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  1. ill do 1 full inv with 3/4 food and faster kills this aint bad but not good either.. all you need is mage/range
  2. hemped i cant use it at home ?

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    2. 2 sp3c k0
    3. 2 sp3c k0

      2 sp3c k0

      i cant talk  bqz i am muted 

    4. Hemped


      Yeah no problem :)

  3. bro do you know where i can use a crystal key?


    1. Pvm M4st4

      Pvm M4st4

      Surely you got a reply from someone else about it at this point but just to make sure, use the key on the chest in the small house next to the ::Summoning teleport 

  4. 2 sp3c k0

    You guys stil didnt give me a good reasson for the 1 week mute, iknw and understand that i got the 24 hour mate but 7 days bqz i did something wrong? Just wow @Dan @Otter
  5. 2 sp3c k0

    And iknw that ill get after this post ban for self deffensing but idc! Thats how it works when mods dont like ppls
  6. 2 sp3c k0

    Self deffense and you lie man.. i got that 24 hour mute bqz i called the poeples noob after they talkes bs behind me. And what is your reasson to give me another 7 days of mute? I dont try to get attention i try to get the truth on the table. @Sam @dan you guys are doing so bad to me you are deffensing your own clan and ur friends thats ehy u muted me 3 times in a day.
  7. 2 sp3c k0

    Dan muted me for 24 hours bqz i called him a noob lol, bqz he talked bad behind me and called me an annoying idiot.. extr dan for demote!! Not agood ranked player or ipmute him for 24 hours too for calling me an idiot!

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