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  1. Theos baaaaaaabbyyyyy

  2. Polemo Theos

    They are practically the same, but to kill them goes as follows: Rex(Melee) - use Magic, Prime(Magic) - use Ranged, Supreme(Range) - use Melee. Most of this is simple enough to find therefore making a guide not needed. 😊
  3. Polemo Theos

    Idk why I didn't see it before, edited my chimp response lmao!
  4. Polemo Theos

    Beautiful guide, I constantly refer to this. Thank you Albert!
  5. Great update! Thanks for the ::odz command, solid idea. will not the thread # to reference for those who aren't on forums/discord. Thank you!
  6. Polemo Theos

    oooo sounds, awesome brother! I definitely +1 this!
  7. Polemo Theos

    Siiiick, Ryon! As a purple advocate, I approve! Definitely a lot going on here, but you've got the focal point down and it works well together!
  8. Polemo Theos

    Awesome! thank you, brother! Also if you could include dmg bonus % that'd be swell <3
  9. Polemo Theos

    Thank you Albert! would like to possibly see what each full set looks like on either side of the lists (preview).
  10. Polemo Theos

    I can vouch that he's on frequently later in the night. I've seen him practically every day, friendly lad.
  11. Polemo Theos

    Welcome, Ex! We're pretty similar on the "don't get offended part", but not so much on the "loves to offend". With that being said I feel like we'll get along alright!
  12. Polemo Theos

    I agree with Kitsuna on this, the idea seems really great in theory, but it would probably take a significant amount of time to code. I think we have enough items as it is for now, but this MAY be a possibility for the future. I'm sure the staff team is hard as work on adjustments with our current set up so this may get put on the back burner. Though this shouldn't discourage you sharing more of your ideas! We'd all love to see them, but we should start a little smaller and more practical. Thank you! Much loves,
  13. Polemo Theos

    You're a nice guy, but I'd like to point out that you can't immediately apply for moderator. Gotta start off as a support (helper) so if you'd like to edit your application to such I'd suggest doing so. The application looks good and I've seen you helping other new players in the time you've been here, just hope you keep up the good work!
  14. Polemo Theos

    I may be a little late on this one and appologize, I haven't seen you around much recently, but every interaction we've had has been pleasant. You're kind and easy to talk to and helpful as far as I've seen. The application could use a little lengthening and possibly a little more depth, but I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Polemo Theos

    Well done guide brother, I really like the video clips! Definitely very helpful and the rune defender from Robin alternative could save time for those that aren't in a rush to get their dragon defender within the first day or two of them joining.

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