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  1. Das likes ty, keep up the good work developers
  2. sorry didnt mean to send message was just needing somewhere to write my rhymes

    1. Theos


      There's almost an infinite amount of locations to write your rhymes. (Word, Notes, Google Docs, etc.) 😊

  3. Exphos88

    What's poppin peeps, aight so I'm sure every single person can agree with me on this Squeal of fortune rewards needs to be reworked. Now one major thing that needs to be changed are the bones, because you only ever get a quantity of one bone, like what am I gonna do with a single dragon bone, I'd rather get a lamp and those are easier to get and more beneficial. Now stuff like d hide armor should get removed and the rare drops from sof should be actual rares not shit like one bone or red d hide chaps. Yall get what I'm saying?
  4. Exphos88

    I agree with this I feel like this will get the community more involved with raids and finally see some more end game items that were not donated for
  5. Exphos88

    Good luck fam, there is no way I'd do all that I'm to lazy
  6. Exphos88

    yes yes its me again and i understand how y'all feel about custom items and your not really big fans of them but hear me out here okay this one is simple as fuck and i'm sure everyone will enjoy it. since we have elite void robe top and bottoms why not a helmet? so i was thinking why don't we add the ability to combine all 3 helmets together making it "Elite Void Helmet" and it will work like all 3 helmets at once so for hybriding pvm it saves inventory spaces and you only need to change your weapons not your helmets anymore? let me know what y'all think about this! Sexy Beast Exphos88 <3
  7. Exphos88

    make me one and ill donate in your name
  8. Exphos88

    the lore is all over the place lol
  9. Exphos88

    alright i'm back with another idea, yeah i know i'm awesome and sexy as fuck but enough of that lets get to this idea of mine. but first i understand that staff are busy with other things way more important then new content and i can see this being a shit ton of work and probably wont be seeing this stuff for like a year so feel free to overlook. so before i get to the boss's i thought about a few new item that could be made and added into the game called Aegis Shield, vampires mate(sword), staff of the damned, book of souls, splinters crossbow, splinters curse(offhand). aegis shield - passive effect blocks 10% of incoming damage of all types (melee, range, magic). i was also thinking of adding a anti dragon fire effect to it but that might be a little op against dragons. Vampires mate - passive effect heals for 1 hit point for every 5 damage dealt to npc/players (basically another soulsplit) staff of the damned - passive effect increase accuracy for every successful hit stacks up to 10x against monster/boss's and 5x against players (1% more accuracy per stack totaling to 10% bonus against monster/boss's and totaling to 5% against players) book of souls - passive effect infinite runes( in other words be able to use any spell for free that cost runes) Splinters crossbow - passive effect 30% chance to shoot an extra bolt (pretty much same effect as swift gloves, but of course these effects should not stack) (i was also thinking of making this crossbow shoot fast like a short bow but i feel like that would be absolutely broken so ill let you decide that one lol.) splinters curse - passive effect 25% chance to reflect 50% damage when being attacked (reduced to 10% against players and reflecting 25% damage against players) (this item is a buckler or a shield ill leave this one up to you) now these items i was expecting them to be top tier gear so anywhere from tier 90-99, pretty much end game content but in the end all decisions and changes will be up to developers/owners so you do you boys/girls. tweak these anyway you want <3 you can even make these donation items only for all i care lol <3. Boss's Now for the THICC boi's, i thought of 2 boss's these boss's have existed before in other servers but these boss's have always been my most favorite to fight so here they are. and they are Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction. Avatar of Creation: Hit points: 50000 Defence: Medium (i dont really know how defence works for boss's/monsters so up to you) Attack types: Melee/range. Max hit: 45 Melee (melee single target damage) 30 Range (attacks everyone in a specific area around him kind of like bandos) Drops: (all drops are just suggestions can be changed to whatever you want) Ourg bones - 100% Coins 1m-3m - 100% Vampires mate - very rare Staff of the Damned - Very rare Splinters Crossbow - very rare Elite clue scroll - uncommon Pandora key fragments x10- uncommon crystal keys noted x3 - common Avatar of Destruction: Hit points: 35000 Defence: Medium (i dont really know how defence works for boss's/monsters so up to you) Attack styles: Melee/Magic max hit: Melee 30 (melee single target damage) magic 30 (attacks everyone in a specific area around him) Drops: (all drops are just suggestions can be changed to whatever you want) Ourg bones - 100% Coins 1m-3m - 100% Aegis shield - very rare Book of Souls - Very rare Splinters curse - very rare Elite clue scroll - uncommon Pandora key fragments x5- uncommon crystal keys noted x3 - common EXTRA LORE FOR NEW ITEMS (this lore was only made because i was tired and high and is not intended to be added to the game, but shoot me a message if you want me to finish this lore lol) Lore: Vladimir was a vampire warrior who want nothing more then to fight an opponent stronger then himself and defeating him. one day Vladimir was searching ruins for a way to summon a worthy opponent until he finally found a ritual circle. the circle was written in an ancient language very few beings could read or yet understand but because of Vladimir was a vampire a superior being compared to all things vampires were able to speak and read this ancient language because it was similar to there own so very few could understand the meanings of this language. Vladimir read the markings and stood in the middle of the circle cutting his hand with his blade then squeezing his hand into a fist shape dripping blood onto the ritual circle. the ruins started to glow brighter and brighter almost blinding Vladimir. After a few seconds there was a huge force of wind pushing everything away like a massive explosion just went off, Vladimir was pushed into a wall almost being knocked unconscious but before passing out he saw a glimpse of someone or something now floating above the ritual circle, the being looked like he was half dead or half alive, the beings body was decaying only half the of his flesh remained on his body while the rest was bone.the floating being scream and said "I AM DEMILAK AND I HAVE RETURNED!!!...I AM COMING FOR YOU SPLINTER!!!". Splinter was a renowned archer who was known by everyone in his village for slaying evil and protecting the people. Splinter like nothing more in this world then his wife she meant everything to him, he would do anything for her even if it meant having to sacrifice everything to keep her safe. one morning Splinter was out hunting for food for the village and he felt the ground shift ever so slightly as if an earthquake was about to happen, the moment Splinter felt the ground shift he eminently ran back to the village to warn everyone about the earthquake that was about to happen but Splinter didn't make it back in time. the earthquake started to happen half way back to the village, it was to late, it was to difficult to run, even more so in the forest where he was hunting but he did everything he could in order to make it back to the village. the earthquake started to settle down, now with the soft earthquake Splinter was finally able to make it back to his village but the majority of it was destroyed, houses split in half or fell into rubble and farm land destroyed. Splinter didn't care for any of this except for his wife so he headed straight to his house. Once Splinter arrived home and saw how lucky he was his house was untouched and his wife standing outside of the house waiting for Splinters return. Splinter had a feeling that this was not a normal earthquake but he had no solid proof except for a gut feeling and fear. Demilak could sense where Splinter was located so he followed that feeling and headed in the direction of Splinter. After a days travel Demilak arrive to a village where the feeling of Splinter's aura was strong, Demilak was fill with so much excitement and anger he immediately fired off some of his magic destroying homes and killing people while yelling out, "SPLINTER I HAVE FINALLY COME FOR YOU...DIE!!!".Vladimir finally awoke from being knocked unconscious he was a little dizzy but he managed to stand up. Vampires have a natural talent for healing their own wounds, after a few moments Vladimir was back to normal and started to survey the area around him. He could feel a great power that was summoned around him but that being was no longer around the area, Vladimir's blood started to rush from excitement his eyes glowing bright red and his hair turning blood red, with all this new excitement Vladimir went and searched for this being who was summoned to this world. He was hard to trail all Vladimir had to do was follow the trail of death that was left behind by the being. Eventually Vladimir arrived to a small village that look half destroy and reeked of death there was very few people left in the area but all the people seem to be running away from the village so Vladimir went to check it out and saw to people fighting. The ones fighting were the being who was summoned by Vladimir and a archer named Splinter that Vladimir had no knowledge of. Vladimir quickly ran towards the two who were fighting. "you dare you take the prey i summoned to this world, i will be the one to defeat this being!" said Vladimir and attacked Splinter. Splinter was filled with rage and hatred towards Vladimir for summon this monstrosity, so he retaliated, "you summoned Demilak the Mage of the Damned...he will do nothing but bring terror to this world" Splinter pushed Vladimir back a distanced. Demilak felt annoyed by this pathetic vampire interrupting his revenge so he cast a powerful spell targeting both Vladimir and Splinter. The spell strikes the ground close to the two fighting and the blast from the spell pushing them away, "you dare get in ths middle of my revenge". The 3 fighting Vlaimir, Demilak, Splinter fought for 3 days straight trying to kill one another everyone exhaust except Demilak because he was a being from a different world, one of the dead brought back to life to ravage all living things. TO BE CONTINUED because im to tired to continue more.
  10. Exphos88

