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  1. Nick

    Yo happy 3 years anniversary to this post, bitches.
  2. Nick

    Bout time. Nice.
  3. Nick

    Bold of you to assume onyx is my favorite game LOL. This isn't halting anything bro. There's so much content that's already been suggested that isn't being worked on that this will get swept under the rug too. Thx 4 commenting th0
  4. Okay, so before you call this stupid - HEAR ME OUT BOYS. Among us (and fall guys) are arguably the two biggest things to hit Twitch in a long time. 100s of thousands of people, if not millions, watch the streams everyday. Tons of people who play RS (I can name many from our OWN SERVER) play Among us and Fall Guys as well. This topic is suggesting a new minigame: Among RS. Here's how the minigame would work: Starting off Players will spawn in a PoH that was pre-designed by either Matt or Alex Players will be given tasks to complete, these include but are not limited to Short tasks (<5 Seconds): Hit the max hit dummy [Training room] Light an incense burner [Chapel] Pray at the altar [Chapel] Study with the telescope [Study] Play the Organ [Chapel] Light the fire [Parlor] Cook on the stove [Kitchen] Sit at the dining table [Dining room] Walk the balance beam [Training room] Rejuvenate at the pool [Superior Garden] Change your spellbook [Achievement Gallery] Plant the flowers [Garden] Sleep [Bedroom] Check wardrobe [Bedroom] Change costume [Costume Room] Hang up cape [Costume Room] Medium tasks (5-10 seconds, add some stall to make them longer): Read a book [Parlour] (Players will click the bookcase and be shown a book for 10 seconds) Wash your hands [Kitchen] Begin a countdown when the player stands still near the sink Destroy the combat stone [Games room] Prepare a beer from the Keg and drink it [Kitchen] Light the dining room fireplace [Dining room] Player keeps doing the firemaking animation for 7-8 seconds. Admire cute pets at the menagerie [Menagerie] Begin a countdown when the player enters the menagerie Redirect the portals in the portals [Portal Chamber] Sit in your demonic throne [Throne room] Begin a countdown when the player sits down. Input the fairy ring code [Superior Garden] Random code each time. Worship money [Achievement Gallery] Players will pray to the Coins stack for 6 seconds Fix fountain leak [Formal garden] Hammer animation on the fountain Long tasks (~10-15 seconds) Play hangman [Games room] Shoot a bullseye on the archery target [Games room] 1/4 chance at bullseye each shot. Do 1,000 damage to the combat dummy [Combat room] Damage each hit is 100-150 max. Create 10 teleport tablets at the Lectern [Study] Study the stars at the Infernal Chart [Study] Begin a countdown when looking at the chart. Set the table in the Dining room [Dining room] Players will have to put food on each table space in the dining room Relax on the bench [Superior Garden] Begin a countdown when the player sits down. Craft a Zulrah bush masterpiece [Superior Garden] Players will create a Zulrah bush statue in the garden. Players will only be allowed to walk. Running is set to 0% for the entire game. There will be a task bar at the top of the player's screen showing the % done of all tasks that need to be done. Players will be given 4 short, 3 medium and 1 long task. Players will not be allowed to type until a meeting is called or a player is reported dead. The imposter The imposter will be given the d claws from Diango's store and will be able to one-click them when in close proximity to a person in order to spec them out. When a player is killed, they will get a chatbox message "LITTLE DID YOU KNOW +playerName HAD D CLAWS!" When they hit a player, the player will perform the death animation, but be stuck in it laying on the ground and cannot move/speak. The imposter's screen will be darkened, similar to the effect used on Nex's shadow phase and Callus' extinguishing mechanic. 1 Imposter for 5 players, 2 imposters for 8+. The imposter will be allowed to perform all tasks that the players can to blend in. Reporting When a player spots a dead body, they will get the option at the bottom right of their screen to "report" it by clicking the button that pops up. A meeting will be called and the text "Dead Body Reported" will flash on screen. Players are all sent to the spawn room around the portal/garden/whatever it ends up being and will finally be allowed to talk to for 30 seconds. A UI will pop up after 30 seconds allowing players to "Vote to Kick" a player from the game. [Insert creative kick animation/phrase here] when someone is voted out of the house. Dead Players Dead players will be allowed to continue completing their tasks, but will be invisible [::hide] and will be given the noclipping ability to walk through walls. Dead players cannot speak during meetings. Dead players cannot report dead bodies. To win Imposter(s) outnumber regular players. All players complete their tasks. Rewards Minigame boxes Ty for reading even though you're all pretty sus.
  5. Nick

    Congrats to all winners and thanks for voting!
  6. Nick

    I would also include the traveling elves in in the Lletya area for a crystal shield, bow, and halberd. Also include Zeah shops (fishing, etc). Great guide overall, however. Will definitely be useful to newer players who aren't as keen into how Onyx works.
  7. Nick

