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  1. nice event, i'll try to be there
  2. i like this a lot, this would make the game much more interesting to me. This would provide lots of depth to the game, which is lacking right now in my opinion.
  3. Ok so whenever I tele to GWD and click that rock my energy goes to 0 and I have to rest before i move on, else I will get stacked without running energy when I enter. And that's forking annoying in my opinion. So I got this brilliant idea: Get rid of the energy drain when you click the rock or let the teleport take you at the other side of the rock. (This could also be a donor exclusive thing if that would make sense). Suggestion 2: No items lost on death for certain donor ranks? This would just be a feature for lazy lads/lass' who die and cba to loot their grave to grab their items. (When does it happen anyway that someone actually is too late to loot their grave) What do you guys think of these suggestions? These would please my mental state if they were added. Edit: I just realized that I despise Dominion Tower because of the annoying cutscenes, if there was an option to turn these off at the start it would make it a lot more pleasant to do Dominion Tower and get those gloves! An option to pay money to repair gloves would be nice too, but that's optional. Without cutscenes Dominion Tower is a lot less bothersome.
  4. +1 This guy has been playing for a long time, has lots of knowledge about the game and I see him actively help players. I feel he can be a good addition to the staffteam.
  5. i've never gotten penance since october
  6. Peppe

    120 Capes

    I want this aswell, current capes look very crippled
  7. Peppe

    New random event

    this is exactly what we need right now, our current random events aren't strong enough. It's great to kill afkers/botters who get 200m fishing in 3 days. Edit: not specifically at the G.E. just a great addition in general. Support ingame: this player doesn't have a forums account so i put it here, his opinion is valued like any other.
  8. Peppe


    Welcome to onyx lad, hope you'll find a clan that suits you.
  9. I don't think there is any need for this kind of nitpicking at the game's current state, I don't think this has any priority at the moment. Things like these are not 5 minute fixes.
  10. Peppe


    Very nice suggestions my man. I think @andreas already has something ready that could be implemented if alex wanted to. (Should definitely get added imo)
  11. Peppe

    PK Mode

    I also prefer a World 2
  12. As there are quite a bit of players with full banks and having to create new accounts to store items on, wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to open up a second bank account? This could even be against a fee of like 15m with a discount per donor rank. This second bank account would function just like the normal one, but when you speak to a banker you get the option to choose bank account 1 or bank account 2. (Maybe even more bank accounts if the game can work with that) Feel free to add your own ideas if you think I missed something.

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