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  1. Kitsuna

    Indeed i believe it needs a rework as well, but not a hasty one. It needs to be analyzed to not affect the eco too much and also make it feel rewarding for voting for the server. (As this is the primary source for the spins). We do get rewarded with quite a bit for voting , but when we use those spins we just ask "What is this even here for?". +1
  2. Kitsuna

    A GIANNNtttt wall of text i really don't honestly want to go through, but i will say custom items aren't exactly what i personally want to see.
  3. woooo worried about bank command but woooo great update!
  4. Kitsuna

    verrry niceeee
  5. Kitsuna

  6. Kitsuna

    I think the diablo-esque type loot system is cool, i just fully believe it would be a MASSIVE coding nightmare! But i mean it is a very neat idea!
  7. Kitsuna

    heyy +1 to the guide . Id suggest to also add that you "don't need to leave the room to get the next defender" <<< Its a common question from alot of people trying to get their def drops.
  8. Kitsuna

    Thank you summer, i am trying my best ^-^ and growing each and every day. <3
  9. Kitsuna

    Yay you got it to work! Did the opengl vs directx thing i told you about help??
  10. Kitsuna

    I will begin this by saying.. Yes. This man has been a pinnacle in my and others experience playing onyx. IF it wasn't for him my experience would have been dull and i never would have been introduced to how fun this server is. He has bitten his tongue when people have been rude or simply just not cared and in turn showed them compassion. The position would be in good hands. This is my two-cents, but i am a newer player so that may weigh admittedly very limited.
  11. Kitsuna

    Welcome! ^-^
  12. Kitsuna

    Understood ^-^ i figured id give it a shot. I don't want to be in the position unless the players WANT me there. So the big fat no is very welcome I will simply keep helping the way i can with where i'm at.
  13. GREAT update, the only improvement i can see for the drop system is that some areas don't show the item names still, and maybe a way in the future to hide types?

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