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  1. Just really quick i wanted to say I couldn't find the format for the application so i copied it from someone elses application and changed it up kinda, not really. About me In-game name; Terris My real name; Jake TimeZone/Location; Pacific Standard, West coast Canada Hobbies; I sing for fun, play some video games and enjoy practicing my eye for photography. How long have you been playing the server? 45 Days, 21 Hours at the time of writing. Why do you think you should be apart of the server team? Happy to help players and help the server grow into something better. I have a lot of experience with working on game servers, running one of my own and being a part of a few others. Why do you think you deserve it? 'Deserve' is a selfish word. Im able to bring fresh ideas and suggestions, and have been suggesting ideas and reporting some bugs/glitches. RiP fletching bug. I'm always eager to be as helpful as i can to new players asking questions, and willing to show them where things are, if theyre too blind or ignorant to read chat :^). But seriously, I enjoy helping. How long can you play each day? I can be on, realistically, every day at least a few hours. But I enjoy playing this, or even leaving it open while i work on other things, to read chat and assist where I'm needed. Are you active on both forums and in-game? I'm active on the server as often as i can be, but the forums isn't really my thing currently. I havent found any specific boards or topics that i can throw my Two-Cents into. I have done the backend of forums, and all the writing (rules, outlines, guidelines, etc.) before for other game servers ive been apart of. Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server? For RSPS, no. For other games, yes. I worked with an fairly popular minecraft server as Player Resources and Co-Owner of a ~174 player peak server, and am currently an Administrator of another smaller minecraft server still in its redevelopment, ~17-20 player peak. Do you respect owners? Yes, of course. I have respect for everyone until they show they dont deserve that respect. Eye for an Eye. However theres a place for buisness and a place for drama. Drama does not need to be in the server. Have you broken any rules? Nope. Not that I'm aware of. I found a fletching bug (use one bowstring for 27 bows(u)) and had to report it. (also it would help if the rules were somewhere on the forums. Because as of me typing this, there is no rules listed on the forums, and ;;rules doesn't work.) Do players like you? I haven't met anyone that has disliked me on the server, other the few wilderness PK kills i have, or the one boss i've crashed someone at. Its nothing personal. Just buisness.:^) Anything else? I enjoy playing on the server, and enjoy interacting with the current players and helping new ones. I have some suggestions for Quality of life changes as well, such as moving Onyx in the donor zone so he's not oddly far away from the bank. I'm happy to put my input into the server about anything from any perspective. I enjoy casual debates. Thanks for the consideration and for reading, -Terris I miss my phat. :c

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