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  1. Hello and Welcome to my post, members of Onyx! I've decided to claim Onyx as my home away from home - and with that, will be spending all of my time on this server. I've been burned out of the intense grind of Runescape 3 and can't bring myself to hook into Old School, so i'm moving here. I will be compiling all of my goals and current achievements within this thread, and will update it at the end of every day with new information. ___________________________________________________________________ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l 1/₉₉ l ___________________________________________________________________ MAX CAPE COMPLETIONIST CAPE TRIMMED / ELITE COMPLETIONIST CAPE 99 ATTACK 99 CRAFTING Acquire Max Cape Cut an Evil Tree Obtain a BOSS / SKILLING Pet Obtain 500 Dominion Tower Kills 99 STRENGTH 99 THIEVING Acquire 120 Dungeoneering Unlock 300 Music Tracks Kill every boss X3 Obtain the virtual level 110 in every skill 99 HITPOINTS 99 HERBLORE Obtain Elite Void Set Solve 10 Treasure Trails Win 10 Trivia Sessions Obtain a bosses fastest kill record 99 DEFENCE 99 AGILITY Complete All Quests Obtain Golden Mining Set Obtain the virtual level 120 in every skill Complete the Horde Activity 99 MINING 99 FLETCHING Win a Stealing Creation Game Obtain Lumberjack Set Give 2B GP away to the Wishing Well 99 SMITHING 99 FARMING Win a Fight Pits Game Obtain Black Ibis Set 99 RUNECRAFTING 99 SUMMONING Capture a flag in Castle Wars Obtain Runecrafter Set 99 FIREMAKING 99 WOODCUTTING Win a staked duel in Duel Arena Obtain Fishing Set 99 HUNTER 99 SLAYER Obtain a Dragon Defender Win a Quick Reaction Challenge 99 CONSTRUCTION 99 DUNGEONEERING Sell Mandrith a statuette Finish 30 Boss Tasks 99 RANGED 99 PRAYER Mine a Shooting Star Obtain 200 Dominion Tower Kills 99 MAGIC Win a Partyhat vs Dice King Win 3 Trivia Sessons Give 500M to the Wishing Well Kill one of every boss PERSONAL MAX: ACHIEVE 200M IN ALL SKILLS KILL EVERY SLAYER MONSTER X20 PERSONAL COMP: ACHIEVE ALL SKILLING PETS This post will constantly be changing and will be updated with current information often. Keep a check to see the progress.

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