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  1. Versacee

    ign : versace
  2. Versacee

    ign : versace
  3. Versacee

    Hey, welcome to onyx I'm sure the server will not dissapoint , hope to see you in game some time !
  4. Yet another amazing update by the team we have, thank you for this
  5. Versacee

    Thank you to the management team for this, convenient to have this with the soon release of crystal tools !
  6. Versacee

    Sad to see your departure, I'll try to keep our clan active and expanding it by the day ! Hope everything works out fine and you achieve your goals. Thank you for everything you've done for onyx; the normal events, your own events, your little giveaways that you did for new players, your dedication and grind that you showed, and your assistance to the community. All of this doesn't not go unnoticed. See you around man.
  7. Versacee

    ign : versace
  8. Versacee

    ign : versace
  9. Versacee

    Nice suggestions overall. Shn pretty much shared my ideas and thoughts on it. I hope to see the untradeables getting broken, the blade, and those curse prayers come in game eventually
  10. Versacee

    Welcome man, this server is truly one of kind, hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon ingame
  11. Versacee

    Kind of speed read through the guide, and it looks amazing man. Can tell that a lot of work and time was put into this, thank you for providing the community with this guide, especially Dungeoneering also. Much appreciated !
  12. Versacee

    Nice pvm competition, huge exp gains to made this weekend
  13. Versacee

    ign : versace
  14. Versacee

    Nice man, good luck to everyone on this event, I'll think about joining, but will most definitely go and spectate!

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