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  1. Woover

    Giant Mole has Mole Parts that are going to be soon exchangeable for Birds' Nests. Fighter Torso is also a possible drop by giant mole whereas it is an un-tradeable. When the exchanging of Mole parts will be implemented the boss will have more traction and will then make farming it for a chance for a Fighter's Torso a harder choice. Pking is already not very active and making the players try and get a Torso by RNG from a boss that is not instanced a harder thing to do as the server grows in capacity and hopefully the Player-Killing community grows with it. Thus I suggest fully implementing Barbarian Assault. (and yes, I got 1k KC without a fighter torso at giant mole, standard exp rate, a big part of the kills I was a Sapphire donator too)
  2. Woover

    5K is lower than Runescape's cash drop so I wouldn't do that, besides, max is not the actual reward. I believe the owners will find a way to make it a bit more appropriate. I agree with everything on your list apart from the slayer tasks. But I do agree that it shouldn't happen from level 1, I'd suggest getting slayer cash rewards only when a slayer skillcape(99 level) is worn and thus limiting it to only those who are already 99 slayer and get nothing else from doing slayer but exp for fun. Also add donator's ability to take the essence of the skillcape and add it to the toolbelt if you're doing that so you can wear other capes whilst doing slayer if you are a donator and still get the cash reward. Plus, I've got more to add to the list. If the owners are interested they can let me know.
  3. Woover

    In my opinion, from what I've seen around the server: Bandos Godsword - 7-10M Dragon Claws - 30-50M(will go higher once Pking becomes more active) Rune Crossbow - 150k Ea Bandos Chestplate - 35-45M[Ful said on Yell when I asked] Bandos Tassets - Unstable Bandos Boots - 200K-500K Dragon Boots - 250-400k Ea Dragon Platelegs(alch for 169k? If I recall correctly) - 250k, Skirts are usually for alching Gold Ores - Varies greatly(can be from 1.2-2.5k each, price guide says 2k on one of the guides on forum though) Bones are getting their values varied from each day that's gone through so I'd say it would be hard to set a price on them
  4. Woover

    In real Runescape nobody gets those restrictions. If you think some way of getting money is overpowered for multiple accounts, nerf it. It was probably overpowered for every account if its overpowered for multiple accounts. I think bork needs a nerf to the cash reward as it is 25 times Runescape's rate. If Bork would be same as real Runescape for a maximum of 20k a kill it would be under-powered for this economy. I'd say around 200k max cash reward with a 400 minimum reward sounds about right as I can testify with having done Bork a lot of times that you get the lower end spectrum of the rewards a lot too, but you might disagree and I'm okay with that. Let the Owners decide what they seem fit. While you're at it, I have a number of other things I have used and other have used that I know about that should be nerfed in my opinion for their rewards and you guys never mentioned. If an owner wants a list he can feel free to pm me and I'll send him as I can already predict you guys complaining about them in the near future too.
  5. Woover

    We missed you Cameron
  6. Woover

    Very nice mate
  7. Woover

    PvM M4st4, thank you so much for taking the time detailing your thoughts with what you agree with and what you don't! I appreciate it. I'd like to comment on some of your detailed response: I agree it would make it a bit harder to navigate through. I'd suggest an overhaul to the interface used for the command, but not knowing the possible implemented interfaces in the new client, I can not recommend or suggest a specific way to do it. I think adding a house-built option that's currently not implemented to ::dz would make it a better option to teleport to on the cases you are without a house tab than the player-owned house and it is the reason I suggested it, thus I disagree even though I get where you are coming from. I did not mean the individual drop rate changes to be regarded as different ones, I have changed the phrasing a bit on the main thread to reflect that(for example, the ring of wealth drop rate increase is meant to compensate for the donators' and weekdays' drop rate reduction). I can understand however if you disagree with my way of trying to overhaul the system and would love it if you can suggest another way yourself. On the reason why I think weekdays' droprate and donators' droprate should both be removed is because it makes group PvMing really hard to balance. At the moment, a group doing a boss should only let the guy with the standard game mode and the highest donator rank get the kill-count also they should not do it on weekends even if they are maxed and skilling will not affect their account(whereas in weekends the players count should be the highest since most people have some kind of an obligation during the weekdays), otherwise they have lower chance of getting rare drops, making it very hard to organize bossing runs and for some donator ranks such as Nick's(currently a diamond) a worse choice in most cases as if he doesn't get the kill-count himself his droprate is lowered drastically. Please notice the downgrade slashes exp by 15 as per my suggestion, making it a way worse choice to make an easy account and downgrade it as you need to work more than twice as hard(easy is about 6 times easier than normal, not 15 times). I dislike the way you hint I could gain from it personally, please refrain from doing that. My main and my pures are on standard exp rate, the other accounts you mention will not benefit from the increased drop rate that much that I would work more than 5 times as much to get their combat stats back up again to a reasonable level. Regardless, I can understand why people/you would not like this suggestion being a possibility.
  8. Woover

