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  1. Nick

    Where my YTer rank at bitch
  2. Nick

    This is part of the vanilla banking interface per this time in RS, therefore it will not change. Closed.
  3. Nick

    Definitely something I'd enjoy seeing but it's not coming outa my pocket this time lmao.
  4. Nick

    PvM Horde - Wave by Wave March 22, 2019 Wave 1: - 50+ Men - 50+ Women Wave 2: - 5 Phoenix' - 5 Fire Giants Wave 3: - Every barrows brother - 10x ghoul champion Wave 4: - Revenant imp - Revenant goblin - Revenant icefiend - Revenant pyrefiend - Revenant hobgoblin - Revenant vampyre - Revenant werewolf - Revenant cyclops - Revenant hellhound - Revenant Demon - Revenant Ork - Revenant Dark Beast - Revenant knight - Revenant Dragon Wave 5: - Steel dragon - Wyvern - Mithril dragon - Adamant dragon - Rune dragon - Frost dragon - Ancient Wyvern - KBD Wave 6 (first use of bank after completion of this wave): - 2x Kalphite Queens - Mole - 2x Lizard Shaman - Barrelchest & Mark II Barrelchest - Bork Wave 7: - Crazy Archaeologist - Chaos Fnatic - Deranged Archaeologist - Chaos Elemental - Hati ~~NIGHTMARE ROUND~~ - 6x Lizardman Shamans - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - Wave 8 (Dscim special handicap): - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - 2x Corporeal Beast Wave 9 (Bank after completion of this wave, Tbow handicap): - General Graardor - Kree'Arra - 2x Jal-Zek Wave 10 (Tbow handicap): - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Commander Zilyana - 2x Jal-Xil Wave 11 (Mbox awarded upon completion, bank roundly after this): - Scorpia - Venenatis - Callisto - Vet'ion - Galvek - Chaos Elemental Wave 12 (Bank after completion of this wave)[Start: VERY Hard waves]: - 6x Demonic Gorillas Wave 13 (Bank after completion of this wave): - TzTok Jad - TzHaar Jad - JalTok Jad - Jal-Zek - Jal-Xil Wave 14 (Bank after completion of this wave, premium mbox awarded at completion): - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Jal-Zek - Jal-Xil - 2x Dill Wave 15 (Bank after completion of this wave)[Start: EXTREME waves]: - 2 TzTok Jad - 2 TzHaar Jad - 2 JalTok-Jad Wave 16 (Bank after completion of this wave, god box awarded at completion): - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Scorpia - Venenatis - Callisto - Vet'ion Wave 17 (Bank after completion of this wave)[Start: IMPOSSIBLE waves]: - TzTok Jad - TzHaar Jad - JalTok-Jad - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra Wave 18: ?? Wave 19: ?? Wave 20: ?? If you actually made it this far without dying, you're the best of the best.
  5. Nick

    The Horde - Reawakening I am happy to announce that on Friday, March 22, at 2:00pm Server time - we will be hosting YET ANOTHER Wave by Wave PvM Event we like to call "The Horde." POST YOUR TEAM BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR ENTRY!! I WILL LOAN PEOPLE GEAR IF THEY NEED ITEMS! What is it and how does it work? The Horde is a wave by wave PvM "minigame" where teams of 1-3 will face increasingly difficult monsters in attempts to outlast their competition. You will only be allowed to bank before certain waves begin, up to the discretion of the Horde runners [Myself and Sam] You and your team will be placed in the arena, when you are all ready, the wave will begin. You will need ALL 3 combat styles, as well as certain items to protect you from certain monsters. Hint hint. The team who survives the most waves (or progresses the most on the same wave if tied) will be crowned the victors. Please post your team below, letting us know you will be attending the event. Rules: Try not to die. No safespotting. Sam and Nick have the absolute say on anything; questioning their judgement is an immediate forfeit for said player/team. Under no circumstances do any team get re-do's. The list of bosses will be posted 10 minutes prior to the start of the Horde. Familiars that specialize in combat, ie, Steel Titan, Iron Titan, golems, etc are prohibited. "Nightmare Round": This will be a round where a random person of each team will be asked to solo the round themselves. Failing this round does not make you fail the horde, but your team does not get the reward for this round. Still under consideration as to whether we want to do this (time based). This round is designed to be very, very difficult. CHANGES FROM PRIOR EVENT: As your team battles the horde... you may stumble upon... handicaps that prohibit your ability to perform. Handicaps will not be listed and will be randomized. Nightmare round will change. There will be multiple arenas and viewing areas. Rewards: Store credit Cosmetics Valuable PvM items Rares Custom title(s) Good luck to everyone - please post your team setup below (minimum of 1, maximum of 3 people). May the odds be ever in your favor. Be ready to fight for your survival!
  6. Nick

    thx everypony 4 nice comment. dis r my bestest vider 2 dat
  7. Best video for advertisement EVER. BEST MBOX LOOT! SO MANY LEGENDARIES OFMGSDF
  8. You have the most 2010 intro I've ever seen. Keep the vids up.
  9. Um. If this gets too out of hand, we have admins who can solve these problems. Topic closed.
  10. Nick

    I need to re-commission either new userbars or more from the man who made these. I had these made probably over a year ago now lmao. We're missing a lot.
  11. Nick

    Welcome sir. Please donate for a blood scythe for me and I will financially compensate you in game thank you.
  12. About the untradeable items - which are you looking for? Also, with rates.. We had rates before. Believe it or not, people actually complained they could see the rates at which items are dropped.
  13. Nick

    Hey bud, Lots of questions! First a foremost - welcome to the server! I apologize it too us so long to approve your thread. Shame on us. Anyway, to answer your questions: Yes! We do offer Inferno test mode! You can choose to start at wave 66 if you so choose to. Everything thereafter is a 1:1 OSRS, as well as everything up to that point as well! Knock em dead! To my knowledge, there isn't a way to modify F-keys. However, I believe we use similar (if not the same) F-key defaults as OSRS. You can make the client look more "OSRS" by typing the commands ::shl (lowers hitpoints to 99 or raises to 990), ::sil (changes armors to RS3 or OSRS), and by typing ::svl to disable/enable virtual levels. You can also lower the detail if you wish, for a more OldSchool look as well. The easiest way to get 99 prayer is by using the gilded altar at home (burning bones on it). However, the most efficient way to get 99 prayer is to use the "Chaos Altar" at 40 wilderness, which has a 50% chance to not consume a bone when used. Any questions, pm me in game: Nickk/Ncik/Kcin/Nick Thanks. And welcome again!!
  14. Nick

    Waves: 1. 50 Men 2. 5 Phoenix' 3. Revenant dragon, rune dragon, steel dragon 4. Addy dragon, KQ, KBD 5. Mole, Crazy Arch, Chaos Fnatic 6. Deranged Arch, Lizardman Shaman, Thermo smoke devil 7. Corp beast, Crazy arch, deranged arch, chaos fnatic 8. 6 Lizardman shaman (Nightmare round) [Solo teammate] 9. General Graardor, Kree'Arra, Ket-Zek 10. K'ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, Ket-Zek 11. Scorpia, Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion 12. TzTok Jad, Jal-tok Jad, TzHaar-Jad 13. Gen Graardor, Commander Zilyana, K'ril, Kree 14. 2 JalTok Jad, 2 Dills, 2 Tok-Xil, 2 Ket-zek 15. 2 of each Jad, Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, 2 Lizardman Shaman 16. World Boss NO redos of anysort.

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