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  1. Ares

    I look forward to seeing a new unique home in the future my dude.
  2. Hey guys, I thought about starting a weekly riddle event. Just so we can get the forums flowing a little bit. Forums aren't completely dead, but hopefully this will pump some posts and interaction. Once a week I will post a riddle or brain teaser if ya will. Winner will get in-game cash/items. It can range anywhere between good items-alright items-good amounts of cash. I might start doing this more often if there is a good turnout. This weeks riddle is... What asks but never answers? First to correctly guess the answer will receive a Bandos Godsword. I will find your name and add you, when I see you online I will hand over your reward. Winner is Auzi- Bandos Godsword. Will post another Riddle next Saturday!
  3. Ares

    Good luck brother!
  4. Ares

    I caught myself thinking that maybe a new home wouldn't be bad. I'm not hating on the layout we have for a home currently, but to be honest edge is pretty standard. We should take a step outside of the usual, leap into the unknown and make it known. If this can get enough positive feedback, I would love to see a poll with 4-5 different options for a new home. I understand that a lot goes into the making of a new home, but I'm sure it can be done. We don't really have to move shops, but wouldn't be against seeing the shops placed at the new home. Again, just a thought merely an spontaneous idea. I've talked to a few in-game and they weren't necessarily against the idea of a new home. Feel free to wreck my idea.
  5. Ares

    Hey my dudes, my name is Ares. I'm 21, I love music, gaming, lizards, skateboarding, tattoos, piercings... List goes on and on. I absolutely despise spiders. OF ANY KIND. I've got two legs, I walk perfectly fine. Those bastards can eat a dildo. Anyway, I'll get off on tangents EASY. I'm really approachable, easy to talk to and love interesting conversations. I'm probably one of the many weird people you will come across on this game. Add me online and I hope to see ya all.

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