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    Task-manager Idea Was thinking of a daily task system were you get 3-5 random tasks you complete for a reward. The tasks can be anything from mining 300 gold too completing a clue scroll. easy/medium/hard. very simple but lifegiving idea i think. With this it can be possible too add another currency like: -Quest points -Task coins (you get the idea) With these another NPC shop can be made were you can buy materials for skilling. Ive noticed people struggle too get materials for alot of skills and mabye this can help a little but not make it too OP but even it out a littlebit. This also gives new players a way too make money when they start, instead of just thieving. Tough of this really quick so might edit in the future if I think of something else too add to it. -Niko
  4. Obvs the way too go if u dont know how too do it, cheap and fair price, thank you
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