    HORDE WAVE LIST (1-20) Rankings: Wave 1-5: Easy Waves 6-9: Medium Waves 10-11: Hard Waves 12-14: Very Hard Waves 15-18: Extremely Hard Waves 19-20: Almost Impossible Completion Bonuses: - Nightmare round: 1K shards to each team member - Wave 11: Super Mbox to each team member - Wave 15: Premium Mbox to each member + reward from Wave 11 and Nightmare (if applicable) - Wave 20: God Box, Wave 15/11 rewards, and Nightmare (if applicable) - Winning team (fastest/least deaths/farthest progress): Store credit, cosmetic, or boxes. Wave 1: - 3 Barrelchests - 3 Moles - 2 Borks Wave 2: - 6 Phoenix' - Hati - Skoll Wave 3: - Deranged Archaeologist - Chaos Fanatic - Crazy Archaeologist - Chaos Elemental - Kalphite Queen Wave 4: - Hati - Skoll - 2x Nomad - King Black Dragon Wave 5: - 2x Rune Dragon - 2x Adamant Dragon - Ancient Wyvern - Fossil Island Wyvern - King Black Dragon Nightmare Round* (1 player, picked by team must solo) - 6x Lizardman Shamans - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil All players recieve 1 minute to bank between Nightmare round and Wave 7. Wave 7: - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - 2x Tormented Demons - 3x Lizardman Shamans Wave 8: - 3x Kalphite Queens - 2x Kril Tsutsaroth - 2x Kree'Arra Wave 9: - 2x Jal-Zek - 2x Commander Zilyana - 2x General Graardor Wave 10*: - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Kril Tsutsaroth - Chaos Elemental All players receive 1 minute to bank between Waves 10 and 11. Wave 11: - 2x Corporal Beasts - Scorpia - Venenatis - Callisto - Vet'ion - Chaos Elemental - Galvek Wave 12 (Players may no longer use Twisted Bows of any sort for the rest of the minigame): - TzTok-Jad - TokHaar-Jad - JalTok-Jad - Corrupt Wolpertinger Wave 13: - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Kril Tsutsaroth - Chaos Elemental - Jal-Zek - Jal-Xil - 3x Dills All players receive 1 minute to bank between Waves 13 and 14. Wave 14: - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Jal-Zek - Jal-Xil - 2x Dill Wave 15*: - 2x TokHaar-Jad - 2x TzTok-Jad - 2x JalTok-Jad - Chaos Elemental Wave 16: - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor - Scorpia - Venenatis - Callisto - Vet'ion - Tormented Demon Wave 17 (Players may no longer use Spirit Shields of any kind): - 10x Demonic Gorillas - 2x Chaos Elemental Banking is allowed at the end of every round now. Wave 18: - 2x TokHaar-Jad - 2x TzTok-Jad - 2x JalTok-Jad - Chaos Elemental - K'ril Tsutsaroth - Kree'Arra - Commander Zilyana - General Graardor Wave 19: - 2x TokHaar-Jad - 2x TzTok-Jad - 2x JalTok-Jad - Deranged Archaeologist - Chaos Fanatic - Crazy Archaeologist - Chaos Elemental Wave 20*: - 2x TokHaar-Jad - 2x TzTok-Jad - 2x JalTok-Jad - Venenatis - Scorpia - Callisto - Vet'ion - Chaos Elemental Wave 21** (BONUS): - Onyx Boss Wave 22** (DOUBLE BONUS): - DragonKK's #1 Boss **Time permitting
  8. I am happy to announce that on Saturday, May 2, at 3:00pm Server time - we will be hosting YET ANOTHER Wave by Wave PvM Event we like to call "The Horde." Except - this one's gonna be a little different A lot has changed on Onyx since the last PvM Horde was hosted on March 22, 2019. Over a year ago. We've had new players join, old players leave, custom items added, new bosses, etc, etc. I'll be posting how The Horde will work below, as well as explaining some new mechanics to make the event as fair and successful as possible. What is it and how does it work? The Horde is a wave by wave PvM "minigame" where teams of 1-3 will face increasingly difficult monsters in attempts to outlast their competition. You will only be allowed to bank before certain waves begin, up to the discretion of the Horde runners [Myself and Sam]. The event will be hosted in the multi-combat area of the FunPK white portal. At the beginning of each round, the bosses will spawn and your team will be asked to enter the arena. Sam and I will spawn in the bosses in a randomized fashion each wave. You will need ALL 3 combat styles, as well as certain items to protect you from certain monsters. Hint hint: slayer helmet. The team who survives the most waves (or progresses the most on the same wave if tied) will be crowned the victors. Teams will NO LONGER be chosen by players, but instead picked by myself in attempts to even the playing field. Ironmen/women will be given items via command in order to help them compete in the Horde. All items must then be returned once the event is finished. The top 2/3 teams (depending on participation) will be rewarded. Rules: Try not to die. No safespotting. Sam and Nick have the absolute say on anything; questioning their judgement is an immediate forfeit for said player/team. Under no circumstances do any team get re-do's. Waves are posted in advance. Plan for them. The list of bosses will be posted 10 minutes prior to the start of the Horde. Familiars are prohibited. Custom items (with exemption of necklaces/jewelry/auras) are prohibited. Gear (Bandos, Arma and Subjugation, etc) will be supplied to those who need it to increase fairness. This includes ironmen/women. There is a limit to 5/6 items per person. This depends on how nice I am willing to be. "Nightmare Round": This will be a round where a team-picked player will be asked to solo the round themselves. Failing this round does not make you fail the horde, but your team does not get the bonus reward for this round. Still under consideration as to whether we want to do this (time based). This round is designed to be very, very difficult. Bonuses are free additions. Don't pout if your teammate doesn't succeed and dies. CHANGES FROM PRIOR EVENT: As your team battles the horde... you may stumble upon... handicaps that prohibit your ability to perform. Handicaps will not be listed and will be randomized. There will be multiple arenas and viewing areas (if time prohibits). Teams will not be submitted, but instead chosen by Nick and Sam. Rewards: Store credit Cosmetics Valuable PvM items Rares Good luck to everyone - please post whether you plan to join below. May the odds be ever in your favor. Be ready to fight for your survival!
  9. Nick

    Where my YTer rank at bitch
  10. Nick

    This is part of the vanilla banking interface per this time in RS, therefore it will not change. Closed.
  11. Nick

    Definitely something I'd enjoy seeing but it's not coming outa my pocket this time lmao.

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