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  1. if youre an ultimate iron man youre sexy that's a fact so lets make ultimate iron man mode a thing with the following rules: - no banking - 10x xp for all skills - no squeal of fortune / donating for items / free gp from leveling or npc kills - can note and unnote items by using them on a bank - all items lost in wildy on death im aware that in osrs uim mode you cant note items on a bank and you can only unnote, but it just makes the mode a little bit more accessible and slightly less tedious therefore more likely to attract and hold players thanks xoxo edit: also if you could hold off on this until after i max my current iron that'd be great but no biggie thx
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    im mouse or mousey if u will im a super cool super smart super sexy ironman coming up on 2k total and planning on maxing joined about a week ago and made a forums account so i could make a suggestion thread for ultimate ironman mode for other cool, sexy, and smart individuals like myself also working on making a comprehensive ironman maxing guide with efficient training methods / skill orders but im holding off on maxing to post it thanks love u bye

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