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  1. Daniel

    Oli-the-fag linked me in Skype cuz I didn't have Ary added.
  2. Daniel

    Props to anyone who has the balls to fill out an application without being spoon-fed a criteria form. Good staff know what's required of them, everyone kind of has an expectation of staff as well - just meet that expectation.
  3. Daniel

    tldr bot: Staff: Muting for silly reasons and need to take constructive criticism. Promotions should be in a staff discussion and posted publicly for professional reasons. Developing: Polishing/removing bugs > New Content. Players don't enjoy this mindset for potential staff.
  4. Daniel

    Haven't been following in-game updates but personally I'd just like instantaneous lodestone teleport animations. There's a good amount of content in Onyx, would be a shame to just shave down the time spent exploring things when most server do the same kind of thing by adding resource areas with many different skills available next to each other.
  5. Daniel

    Holy shit kid you're a fucking nerd hahaha <3 Even joined the party late and you still took #1. Good shit you God. Now go finish your placements.
  6. Daniel

    There's your skill ratings for US PC. Dominated between 2000-3000SR by the majority of players. Matchmaking gets really wonky any higher than that. Frequently getting into games with GMs and Top 500s when I'm at 3500 lmfao. A Korean professional e-sports player made a post suggesting things like 150+/- SR differences in games and role-preference before searching (Like LoL). Definitely worth the read. He also highlights the dependence of which player can more frequently pull out clutch plays as DPS as the defining win/loss set up. Another problem with the community right now is, I think, a slow shift over time towards people wanting to learn new heroes. It wasn't too hard back last year because you could always "Fill a spot" with people wanting to learn any slot. I don't want to be cliche but the DPS problem keeps coming back. They're the role with the highest skill ceiling, largest amount of characters to choose from ( 8 DPS | 6 DEF | 6 TANK | 5 SUPP ). So what happens when the game is a year old and people have learnt how to be capable with most heroes? From what I personally see and experience, you've got this game where now mains aren't too big of a deal. At my ranks at least, anyone can play anything. Exactly the position I'm in, even bought a smurf to practice DPS because I'd get destroyed playing against Diamonds/Masters with a role I'm shit at. Also people don't understand the rule of "weights" of certain characters. Playing Genji and McCree isn't exactly going to make the other team reconsider jumping on your head. Same with D.Va and Winston. Reinhardt, Zarya, Reaper, Soldier, Pharah, Ana, ect are characters that don't let you get away without thinking. Not sure if anyone experiences this? Just something recently on my mind. tl;dr: They need more technically/mechanically difficult but rewarding healers to pull people away from DPS for a bit. That category is stale and leaves Healers not enjoying the role (Mercy meta for example). Ana and Zenyatta are good but 1) I'm at like 100+ hours on Zen so I don't wanna play him and 2) Ana generally doesn't have the output that Mercy has. You can definitely pull wins out with Ana until like ~3750 but you're probably gonna tilt your team lmfao.
  7. Daniel

    2014 Graduation: Memeing our tight-ass school. Classic ass Australian flag in the background for muh patriotism 2017 Hangs: Getting my tiddies grabbed, ya' know it's all good. These threads are always great

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