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  1. I've seen you help out more and more players lately, defintely standing out. You got some banter with you, but I personally know that it's just that... banter. So from my side, if the staff team needs an extra EU staff member you got my vote for a chance to show what you got. (This is my personal opinion, not from the whole staff team)
  2. Hey all, with the new release of CoX there is a lot to learn. Before the release I was very new to the Chambers. Now several days, a lot of deaths and white lights at the chest, I have quite decent personal record of 36:42 in a solo run. Because of this I got quite some questions on how to do certain rooms in the raid. I thought it would be best to walk you through a decent raid showcased in a video. Or rather 4 videos, 3 floors and an Olm fight. Enjoy! EDIT: Personal tip I used for using the chest is to make a document for yourself and write down which items you will need until next chest or which items you can leave in the chest. Helped me out a lot at the start. EDIT: Since 20th of January 2021, you now need to run further to each side at olm to let him look at the corners. This makes olm a bit harder, you might need a few more brews (aka maybe bring 4 way switch instead of 6). Floor 1: Floor 2: Floor 3: Final Fight (Outdated):
  3. SHN

    ign: shanee
  4. Giveaway Time! To celebrate being first to reach 3000 total level on Expert mode... I am going to do a few giveaways. Giving away a total of 2000m Onyx GP! Starting from Friday, December 11th 2020 2PM EST, the following giveaways will be running: Giveaway I - The Pet Hunter Giveaway II - The Nexterminator Giveaway III - The Joker (Friday, Dec. 11th - 7PM EST)
  5. SHN

    goodluck! ign: shn
  6. Welcome and Thanks for taking the time to visit this post Are you in need to complete The Horde minigame for either the best-in-slot ranging cape or you are trying to achieve the elite completionist cape? Or do you want that cool Infernal Cape? You are in the right place! Who are we? My IGN is SHN and I've been an Onyx player since the start of 2020. Since March I have been part of the Staff Team as a support member. Since then, I've done several succesful services. What is The Horde? The Horde is Onyx's hardest minigame. It is 40 waves of combinations of bosses to test the limits of a player. Waves: Horde Requirements - Max combat: 99 in prayer, hitpoints, attack, strength, defence, ranging and magic - 97 slayer - Arclight - Rune Pouch - Supreme Poison Surge Inferno Requirements - Max combat: 99 in prayer, hitpoints, attack, strength, defence, ranging and magic - Rune Pouch Lets see your Rewards! Horde Rewards So The Horde is done on your account so you will have the minigame completed as the elite completionist required. Also during the the minigame you will get a killcount for each of the bosses (1 for each appearance) including the Onyx Boss required for regular and trimmed completionist cape. All bosses except onyx have a chance of dropping their rares even in the minigame! Besides the completion, The Horde rewards a 100% chance of the "Ava's blessing". This is the best-in-slot ranging cape. Secondly, a 50% chance on receiving the 'Wrath of The Horde' aura, this aura has an unlimited timer and gives 5% extra damage in all styles. Finally, there is about a 10% chance you receive the best droprate boosting pet in-game called "The Horde Slave". This pet gives a 10% dropate boost. Inferno Rewards - Infernal Cape - Uncut Onyx - Chance on pet What does this cost you? Horde For first timers: 750m -> you keep all potential drops including aura Any run after the first one: 700m -> I keep potential drops including aura Inferno Price: 400m Final notes Feel free to ask for more info by leaving a comment or dm'ing me in-game or on Discord. All prices are in coins not items. However, I do take the equivalent price in donator shards (current price will be discussed if this option is chosen). The service will be delivered as soon as possible. Payment is taken after the minigame is completed. I have the right to deny any service request. Some Completions
  7. SHN

    It's a nice idea and like you said, it would probably attract a lot of players. But I also agree with Versace, by the time this is implemented the hype is over. To be effective it needs to be here now and with the current work that's on the teams list, I don't think is is possible now.
  8. SHN

    You forgot to mention "Heyimodie" was going against the rules to provoke him in this image by using teleother on him during a Stealing Creation event. Yes, he did reply a bit harsh but getting harrased without any incentive is, like I said in the image aswell, just annoying.
  9. SHN

    Goodluck on the giveaway people!

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