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  1. Dreamystoner

    You have my support! In my opinion you should be the next member of staff.
  2. Dreamystoner

    Dreamystoner Thanks for the give-away!
  3. Dreamystoner

    Wish I found this guide sooner. 10/10
  4. Dreamystoner

    In my opinion to become a staff member you should be part of the community for much longer. Know the server but also have the server know you well enough. Judging by your application you seem very compatible for the job but since you've joined recently it's a no for me.
  5. Dreamystoner

    Hello everyone, Some maybe have seen me in-game but since I've decided to stay on this server I'm making a short introduction. I'm from the Netherlands, 24 years old and I'm studying law. My name does not lie, I love some good weed and always up for some goofy conversations. Been on a long break from RSPS but felt like playing again so here I am. Cheers! Dreamy
  6. Dreamystoner

    IGN: Dreamystoner Thank you so much for this give away ❤️

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