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    Huge support for this, imo top 10 QOL updates. Will add to the list (if it's not already) 😀
  2. It's a no for me on this one at the moment. I have barely seen you being active in-game. Just now you put the staff application online, I see you welcoming other players. That's good ofcourse, but to me your intentions are questionable. Correct me if I'm wrong: You haven't been actively aiding other players over the last week(s), while I have seen you ask some questions (i.e how to teleport to qbd) which would be basic knowledge required as support members. My point of view on this support application would be to try becoming more involved ingame, help other players when you notice they ask for help and try getting to know everything this server has to offer. Good luck still though, maybe I'm the only one who feels this way!
  3. +1, would be a nice edition. As Jacob said, seperate table. not a subtable

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