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  1. Recommended Skills: 65+ Attack + Strength (130+ total of the 2 stats to Access) 43+ Prayer Recommended (to AFK moar) Choose Your Method: This guide will help you get just that in a few simple steps, but to speed it up... If you are patient, use ::vote for 6 days for 5 votes/day to have 30 votes. Then buy a Rune Defender from "Robin" at ::shops for 30 vote points. This will eliminate the need to grind 6 out of 7 defenders AND help the server. Required Armor: Get Tokens: Get Defenders: -Thomas
  2. will do, i'm so use to Twitch so YouTube is a bit diff but i figured i give it a go to help promote the server and get us more players to enjoy and stay
  3. Thanks! most def man! tons of streams to come!
  4. yeah it helped. still having the random crashes might have to clear the cache and see if it helps or not. never had this issue when streaming WoW or anything else so i know its on Java's side of things
  5. The title says it all a short hour stream, yesterday just messing around, showed off the ::dz as well as a few things. look forward to continue streaming the server as much as i can daily as well.
  6. def a +1. this app is very well done, i can vouch this man needs to be staff as soon as the team is ready for a spot!
  7. My two cents. Kitsuna would make a perfect pick for the team hands down. +1 if it helps any.
  8. Onyx Username: Thomas Requesting Rank: Sapphire Donator Proof:
  9. So stoked about the Item's Names on the ground. Helps so much when afkin slayer. Def look forward for more suggestions to hit the game
  10. I wanna start off by saying Hello to everyone here at Onyx! I'm Thomas, I'm 26 years old. I've found this Server thanks to a AD on Facebook. And from the hours i've put into it already... since yesterday i can tell you that I'm truly enjoying it a lot. It really stands out from what other servers give u, with a mix of both new and old RS stuff. I look forward to meeting and making some pretty fun memories with everyone. Until then ill see ya in-game. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime. -Thomas

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