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  1. support the main idea and support this idea as well, even if it costs more gp idc just let me tan noted hides!
  2. So today, after 27 days 30 minutes of game time, I have achieved 5B XP. (Albert is the real Rank 1 - hiscores just don't hold your place when you get max rank). What will I be doing now? First, I will be slashing my thighs after sweating it out for 4 weeks on here. Next, I will probably be aiming towards achieving the below on Suicune: Completionist Cape Completing the Horde I have decided to not play expert as a main account now, and instead will be playing on my ironman, Entei. I feel like this will be a much better challenge for me, as I can just trade all my wealth to my expert and easymode it... and that won't keep me engaged. Watch this space!
  3. @Monk Birdany chance at visiting this idea?
  4. Adding this here incase it gets lost in the sea of discord suggestions.
  5. Onyx username: Suicune Discord username: #suicune3878 Rank: Ruby
  6. So on RS/OSRS they have the ability to press spacebar to advance/accept the skilling interface to make all, I think this would be a great quality of life update for the server in terms of skilling as it is just a bit smoother and nicer for players than having to click in the interface. Many times I've thought I was skilling but my character just sits there because I pressed spacebar instead of clicking.
  7. I thought of this while playing as I have an entirely different set of F1 settings on Oldschool for my tabs which I've gotten used too, it would just be a nice extra layer of customisation on the server and allow for usage of all the other F keys. Just a thought!

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