    Onyx username: Exphos88 Discord usernamer: [TRF]Exphos88 Rank: Emerald
  11. Exphos88

    fantastic job i been actually waiting for this, thank you so much!!!
  12. Exphos88

    But who are you in game lol
  13. Exphos88

    Hows it going everyone I'm Exphos88, I'm literally the one guy that cant get offened but loves to offened others I'm a big joker and love to mess with people, im also hella honest but people take my honesty as being a jerk but hey I dont sugarcoat shit for no one, its 2019 grow up or go cry with your feels in a room with no windows lol you either love me or hate me <3 Everyone's soon to be favorite person, Exphos88 <3
  14. Exphos88

    whats up everyone i couldn't sleep last night because you know fuck the brain right, anyways i was thinking about this idea last night about different tier items. what i mean by this is not tier 70-80-90 etc no what i mean is like common uncommon rare etc, this idea seems like it could be really good but absolutely horrible at the same time. so lets say you get a armadyl crossbow drop from kree'arra but when you get the drop there are chances of it being a common/uncommon/rare/super rare version of it. common - basic stats uncommon - small bonus rare - medium bonus super rare - large bonus now these bonus's don't have to be big or small they can just be stat effects like say uncommon +1.5% acc bonus or rare 1.5% acc bonus + 1.5% damage bonus. or you get give them small buffs like uncommon +2 range acc bonus. you could even make it so they regenerate special attack energy faster but that sounds to good for pvp. now of course getting anything uncommon and higher should be much harder to get as a drop. hope everyone could understand what i mean't from this, thank you for reading and give me your honest opinion, all feedback is appreciated. idea from your soon to be favourite person Exphos88

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