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  1. Haven't been on in ages, but I do check here and there beautiful updates , amazing callus reworks!
  2. Versacee

    Welcome, hope you enjoy
  3. Versacee

    Welcome !
  4. Versacee

    Thank you for this, massive grinds coming this weekend.
  5. Versacee

    IGN : versace
  6. Versacee

    ign : versace
  7. Versacee

    I see this as a fantasy tbh. A game that recently became a trend and as you know, trends come and go. Always. And you want to see it implemented in your favorite game, that’s nice, but a fantasy. In reality it’s a waste of time IMO vs the other things we can get and want as a whole community. There are some updates and massively supported player suggestions that are long over due and onyx is unfortunately infamous for that. This will only halt the things we need. We’ll see in the future however ! No support from me.
  8. Beautiful update and amazing adjustments done on things, amazing job by the team!
  9. Beautiful update and fixes, amazing job by the team ! Thank you for this !
  10. Versacee

    Amazing guide
  11. Versacee

    Your rank on discord has been updated, as for your rank on forums, message a forum mod or admin and they'll get to you if they have not seen this thread yet, thank you
  12. Versacee

    This thread is a huge upgrade to our forums, and big thanks to our soul gazer for stepping in and taking the position ! Many thanks to him and also the original thread creators for providing assistance and guidance to our community
  13. Plenty have been waiting for a pvp update, amazing job by the devs and management once again
  14. Versacee

    Hey there, the server was temporarily offline. It's back online Sorry for the inconvenience, as a result bonus exp is activated for the next 24 hours !

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