested in participating in our discord, you may join our server at: https://discord.gg/eadWdvG. Our weekly forums giveaway will work very simple. Each week, Monk or I will post a new thread under the weekly giveaways section on our forums (this section). The thread will outline what the set reward is for the forums weekly giveaway, as well as the one found on our discord. Note that these rewards will differ, and both are very simple to join. Additionally we welcome any player to host their own giveaways on this section of the forums if they are looking to share their generosity with other players! The thread will ask you to simply comment your in-game username below to show your interest. Once your comment is posted, your will be added to the drawing which occurs every Friday. New giveaways will be posted the following day, on Saturday. This means that the only requirement will be having a registered forums account and posting your comment for the said week's giveaway. The only rule is that you may not attempt to comment for multiple entries. Each player will allowed to comment on a forum giveaway once, and if broken, will be disqualified from that week's reward. We will be monitoring alternate accounts and looking for people that attempt to ruin other's fair chance at a reward. Prizes will vary each week and will include anything from GP, Donator Ranks / Shards, In-Game Items, or even Store Credit! As a goal to motivate us to provide more rewarding events, the more participants we get per week, the juicier the reward will be for the following week. We hope you all enjoy our giveaways and wish you the best of luck! Be sure to tune into this week's giveaway, we are looking forward to your participation! Thanks, - Zio Onyx Management Team

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