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  1. Why you even still play this game Jake ? But for sure you have my support, Alex just already give him that admin and he will do for sure an better job than Stuart.
  2. Tbh I am not running for staff anymore because over the few days I have seen a lot of this server and I believe its not worth trying to be staff on this server. And tbh you don't know how I was when I was going for staff so really dude ur new so u don't know me and I don't know you. You cannot decide if I am not worthy of just that one week. About the grammar, I am sorry im not so proffesional as you because you are so perfect... but doing stuff thats something else. My first language is dutch and don't judge me about grammar because thats pathetic and I took me time to make a application but ofcourse you can't see that. Please stop staff hunting or trying to be a staff because you ain't. Only the PS wanna make me hate you because you are talking like an actually staff so please stop doing what your doing and act like an proper normal player.
  3. Great updates and an amazing post! What kind of boost do u get from the Boss of the day? Regards
  4. 1. Fix combat system 2. Pk shop or something like bounty hunter stuff with a target. 3. Make bosses in wildy drop faster and if you get a rare drop it will announce its in the wildy. 4. If you kill some one you will get coins 400k or something. (anti-farm system) 5. Fix protect of item system some items goes over other items.
  5. The second one is not from selena gomez and the chainsmokers. But its still a good song. Great idea to make forum active.
  6. I think this is the idea of an lottery because in real life you can pay more to have more chance to win more. But ofcourse I understand your opinion, I just think if u can join more times the pot will get bigger and if your very lucky you can win with paying only 5m.
  7. Would be nice to see in-game an lottery system. How should a lottery work? - If you want to join the lottery you have to pay 5m to a certain npc and you will get a ticket (could be item 619 or 13663) if you click on the ticket you will join the lottery. - You can max join 5 times (so you will just have 5x more chance to win the lottery) - The amount you can win is the pot (players that joined x 5m) - Every sunday will the lottery winner be announced in-game. - Every monday you can join the new lottery. You can also add some special x2 lottery weeks on events. Regards Darkermanz
  8. Well someone deleted my post about the economy and it was an feedback too... So I think u don't have any excuse about saying that you or your team didn't delete any posts. And about the current staff feedback let's see what everybody has to say about a few staff's.
  9. There are a lot of people that have some thoughts about some staff members #metoo There should be a monthly feedback about all the staff and Onyx & Stuart should really look at it and think about. So how can we do this? By just making an open thread at the end of the month and let players comment their thoughts about all the staff members and make it anonymously. Because there are really some problems going out there and I just want the best for the community. I have seen a lot of servers with the same problem and they crashed so hard just because of the players that said on one moment "fuck this we are out". PS: Do not delete this topic, thanks! This post is not to call you guys out, its only to say that this is a big problem and has to take care off. Regard Darkermanz
  10. Can you link the discord that isn't expired?
  11. Name - Branko IGN - DarkermanzAge - 16, 29/06/2001 birthday gifts are always welcome Timezone – UTC+01:00Current Rank – Sapphire DonatorPosition you are applying for - Support rankWhat time are you most often on? (your time) - Im mostly online in the week around 18:00 and in the weekend I am always online.Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? - My main language is dutch but I try my best speaking/typing english. My grammar is bad but I can understand everything. I can speak french but since this server is english its not necessary.When did you first play Onyx, how often do you play? - My first time playing Onyx was 3 months ago. I play quite often, in the week I play 3 hours a day and in the weekend above 5 hours.Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? - Nope, I am a good boy.Do you have any experience in any type of moderation? – Yes, I have co-owned a runescape private server, owned a minecraft server and I have been a few times moderator on a runescape private server.What is your time online? - My time online is 8 days and 14 hours.How many hours can you contribute per day? - I can play atleast 3 hours a day.Have you donated? If so, when? - Yes, I donated a week ago.Do you have Skype? - Yes and I got discord.Are you able to record? – YesHow did you find this server? - I saw the facebook advertisement. Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? – Because I want to do everything to make the server better and I feel like the server need some fresh staff members. I like helping players and solving problems. Why would we choose you over other players? - I can guarantee you that I have a lot of experience with moderation and I am an active player that does stuff on the server like hosting stuff, talking with other players and I am playing the game. I am very professional with solving problems. Im strict but im righteous, what I mean by that is if someone blames another player by saying he was flaming, I would def check that. How would you handle a normal problem situation? - I would always give 3 warnings if its just a small problem, like flamers or spammers. After the 3 warnings the player will get punished for what he did. If there is a racism act I would only give 2 warning. If someone is advertising they will get no warnings, they will get muted asap. Ofcourse there are always situations when you can't handle by the rules but I am very reasonable in moderating Feel free to comment what you think about me and if you have any questions, ask them. Thanks for reading, Darkermanz

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