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  1. kraken head

    Is it on mac ?? If so -> Navigate to the directory location where the .jar file is and type in: sudo java -jar Onyx-launcher.jar should load the client and start working prob gonna have safe mode enabled but can be changed from settings later. if it’s on windows make sure you have the latest java and try running the .exe file as administrator should install it and should be working hope i helped
  2. Thank you for the good work cya ingame 😊
  3. kraken head

    Gzz to winners ign: Krakentuf
  4. kraken head

    gzz winners ign: Kraken head
  5. kraken head

    gzz for the winners ign: Kraken Head
  6. kraken head

    Gzz on winners ign : Kraken head
  7. kraken head

    Gzz for winers ign: kraken head gll all
  8. kraken head

    gzz on winners lets try my luck again ign: Kraken head
  9. kraken head

    ign: Kraken head gl everyone
  10. kraken head

    Kraken Head
  11. kraken head

    Ign: Kraken Head ☺️
  12. kraken head

    ign: kraken head wait i won?
  13. kraken head

    you can always check collection log for the drops also
  14. kraken head

    Support it full time GL brother

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