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  1. styles

  2. Im pumped to watch you complete this challenge! Good luck man! Gonna be fun!
  3. styles

    Very nice idea! I would like to see skillcape hoods added to the server. At least added to "max" shop @ ::shops. I 100% support this. Thanks for the post man!
  4. Update April 3rd, 2018 We have implemented login backups, player accounts are now secure & backed up after each login. Decreased Visage drop rate while fighting Red & Blue Brutal Dragons. Increased drop rate for dragon full helms & visages while fighting Brutal Black Dragons. You can now examine NPC's to see their drops. Pets no longer run away when they are hungry. Drop rates of birds nests (with eggs) have been decreased. Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, & Raven eggs are now announced when dropped. Dragon Eggs now announce when dropped. Emptying Wyvern Visage no longer makes it disappear. Emptying Dragonfire Ward no longer makes it disappear. Jellies no longer drop soul fragments. Converted rates from 1000% to 1x (no actual change in rates) just to make it more clear. Legendary + Ironman 20% drop rate boost is now visible. Slightly increased Premium Mystery Box coin rewards to differentiate further from regular mbox. Replaced Lucky Dragon Boots with Regular Dragon Boots in Mystery Box. Fury ornament kit added to Mystery Box. Increased Mystery box ammo quantity from 1,000 to 3,000. Added Armadyl Battlestaff to both Premium & Regular Mystery boxes. (Higher chance of getting from Premium boxes). Added Heavy Ballista to both Premium & Regular Mystery Boxes. (Higher chance of getting from Premium Boxes). Armadyl Shards are now tradable, and you can now buy/sell them on the Grand Exchange. Fixed Count Dracula death animation. Fixed Night Gazer boss animation. (In Dungeoneering). Ancient Ceremonial armor is now tradeable. Added Armadyl Runes to starter shop. Frozen Key is now tradable. You can now eat easter eggs. (25hp or 250hp) EASTER EVENT Another awesome update from Onyx, Keep up the hard work!
  5. Update Patch 03-21-2018 In Game Updates: You can now do ::home instantly outside wild. You can only mine a particular section of the Lava Flow Mine 30 times before it depletes. f an IP is muted and a new account is created, a welcome message is no longer displayed. Added fossil island museum camp to city teleports. I on chat messages are now uppercase. ( I - i ) Toxic Blowpipe is now .6 seconds slower during pvp. Added in the following Granite Gloves Granite Ring Granite Ring (i) Granite Hammer Guardian Boots Black tourmaline core Fixed a bug where summoning familiars would transfer to different a different NPC while in wild. Fixed Fruit Bat special. Arclight now degrades 3x slower. Added a message when you close your client. (Incase you don't actually mean to close out your client) Added damage cap on dummies to 1000. (to prevent abusing ruby bolts (e). Fixed spirit spider special. Added Facebook Logins to forums. Changed forums required post verification from 5 to 1. Spin tickets no longer trigger lootbeam. Zamorak boss is now under greater demon tasks, instead of black demon. Added Granite Cannonballs. Dawn & Dusk are now considered Gargoyles slayer task. Barrows gloves are now 100k ea. instead of 500k. Dragon gloves are now 50k ea. instead of 250k. Ava's Alerter now costs 100k. instead of 300k. Climbing boots are now 12gp ea. Not 75k. Added Cosmic, law, soul, & astral runes to starter shop. Items being sold to TzHaar shops have had their prices reduced from 90% to 10%. Changed limit of accounts from 2 per ip, to 2 per computer. Reduced barrows gloves mining from 52 to 50, crafting from 50 to 40, wc from 50 to 36, herblore from 45 to 25. Disable dwarf cannon at cerberus/shaman. due to safespoting for instance. You can now use bear meat to make senew as well. Fixed barrelchest broken pickaxes drop. Added 10% slayer xp bonus while doing slayer at slayer tower. Improved Barrelchest drops for herblore. ::task no longer teles you if you are doing a wilderness slayer task. Added a skull sign next to home lever. Added ::edge command which teleports you to wilderness ditch. (North of Edgeville). Vengeance group now also works on the player who casted it. Iban Spell has been added. You can now use bones on altar at reduced rate at home altar instead of dz (200% instead of 350%). Fixed a glitch with wilderness chaos altar giving 400% xp boost instead of 350%. Once again huge S/O to Alex for all these awesome updates!
  6. Corper, You are the man! This is really awesome of you to host these events, and like sam said. None of this is unseen. You're a great asset to the server and a very respectable guy. Thank you for playing onyx my man. We all appreciate you! Keep it up my guy! - Tom (styles)
  7. Boss Mass & Hide n Seek The onyx staff team is happy to bring all of you a couple of events this weekend! Event #1 Boss Mass! Sunday, March 18th We have decided to leave the bosses open to all of you -- so you guys get to decide which bosses you want to kill during the event! -- Put your suggestions in the comment boxes below! Event #2 Hide n Seek Sunday, March 18th We will be hosting hide n seek games throughout the day on sunday to have a nice and enjoyable day for all! We will be giving out a bunch of awesome prizes so stay tuned for this event! I just would like to say thank you to Nick for giving us the event ideas! These events this weekend will be held by Sam and myself (Styles). We can't wait to have a great time with each and every one of you!! We hope to see you on Onyx this weekend!
  8. Update Patch 3-08-2018 In Game Updates: Removed drop rate % decrease on bxp! Warrior guild tokens now decrease 2x slower and 2x less (10 per minute). Disable'd ::task to ironman (non donator). Added Galleon music track. The ladder at Pirates Cove has been fixed. Added fishing bait & feathers to skilling guide shop @ home. Spria and Turael now also give slayer points. Slayer tasks / points now autorefresh on quest tab when completed. When burning a food, it reads "Oops, you accidently burnt the <food>" and it should spell "accidentally". If you try to craft logs without tools, chisel is spelled incorrectly as "chisle". Raw chicken now stops burning early. Raw rat meat can't be cooked on range. Iron hatchet now only requires lvl 1 to use instead of 5 (bug). The fishing spots at Karamja now work. Fixed defensive xp mode not giving enough xp 4 spells. Defensive casting is inverted. When selected, it's actually off and doesn't give defense exp. If unselected, it does give defense exp. Skoblins in Lumbridge Catacombs now work. Added ::dung to teleport to Dungeoneering. Fixed the Insert & Swap option in bank. You can now use command teleports while in combat if outside wilderness. Added coins on top of money crate @ home. Increased coin spawn around the world to 1k. Moved shops at home inside the tent, ::shops to get there. Fixed Harmony boat for ironman. Added Lava Flow Mine to Minigame Teleports. Obtaining Gold mining set is now a Comp cape req. Vine whip now requires lvl 75 to attack instead of 85. Ruby+ donator can now do shooting stars every time they fall down. Store Updates: Full Void Set is now in the store - Includes all helms ($30). Added Vine whip to store (vine+whip, no slayer lvl required unless dismantled) ($25). Shoutout to Alex for these awesome updates!!
  9. styles

    Hi Tyler, nice to meet you man! Enjoy the server!
  10. styles

    Very nice guide Zodiac! But yeah like nick said the donator rank/ game mode will change the xp. Great guide! Keep it up man!
  11. styles

    Congrats Ryk! You're a baller! Styles
  12. styles

    Closed Styles
  13. styles

    Much love boys. Stay in touch!

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