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    The link is to a full in depth Ironman guide, from gear progression, to skilling, and even some PVM. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1999L4g5ZjKva7CnOcoAVAGqZF5rVls4no9mOEjidWcQ/edit?usp=sharing @Uwu in game to flame me on this guide. I am not going to go through the effort currently to reformat this for these forums.
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    IGN: Plank
  3. Jon

    IGN: Iron Trash
  4. Jon

    Iron Trash
  5. Jon

    Change it so killing someone with no risk or extremely low risk doesn't reward blood money or a chance at pvp drops when killed. Killing someone risking 20k and getting a statuette and a pile of blood money is unreasonable. Alternatively just scale down the amount of blood money dropped, and the chance at getting a pvp drop significantly from people risking under ~1m (or some other number).

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