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  1. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone involved in the decision to have another Bonus EXP Weekend. I can speak confidently for all of my peers when I say that we greatly appreciate opportunities like this one. Let's hope they come around more often. 🤞
  2. One of these every month would be lovely. Thank you for the last one, I certainly took advantage of it.
  3. Detailed and useful, especially for potential donors seeking information. 10/10; this will be the go-to thread for customs. Amazing job <3.
  4. Perfectly laid out, and easy to read. All the pictures and even the drop table included make it a breeze to follow for a n00b like myself. Thanks for the effort you put into this!
  5. I agree, especially if (when) there is only one option in the menu.
  6. CHEF


    Likewise, and thank you.
  7. CHEF


    Howdy there. Nice to meet you. My name is James, and some people call me CHEF. Change Happens; Embrace the Future. My friend (very talented artist) and I started posting music online back in 2015, and this is the alias that I made for myself. I don't bother drawing out the full meaning of the name to many people, but you're an exception. I'm a mastering engineer, so during the day I tend to prioritize that when I have clients lined up. If I'm not doing things like this, I'm working my other job, making moves, hanging with my lady, or playing Onyx. This is a short and sweet intro, but my bio is detailed if you're interested. Here's to the great times ahead of us. 🥂 Cheers, James

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