    I've had some ideas for suggestions concerning donators, which will be divided into two: General, Drop Rate Changes. General: * ;;tp command to include all accessories' teleports and shop-sold teleports(such as Zulrah) * Display all the donator status rewards on a new section on the forums and in-game that is view-able for everyone even when not on donator store or even when not logged in to forums * Add timer for shooting stars(when will be thr next time you can do it. Also add a Next Shooting Star Timer for everyone with a telescope at home or for whomever is a donator(basically, timer unlocks without telescope for donators) * Add shooting star location for donators at quest tab * Changing donator tiers to "upgrade"(or add a new upgrade ticket option yo donator store) so they will help prevent middlemans or owners help when buying a donator status * Make Untradeables on Donator store be a ticket you have to tear and get it, making it sellable and tradeable in-game(again help preventing middlemans) * ?Make Donators be able to add higher tier tools to tool-belt(rune/dragon pickaxe/hatchet and SC tools for example) * Add fountain at ::dz that restores all combat stats to max(hp/degraded stats/pray/summoning/special attack) * ?Make house portal at ::dz and be able to use it for all houses, when used the house portal at ::dz it will teleport back to donator zone when you exit that house Suggestions Concerning Drop Rate Changes: Currently the droprate is individual and as such can make group PvMing very uneven. Thus I suggest an overhaul(please do not regard these suggestions as different ones as without one the other would not make sense) to the drops gotten by donators in the following way(or another way you will see fit better, these are just rough ideas): * Remove overall droprate bonuses for donators to make Group PvMing with non-donators more viable. Remove the droprate bonus on weekdays too(weekends are the most active times for group PvMing). * Instead of the Donator's and Weekday's drop rate increase, ?Increase ring of wealth drop rate percentage increase to 40%(to compensate for both donator and weekdays drop rate increase removal), add donator's ability to add ring of wealth to toolbelt(allowing you to use another ring on your account while still having the drop rate % from ring of wealth). * ?Add Untradeables(Spin Tickets, Effigies, Clue Scrolls, Fighter Torso, Defenders, Frozen Key parts etc...) And Crystal Key parts droprate increase by 50% on weekdays instead and another 10-50% increase by donator status. * ?Add 10%-50% depending on donator status exp bonus for effigies * ?Add 10%-50% tokens bonus for dungeoneering depending on donator status * ?Increase cash drops from monsters/slayer by 20%-100% for donators There are currently very minor rank advancements perks(that are listed at least, don't know which are unlisted) above Emerald for donators. I'd like to see some of these suggestions implemented for either one of the higher ranks along with the drop rate changes: * Make donators of certain rank be able to add dung items to tool-belt(seedicide/bonecrusher etc...) * Make donators of certain ranks receive noted resources(Bones/Ashes/Bars/Ores/Herbs/Hides/Logs/Raw Food) from monsters that drop those, some of the drop types automatic noting will only be available for higher donator statuses. Dungeoneering items will negate the noted feature for their respective drops for experience. On top of the donators' suggestions, this will have to be the last step to giving an option to have an even droprate for everybody who wants to have it: * Add ::downgrade command allowing you to slash all your exp gained by 15 on all skills to go to standard exp rate. This command will push all your gear to the bank, reset your Player-Owned house, remove all points(Pest Control, dung tokens etc...), require a PIN for this command and a certain place to be in. Also, please make the Standard Game Mode Drop Rate increase not-hidden.
  9. Great update and I'm grateful and all but... Now?!?! ...
  10. Woover

    Not worth it though. I can do other things to get 14-21m cash and get a torso without relying on rng by buying it as a donation from someone who accepts in-game cash. I've made a 1k kc max goal and stuck through it. Otherwise, I agree very much with your saying.
  11. Woover

    1,000 kc, I'm done. Not trying anymore.
  12. This is a thread to post all your Clue Scroll & Mystery Box rewards. Please also mention the Clue Scroll's difficulty if you post a clue scroll reward. I'll start off with a Clue Scroll(Hard) Reward:
  13. Woover

    400kc dry of a fighter torso at giant mole, with my droprate % should be around 1/50 drop. Can you please pray to the RNG gods for me? Also, can you please pray to onyx to give mole claws+skins+nose exchange system for birds' nests while you're at it? Got 2k of those lol Update: 500kc dry. Update 3: Update 4: Update 5: Update 6: Update 7: RIP. I'm done.

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