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  1. Username: Blaxify Age: 18 Timezone: est Where are you from? Connecticut How long have you been a part of Onyx? 2 years, one of the first on server How many hours do you spend online daily? 4-7 hours Are you active both in-game and on our forums? yes Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I;m looking to help the community and also will be playing a lot more so why not help out the community How would you describe your strengths? Good problem solving always replying to messages and always looking to bring community more closer together How would you describe your weaknesses? i know a lot about onyx but not to much about runescape but enough to help people in need Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have or had: Been a youtuber on this server before i have lots of jobs and I've been a leader icon on my sports teams and a lot of comp fortnite teams in the past. always been some what of a leader. I'm looking to help people and also learn more about the server, also i want to step up to the plate and give my best to do good for community as onyx could be huge. i'd also like to stream a lot from here set events for people here along with and try to be an icon for people joining and playing the server Why should we choose you over another member’s application? I've been playing for longer i stay on late nights along with i want to help community as much as possible In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position and what you hope to achieve: I'd answer any questions people have for me or for the server always be active making sure to watch over everyone and just support help for everyone. I just want to help in anyway possible Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? Yes i wouldn't do that as it would break my rep along with break the community
  2. i think we should add slayer helms (i) intoi the game including the drops from KBD (kbd heads), Kalphite Queen (Kq head) Abyssal demons (Abyssal head), Skozito (Dark Claw), and Vorkath (Vorkaths Head). for me slayer helm gets boring to wear so to spice it up a bit adding this stuff into the game
  3. https://gaming.youtube.com/c/Blaxify/live

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