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  1. In some servers I've played over the years when you rub the slayer ring it will teleport you to the current task at hand so you don't have to go asking around where everything is. Just a suggestion,.. I don't mind continuing to reach out to my fellow players either way. Thanks, tm4dz
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FukgMwwdwPM
  3. OMG Cindy could be your sister! This is definitely your Dad
  4. Tm4dz


    Hey guys, I'm new around here . I haven't played a RSPS in almost 10 years! From the looks of it they have come a long way -- or at least this community. You may know some of the communities I was part of a long time ago.. Hydrascape, Dodian, Original Moparscape, RS-Server has anyone ever heard of them? Anyways I'm happy to be here I have been looking for something to do in my free time and I am happy I chose Onyx. Greets

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