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  1. Good looks, ill post mine when I get home🥴
  2. In that case I don’t really see an issue with the rapier in it’s current state. Thanks for clearing that up
  3. Understand where you’re coming from, but hard to exceute. People have spent hundreds of dollars to get it, with the assumption it would be, and remain, at it’s current power. I totally agree there should be changes made to the pvp aspect though, for as of right now pvp is dead, and though the rapier isn’t the only reason, it certainly doesn’t help.
  4. Appreciate it man. I felt I went fairly in-depth, had to shorten it down a bit after proof reading as I was repeating myself too much. I.e. my strengths and why I believe I should be chosen over other applicants is explained in the other answers. I get where you're coming from though, so appreciate the honest feedback! Ja word haha
  5. 1. Username: Slime 2. Age: 22 3. Timezone: GMT +1 4. Where are you from? Norway 5. How long have you been a part of Onyx? 2 months 6. How many hours do you spend online daily? Usually 5 hours+, though have been lacking lately due to exams. Will be back to regular schedule after Christmas. 7. Are you active both in-game and on our forums? I try to be active on both, though the server's forum is fairly inactive all around, making it hard to contribute content. I'm used to forums being more active, and if steps are taken to increase activity, I'll definitely be on the forefront of active members. 8. Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? The main reason I want to become a part of the Staff team is to make it easier to be more hands-on with helping users and resolve issues that occur in-game (referring to help tickets, and members feeling safe to contact me if they run into an issue). On a side note, I know that being a staff member does strengthen my influence in helping decide what path the server heads into in the future. I've been part of staff teams on servers that lasted for years, and servers that failed after a few. I like to think this gives me the knowledge to offer my insight on questions the owners might face in the future. 9. How would you describe your strengths? I am calm and collected, certainly in an online context, and able to objectively handle a situation without letting personal relations cloud my judgement. 10. How would you describe your weaknesses? In correlation to a staff member position, the biggest issue you will face with me on the team is that I might be unable to be active in periods of time for the remainder of my school year. I'm on my final year of my law degree, and won't be able to be on for more than a few hours a day during my exam periods. The next, and final, period will be may-june 2020. 11. Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have or had: When I was 17, I lead a sales team of 20 people for 2 years. During this period I had an average monthly increase in sales of 17%. When I first assumed the role, my team and I had an increase in sales of 60% the first 3 months. I am currently working on a Sales Manager internship in investment banking for the largest private finance house in Norway. In my current position, one of my main responsibilities is being head of customer service, making me responsible for sales for our 80 customer service agents. Like I mentioned earlier, I've also been part of numerous staff teams during the decade I've played private servers. 12. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? I firmly believe that given the opportunity and proper guidance, I will be able to execute the job better than anyone else. 13. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position and what you hope to achieve: As I answered in question 8, my main goal is to be able to positively influence the members of this server, as well as the direction the server takes in the future (in regards to major and minor updates, forum activity, etc.) 14. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Absolutely. For the relatively short period I've been on the server, I've come to know the owners as fair in their judgement, and expect repercussion to be appropriate if I am to violate any rules. Thank you for reading my application, feedback from anyone is much appreciated.
  6. Good luck bro, shoot me a pm when you're online (ign slime)
  7. Selling all the above mention items, pm me in game or post here
  8. SLIME


    Hey bois. Figured I'd make an introduction to get to know the community a bit more, I just joined today and my ign is Slime. I've played rs since 2005, and rsps' since 2010. I haven't played much the past couple of years, but hopefully i'll be convinced to stay after trying out your server. I'm 23 and from the cold north in Norway, let's chat on discord or in game my friends

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