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  1. Versacee

    Thank you for the amazing drop from dragonkk boss and monk but nevertheless, wish everyone the best and always be safe, if going out for necessities always wear a mask and gloves and try your best to keep 6ft (1.8m) distance from another ! Cya around
  2. Versacee

    Hey man, glad to have a YouTuber around here. I can maybe suggest to begin with progress videos, imo those are always interesting, it's always nice to see what players take what routes within the server. Also maybe some skilling guides or boss guides would be nice, Plenty of paths to go through as you can see Can't wait to see what you bring !
  3. Amazing update man, big thanks to the amazing staff team and the @Dragonkk himself for getting this done nice and neatly !
  4. Versacee

    Very nice guide, I'm sorry to @SHN and to everyone for that raid however, was a horrible one in my opinion and never really are that bad, but nevertheless the guide itself is beyond amazing. Hopefully this will give people a nice introduction for raids 2 and spike tob runs in game. If you'd like to make another video for advanced tips and techniques I'll be more than happy to assist in that too (and I promise this raid will be much better, i'll pay attention lol)
  5. Versacee

    Very nice and thorough application, I was honestly waiting for your application to come, I was always wondering... why hasn't today made a staff application yet ? Seeing how good you are amongst the community and also very respectful, you definitely have my full support. Never have I seen you get out of line since I've gotten on onyx 2. Definitely support you, +1
  6. Versacee

    ign : versace
  7. Versacee

    +1 Definitely a cool dude, nice, and well known amongst the community. And nice to hear you can assist on the development side of things. Good luck
  8. Versacee

    Welcome, I'm sure this server won't disappoint, hope to see you in game soon
  9. Versacee

    Nice man, huge congrats on the achievement. Looking forward to following your progress on your ironman now !
  10. Versacee

  11. I support you, however, as much as I enjoy being sarcastic with you and others, the sarcasm levels might need to step down ( just a little tho) because at the end of the day, having a staff rank also comes with responsibility and professionalism. To Many new players that don't know how you are and who you are, they'll be surprised and may take it in a way that's not meant to be taken at the fact that there's a staff that talks and jokes around with people the way you do, and may not take it lightly because they expect professionalism from a staff member, especially here at onyx. I'd love to keep the sarcasm at were it's at right now, but I'm just saying this because I believe zio will say the same thing. Perhaps he might approve and not even mention anything about the sarcasm. However, another big reason for my approval is your time zone, a staff at your time zone will be amazing for onyx right now. And you're also cool people and likable amongst the community, I've noticed it in the chat. Ultimately, +1 @Baked
  12. Versacee

    onyx username : Versace Rank: Diamond proof: https://gyazo.com/7fa4ed97b1046170da0bace86c411cae
  13. Versacee

    Huge +1
  14. Versacee

    ign : versace

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